Why do you believe in reptilians?

I have asked this question many times, to many people, why do you believe in reptilian aliens?

There is evidence for the greys, but the only evidence I have seen for the reptilians is old statues and paintings which to me represent the personality of the person with the head of an animal that exhibits similar traits. So a reptile is cold and without emotions or empathy, and that is what I think is meant by those images.

What other evidence is there for their existence?

Based on my understanding of how we came to evolve, reptilian features fade when the species develops emotions, and are lost long before they ever become advanced with science and technology. The skin exists because of the nature of interactions with our environment, which is dependent upon our minds. The scales existed to deal with a harsh environment, but reptilian skin and features would disappear long before real intelligence formed.

It helps to understand the differences between reptilian brains and Human or other mammalian brains. We have what they have, plus much more. The process of developing those additional parts in the brain, also changed our skin, our other organs, and therefore, changed us from reptilian (we were amphibious actually, hundreds of millions of years ago, not really ever reptilian I dont think), to mammalian.

I just cannot see reptile features existing in any advanced species at all!


Crigitine: I guess for me it goes, if

I guess for me it goes, if one species like the greys exist, then the odds for the other species to be real is a lot higher. There's talk amongst the people that make if far enough in the deep web where they have actually seen such beings, their activities, and writings. But because going so far into the raw information that is the internet isn't an easy task by any means, it loses credibility. People want to be able to test something and get results imminently and easily.

What keeps things normal..whatever that is.. is when people just blot out everything foreign to them and resume their everyday things. Normal, to me anyway, is a way of saying I don't want to understand I don't want to realize, I want to keep to what is most important to me and nothing more. There isn't any thing wrong with that way of living, it is a simple way of life and many choose it for that. Normal is what makes everyone's reality what it is. It is a simple standard to live by and nothing else.

Today's normal life in USA is work, buy, consume, die. Or in other words..
Wake up
Get dressed
Go to Work
Come home

Again, a simple way to life, governed by the person with the biggest stick. Sticks keep people in line and keep them fueling the machines for the people they voluntarily call master, president, boss, etc. If people could expand beyond that concept there is so much more we could be doing.

harleyborgais: What to believe

The evidence for greys, the crop circles, the ufos, the many images (in the crop circles: chilbolton, Arecibo SETI response, Milk Hill, and the mandelbrot desigh), these are good evidence.

The evidence for reptilians is a bunch of images and carvings, which I think are incorrectly interpereted, because they really indicate the personality traits, not the species.

It seems simple to me.

The process of evolution just does not put together reptilian features with advanced brains.
The tough reptilian features are lost as the brain develops the more advanced features that lead to creative thought and technology.

The greys are not reptilian, they are more mammal/amphibian, which is our ancestry as well. There is no reptilian species in our line I am pretty sure, that is a totally different branch.

The key is finding credible information, and knowing that there are lots of people who will tell lies for many reasons from jokes, to disinformation to hide truths, to anything.

Always check the facts, and neither believe or disbelieve anything until you can prove it to another person who is willing and able to understand the proof.

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