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ALALU gave his daughter to EA for Fealty from ANU. Anu, a prince descended from King An's youngest son ( ENURU) spoke against ALALU'S claim. Anu said he should rule, and not Alalu. ALALU had killed the king LAHMA while they were on top of a palace tower. King LAHMA was thrown over the palace tower to his death by ALALU, and from then on ALALU had PROCLAIMED HIMSELF TO BE KING. ALALU felt strongly that he should rule and be king instead of king LAHMA because he was weak minded, and that king LAHMA could not make up his mind to do the right thing by his people, and for Nibiru. Nibiru was in need of gold to repair their atmosphere to protect them from the cold of deep space when they were far away from our sun, and from the heat of the sun when it came into our solar system. Prince ALALU descended from the forth king, ANSHURGAL ( and a concubine) and so this is gave reason to ALALU to feel he should rule, and be king. He felt he was better, and stronger to fill the the duties of Kingship, and that the former king LAHMA was not. And so ALALU told ANU, " That their children should wed, ALAHU'S daughter Damkina, to your son EA; "I RULE AND CIVIL WAR FORSTALLED." ANU agreed; he cancelled the bethrothal his daughter NINMIAH had with EN.KI, Nibiru's greatest scientists. Instead of NIMAH, EA wed Damkina. So NINMAH pined for EN.KI, but sought solace in sex with Anu's heir, her (and EA'S ) half brother EN.LIL. EN.LIL was a dashing military man. When NINMAH bore EN.LIL'S son NINUTRA ( later to be known as ISHAM then MARS) ANU forbade NINMAH to marry anyone else ever. EN.LIL who before the ANU-ALALU marriage deal, would of succeeded Anu as Nibirus' King, he lost his claim to the throne. The first male born of EN.KI and DAMKINA, Anu, and ALalu agreed, would rule Nibiru and merge the descent lines of both Alalu, and Anu. EN.KI, and DAMKINA, had a boy, MARDUK. The pact between Anu, and Alalu pledged Marduk, not EN.LIL, would one day rule Nibiru. Deal in place, Anu pledged fealty to Alalu. Alalu now king, made Anu his Cupbearer. When EN.KI, and DAMKIA married, Anu bowed to Alalu. The first male EN.KI and DAMKINA begat , Anu, and Alalu agreed, would rule Nibiru, and join the lines of both grandfathers, Alalu and Anu. And so did EN.KI, and DAMKINA begat a son named MARDUK, and so the pact between Alalu, and Anu Proclamined that MARDUK would one day rule Nibiru. King Alalu didn't but tried to save Nibiru's air. To create overcast, King Alalu set off volcano's by nuking them, and this would throw up the soil into the atmosphere to cast an overcast into the air, but this didn't yield enough overcast, and so he explored the gold shield option. Earth and it's asteroids contain most of the gold in the solar system, so Alalu sent a rocket for Earth for gold powder, and spead it over Nibiru's atmosphere, but the rocket crashed into an asteroid; and all aboard died. Nine more Nibiru years (nine sars, orbits of Nibiru around the sun, 32,400 Earth years) passed and Alalu still hadn't stopped Nibiru's air loss.Cupbearer Anu seethed when Alalu failed to protect and replenish Nibiru's atmosphere. He cited Nibiru law and proclaimed himself rightful king. He challenged Alalu. "Anu gave a battle to Alalu. To hand to hand combat, with bodies naked, Alalu he challenged."" Alalu in combat was defeated; by acclaim Anu was hailed as king. And so Alalu proved Earth's gold, and so he launched a missile -loaded rocket for Earth, and with nuclear missiles blasted though stones, and asteroids, Alalu had landed in the Persian Gulf and waded to ashore. In the gulf he confirmed gold and targeted Nibiru with missiles. The Speaker-of-Words he stirred up; toward Nibiru the words to carry, On another world I am, the gold of salvation I have found. The fate of Nibiru is in my hands. To my conditions you must give heed! "Return my throne". On Nibiru, the Council heard Alalu's' demands. " Two royal princes-the Commanders of Weapons" protected the palace with
