Who or what is the lady with the shinny eyes?

This thing came to me in my dream with a little gray guy with yellow eyes. It tried to have sex with me. I sensed it was evil. It gets right in my eyes and squints then I think I really pissed it off. and I say fuck you your the devil and I am able to move and escape through the door. I end up on a street with all these orbs. They are glowing, three floating above trees they are yellow, and it all feels like nirvana. I wake up.....a year later after crazy life events. I get the song contact (daft punk) and orion (metallica) stuck in my head i cant stop listening to them.....im reading joseph campbell's the power of myth and the metaphors of the snake and the moon and the eagle and light.......I watch the hidden hand: (contact) and the government cover up......I see the "demon" ive been researching for a year that i found to be the jewish lilith and the summerian istar...or something spelled like that... looking for help figuring this out.....im sticking to the facts and realizing coincedences are no longer meaningless for me. What is the meaning behind alpha and omega??????????? Who is this women? Why has she been so prevelent. Shes called the screech owl in the bible. The leader of the santanic church says were in the age of lilith....this women is in many peoples encounters with aliens. This is the true ancint alien..........shinnyblack eyes, ability to transform, the bird feet, the full moon, a small gray migit with big yellow eyes.....why these same themes for thousands of years. I never knew anything about lilith before this...experience.

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HebrianDaniel: that lady is Lilitu a

that lady is Lilitu a mesopotamian origin creature/diety. not so sure about her.

Lilith is what we call her today.

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