Who or what is the lady with the shinny eyes?

This thing came to me in my dream with a little gray guy with yellow eyes. It tried to have sex with me. I sensed it was evil. It gets right in my eyes and squints then I think I really pissed it off. and I say fuck you your the devil and I am able to move and escape through the door. I end up on a street with all these orbs. They are glowing, three floating above trees they are yellow, and it all feels like nirvana. I wake up.....a year later after crazy life events. I get the song contact (daft punk) and orion (metallica) stuck in my head i cant stop listening to them.....im reading joseph campbell's the power of myth and the metaphors of the snake and the moon and the eagle and light.......I watch the hidden hand: (contact) and the government cover up......I see the "demon" ive been researching for a year that i found to be the jewish lilith and the summerian istar...or something spelled like that... looking for help figuring this out.....im sticking to the facts and realizing coincedences are no longer meaningless for me. What is the meaning behind alpha and omega??????????? Who is this women? Why has she been so prevelent. Shes called the screech owl in the bible. The leader of the santanic church says were in the age of lilith....this women is in many peoples encounters with aliens. This is the true ancint alien..........shinnyblack eyes, ability to transform, the bird feet, the full moon, a small gray migit with big yellow eyes.....why these same themes for thousands of years. I never knew anything about lilith before this...experience.

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contactorion: Drugs

I used to smoke weed. On the reservation theres a lot of that. I was wondering if drugs are beneficial or counter productive. I feel weed would help with fear. And dmt possibly with comunication with benevolent beings or spirits. But they do cause harm.

bluesbaby5050: Just to be on the safe side, I would not be calling any aliens..

To you. You say that your having problems now, so do not make them worse by doing drugs, and drinking, by opening up your aura to any aliens beings. They can see your aura you know. And if your not in a strong frame of mind, then your defenseless to their agendas. They can READ you though your brain, and your auras have colors. Your aura's colors they see, and if your drinking, and doing drugs this creates holes in the aura of a person, and it looks like swiss cheese to them. They are attracted to negativity, and bad atitudes, and anger. They also amph this up to feed better. Better to be safe then sorry. Be careful of your thoughts also, because they can get inside your mind, though your thought patterns. They can manipulate your thinking, and lead you astray in a negative way.

TillToTheWhen: Sorry for the late response

Just my opinion on the weed....as I was a hardcore/heavy smoker for almost 20 years....I don't think it weakens your aura nearly as bad as most of the other drugs. I can't say for sure, but I have heard that it actually protects you from "demonic attacks" and so i think it has benefits spiritually. I know I had a lot more anxiety and OCD when I first stopped. Weed relaxes you and calms you down. I don't think it's nearly as bad for you as some people like to say.

I would just make sure to smoke only organic, as the chemicals they add to the rest are not good.

obsrvantlouie: Too much of anything

In excess can be troublesome...I wrote an article dealing with my experiences on marijuana if you are interested.

contactorion: Im extermly interested my friend.

I will check it out. I have come to a similar conclusion. Not going to stop but excess is just......clogging to the system.

TillToTheWhen: You're Exactly right.

You're Exactly right. Moderation would be best. (If I recall correctly, Terrence McKenna said he thought once every 3 days was ideal? I guess it would certainly depend on the person though)

I decided to stop completely, as I can't smoke it in moderation. It was so addictive for me, worse than cigarettes. I would sit and smoke it all day long, and no matter how hard I tried to limit myself. lol and also I really don't care for the high, unless I am used to it. So, if I just smoked once every 3 days I would get a weird feeling from it.

When I smoked it all the time, I didn't really feel or notice the high it was more of a way of life, kinda like when you're addicted to cigarettes. I felt as if I needed it to get through the day.

I did suffer withdrawls when I stopped too. Various withdrawls. Mainly not being able to sleep and anxiety. Also it would give me diarrhea as well and mess my stomach up. That's not common for healthy people but for me I think it was adding burden to my liver, as I never could get the organic kind. I found out through research that the chemicals they grow it with are not good for people with liver problems. (And even though Weed is a Cough Expectorant, I found out it is the chemicals in the weed that mostly cause the coughing, the organic kinds are much smoother)

I have never been diagnosed with liver problems, but I assume that is one of my problems. I just treat myself, instead of going to the hospital. Weed is a great medicine too but I just finally grew out of it. The only time I'd smoke it again is if I was sick or nauseated. It helps with that very much. And you can't hold down pills if you're throwing up. So, weed is the best medicine I know of for that. It personally saved my life once a long time ago when I was violently ill.

As for it protecting against spiritual attacks, I cannot remember where I read this, but I do clearly remember reading it. I read this somewhere online a while back. I've also read the contrary as well, that it opens up your aura...but in my personal experience I think I had less problems with spiritual issues when I was smoking it. (Never had any nightmares, Less OCD, Anxiety, etc) But then again I never remember my dreams at all when smoking. So, I think I was over doing it.