" two divine weapons-the Royal Hunter and The Royal Smiter. The gateway to the palace was flanked by "Eaglemen" ( uniformed astronauts) with Winged Disc emblem o Nibiru centrally displayed. The Council heard Alalu's transmission in the Throne Room where Anu sat on his throne, flanked by his Foremost Son EN.LIL on the right, and his Firstborn Son, EA on his left. Anyone present could speak, but Anu's words were final. " EN.LIL impugned Alalu's data; he and the Council begged Anu, " RESIST ALALU." Anu had EN.LIL beam Alalu back, "PROVE AMPLE GOLD ON EARTH, said EN.LIL! "EN.KI said he would rocketed to Earth to see if it had enough gold to send miners. If from gold dust of Earth a shield for Nibiru its atmosphere to save, said EN.KI, Let Alalu Earth rule as King, for kingship on Nibiru, let him wrestle Anu. Let me in a chariot(rocket) to Earth journey, a path through the Bracelet ( Asteroids)with water, not fire I shall fashion. On Earth, from waters let me precious gold to obtain; to Nibiru back it will be sent. Anu sent EN.KI with Alalu's grandson, pilot Anzu (as astro- navigation expert), fifty men to Earth. EN.KI has pre-empted the job half- brother EN.LIL coveted. EN.LIL seethed while EN.KI and ANZU rocketed for Earth. "Critical Water depleted warned ANZU; engine failure immanent." Mar's waters could save them. EN.KI and ANZU landed on Mars, and they had drained some water from a lake on Mar's and the water was replenished, and it it was good for drinking, but the air on Mars was insufficient to breath, and so they had to keep their Eagle helmets on to breath. And so when they had finished they had launched off from Mars, and then they were back on to their journey to Earth in search for the gold. EN.KI and ANZU had to circle the Earth a few times in order to slow their speed down or they would crash because of Earths thick atmosphere. The Earth's gravity played havoc with their spaceship, and so they could not have a dry landing, and they had to splash down into the Persian Gulf waters. This was 443,000 years ago! Alalu guided them to shore. EN.KI built houses at Eridu, the head of the Persian Gulf near modern day Basara. From the Gulf waters EN.KIK SIFTED some gold. He made a plane, and with his personal assistant ABGAL he searched , and tested all over the Earth for more gold. Anu beamed EN.KI back saying, "To send all the gold gathered in ALALU'S ship back to Nibiru. " The Nibirian scientists said to hurry, and to get more gold quickly." EN.KI and ABGAL entered ALALU's ship, and they found within it seven nuclear missiles. They hid the missiles in a cave in the African Lakes area. ANZU, the interplanetary pilot, and Alalu's grandson, saw no missiles when he came ready to return in Alalu's rocket for the return trip to Nibiru. He told EN.KI, most missiles Alalu stole to Anu I must return some fire at rocks in the belt. This rocket you cannot with with such an attitude pilot, radiation missiles must not be discharged within the interplanetary space EN.KI said. I replace you ANZU; you stay on Earth with ALALU. ABGAL who pilots my plane will return Alalu's rocket to Nibiru. EN.KI routed a return though the Asteroid, and Abgal flew the rocket- ship back to NIBIRU with the sample gold. Anu sent Abgal back to Earth, and EN.KI searched Earth for more gold, and he the sent Abgal back to Nibiru with more gold. This went on for a while. Anu was growing impatient for more gold, and then he sent EN.LIL to see what was the holdup. EN.KI said he didn't have enough Anunnaki to mine the gold, and the Anunnaki did't want to mine the gold anymore. So Anu, and EN.KI, and EN.LIL came up with a plan to solve the problem. This is when the slave race was created to solve the mining problem on Earth.

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