Why and when did the extraterrestrial went into hiding and stopped living among humans alongside (if they ever did)

by Annie1705 on January 3rd, 2016

I hope this question wasnt answered before! (and sorry for any spelling and grammar errors)

Did extraterrestrial ever lived among humans openly and if so why did they stop?

If they want to expose themselves in the future, why did they ever stopped showing themselve?

Wouldn´t it been better if they showed themselve in the beginning? So that the people wouldnt be so closed minded?

When did they stopped showing themselves to humans? What was possibly the breaking point?

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veron: Maybe they took what they

Maybe they took what they needed from our planet in ancient times and now they have no more interests to come here. What was it that they took is another question. Something that we should pay our attention to to find out.

Quinton: I think you answered your own

I think you answered your own question. They obviously don't want to expose themselves and they want to keep people close minded. It is not in their best interest for people to be intelligent or understand why they are here. They would rather people not know.

HebrianDaniel: maybe its because ancient

maybe its because ancient civilisations nuked each other so that the radiation was soo high they couldent stay in the ground and our species has high resistance to that radiation so that we can stay
that why aliens barely come :D

Terran resistance: my opinion

According to my research the pharaohs would use green glass from the desert and place where the thrid eye is on their headresses which is where telepathy comes from. The reason they used the green glass was because it was thought to come from the gods. During nuclear tests green glass would be found after the bombs were tested which leads me to believe that the ancients were trying to tell us that nuclear fallout stopped us having a working third eye. Also on the indus valley seals they would draw the symbol for blind eye of god they put a chevron in it which represents the Hyades cluster which leads me to believe that aliens from the hyades cluster are responsible for the deteriotaion of the third eye working from nuclear warfare with a past race on this planet. After that they used us as slave races. In the holy qu'ran one there are 99 names of god and one of them is "the rich one" Al-Ghani (الغنى) which means that whatever extraterrestrial race that metaphor for god represents suggests that, that apparent extarterestrial race used us as a slave race for precious metals. Evidence includes the genetic fusion of chromosomes such as the second chromosome for inteligence which shows that two chromosomes were conjoined and a brand new chromsome was created meaning that who ever did it had the intention of using us as a slave race because the genetic fusion of chromosomes is only found in domesticated cattle (things controlled for inteligent use) and us. The next piece of evidence is that most people that have contact with extraterrestrials claim that they have twelve strands of DNA so where is our 10 strands of DNA gone? The consequences would include not knowing where, who or why you are here, in other words Earth has been turned into an experiment, the technology exists to repair many of these things by extraterrestrials so the only logical explanation is that they never left... and more damningly we are now in a zoo.

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