For me, they are the subject of many sleepless and frightening moments throughout my life. No different than did the movie 'Jaws' frighten me of the water (let alone the ocean) the movie 'IT' scared me even in the shower.

So, have you heard about this Clown Crisis?....what do we know; well, we know that parts of the major media are controlled by 5 or so companies and those are controlled by one…so on and so forth. So, at that level, who benefits from running a story about Murderous Clowns? Also, what is the desired result that the benefactor is aiming for?

When you consider:

Population control – success
Real estate Monopoly – success
Liberties – success (At a rapid rate they continue to be given over willingly)
Monetary – success

What else do they have need for? Honestly, what would WW3 benefit? The answer is, WW3 really wouldn't benefit, so why the Wars in the Middle east? Because man is being assaulted. In many fronts, he is being conditioned to become less masculine (ie alpha) and subservient to females. The amount of men who straight up answer to their wives no different than dogs to an owner……are the overwhelming population of good hearted men. On the flipside, alpha males in the middle east are being…..wait a minute, I thought we were talking about clowns? I digress…..

So have you heard lately that people are dressing up as clowns and wreaking havoc? Well, they are…..kind of. At least, that’s what the media wants you to think…..and as usual….it is working flawlessly. A local principle and a few associates at an upstanding school patrolled the parking lot in defense of…..you guessed it, a Clown. O, and they would carrying baseball bats.

Beware……Clowns may be seen in a town you near.

So, aside from the obvious fear Clowns themselves generate on their own accord (also aside from the upstanding individuals who Clown as a profession,I hold anyone who has a desire to put on makeup and a rubber nose that beeps every day in order to juggle some balls and entertain others as a profession)…aside from these two things….who benefits and what is the desired outcome of running stories about Clowns?
The desire is to condition you towards the possibility that ‘something’ that doesn’t quite look like you……is out to terrorize you. Is this something , ISIS…….? No, it is a Clown…duh. Metaphorically speaking, is it ISIS? Doubtful if you ask me, no doubt they have already conditioned the American mind to live in fear of Muslims. So what could it be? What is the desired outcome?

How about….conditioning the mind for alien contact? Sure, if you believe that the world is being condition for the real or fake introduction to 'aliens are real'. Ah Hem.....which is also undoubtedly true.

How about the fact that Halloween is coming around.....ever seen that movie the Crow? He dresses like a Clown? Are they going to tell you that it is illegal to dress like a Clown?

I don't know why Clowns.....but somebody does.....


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LettersToCleo: The symbol of the clown

Is a mask or deception.

Fear us used to control. The goal is absolute control through technology and transhumanism. Why? Although the puppeteer goes by many names in new age and religion of various groups and causes, its just a distraction or deception to see the truth. So they can lead the masses down the path where they attain absolute control over the sleeping and deceived masses in society, religion and new age. The reason being the masses far out number the controllers, so to have absolute security, they need absolute control of thoughts and mind and actions and behaviours.

Its the push to homogenize the consciousness experiment and experiences, so no one advances individually. Since consciousness is an individual experience. In new age they try to make it an intellectual experience of horrors and drama. This is the distraction that leads them down the path of being decieved. Because consciousness is experiential, and to raise it, you have to pull out of the mass consciousness of distraction and fear and advance individually.

In the end they will all eventually raise their consciousness, its just not on this consciousness experiment on earth. They will have other chances when this consciousness experiment ends on earth to try on another planet in another alien meat suit of insect or reptilian or other, just not in the human meat suit as mamalian primate.

Its when individuals realize to end the game, you end it by not taking part in it. Those that play roles in the game of victims and perpetrator and saviour, just end up cycling through those roles in different incarnations until they learn they cant stop the game by doing this. It creates conflict, and allows the harvesting of energies to propagate the matrix of illusion.

LettersToCleo: Its where the new age deception of light and dark come in

They get people to choose a side, choose causes and embark on conflict or to play the roles of victim, perpetrator and saviour over and over again. Thus keeping people trapped in the game or the matrix. Cycling around incarnation after incarnation of the same roles they keep playing, like a hamster on a wheel running on different wheels to generate and harvest energy. The only way to stop the game is to stop playing roles, and stop playing the game. Being ok with others doing so, because they have free will and they are doing what they need to learn. Not trying to homegenize, or control someone else or groups. In the end its the illusion they have to break through by raising their consciousness, and you cant do it for them, you can only do it for yourself. Because it requires energy work, contemplation and releasing all attachments to the illusion from people, events, things, and even family, because they are still caught up in the illusion because they choose to do so. Wanting to change or control or fix, is playing a role which keeps you trapped in the game and the matrix. If you are in the game and playing roles, you are propagating the matrix system by choice.

HebrianDaniel: i still wonder why people

i still wonder why people have to fear clowns.
its just human with make up and dress ;D
i know most clowns make people happy especially in hospital and some people have really mental illness and trying to be joker and kill people on cinema.
you know its never the dress and make up.
the action is the person himself.
not what he wears

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