I was definitely out of it all of the time, and foggy headed from smoking all day long. I prefer to be sober, but I do see how marijuana can be helpful with many things. I don't consider it an evil plant what so ever. Especially since it is so medicinal. It's just not for me anymore. I abused it way too much. I used to consider it a "Cure all" Herb. Even the oil can be used for cancer. And if it was legal, we could use it for Fuel and everything to maintain life itself, and it could save the world from pollution. Too bad they got into synthetics because weed/hemp can be used to make all we need to survive.

contactorion: whoa

It protects you from demonic attacks???? How did you find that out????? Because that makes a lot of sense why I felt I needed to smoke more after the dream. Like I really didnt have to smoke. But then I felt like not because I needed it to satisfy a crave, but because I felt like it was a cacone. Thats the image that always poped in my head. Then when I left the house I felt like I didnt need it anymore........that crazy ill be looking that up.

contactorion: that was insane

I was just looking up ways to contact benevolent beings. I was going to try to contact the orbs. There are no coincedences. But this thought process im in the process of right now seems positive. I guess it is better safe than sorry.

contactorion: awakening?

I am a die hard skeptic and wont usally accept things with out absolute truth but I think im really starting to believe this now in the truest sense.

contactorion: open mind.

Believe me I question everything. It says on bb bio that she is an alien but then in the comment above bb says "..fooled us humans" but I will take the information. I did In fact read that the grays are known to create religious visions to manipulate people. Still most of peoples perspective on the orbs is that they are benevolent, so I think that part of my dream was....im gonna say it, contact with a different.....type of entity. I am aware now that fear is the enemy. Did think before that a super intelligent species wouldnt have to lead me here. On the contray I believe that the grays wanted me to stay and the orbs were beckoning me to leave.....the grays after I told it to fuck off seemed afraid of me actually. The two little boys playing video games who looked at me at the same time with shinny black eyes. I sensed fear in them. I have another post on here that talks about that part. But there IS a connection between that movie and what I am talking about I just know....when the thing with the walked towards me, the taller one, its wings were like covering its body. It looked exactly like how an owl keeps its wings to its chest. But with a different head. And exactly the same eyes as the owl in the movie...EXACTLY the same eyes. The fact that they use fear reminds me so much of monsters inc.

bluesbaby5050: Correction about my bio.....

I have incarnated many life times over, and over into a human body on Earth. My my original origins are just like many other people presently here on Earth having a HUMAN EXPERIENCE right now, and this is what is meant as a star seed; one that is born into a human body on Earth, but originating from a different planet in this galaxy, or from another galaxy. Example; One that is born on Tau Ceti, or from Sirius B, as the original FIRST Incarnation into the physical reality, but then chose to have an incarnation on Earth in this solar system in a human body for that type of experience. I did not say I was an alien living on Earth at all. I was born into a human body the same as you. Alex Collier is another example of this, he is ORIGINALLY from Andromeda he is presently incarnated from birth in to a human body. You misunderstood the bio information.

contactorion: makes sense

I am sorry I did mis understand what you said. That acually falls in place with what I have found. How and why do you know this about yourself?

juscila: greys

Contactorion We'll send you prayers. I prayed to the Archangel Michael just before entering a forest parking lot with 4 of the REPTOID's henchmen positioned to take me and it was as if they didn't care or I was invisible , I don't know but they didn't come after me, although a 5th pulled up next to me and was trying to stare me down. As I mentioned before that if I can find a device that will make the REPTOIDS visible to humanity they should fall like a deck of cards and the greys too. Since they don't want to be exposed , I've been p TDDrojecting thoughts of how us humans are going to take them down and I've noticed a lot of actvity at their gathering place. Probably strategizing how to eliminate me but since I have informed soooo many people they have to make it look accidental or they will have other informed humans on their hands to expose and kill them.
You are at a good site and I think these people are here to help you. I think a good defense may be to project thoughts of your courage a x wlingness to use whatever means ( like a semi auto 12 guage or a semi auto 44). And let them know that you're telling everyone about them and they too want to kill them, let them know that you're pissed and aren't going to be fearful nor ashamed to kill them!! After all that's what they have been doing to humanity for thousands of years.

Tarheel: Send them vibes they cant handle if ya wanna get rid of them

They cant handle LOVE. Use it regularly.

You say you aren't fearful but you push guns as defense, or even as offense? It's okay to own one but project that you're willing to employ it sends a wrong message.
We have some work to do here.

contactorion: Orion Pax

The picture I use for myself was something I found out about a favorite character I identify with. When I was researching orion I found that in the transformers universe before optimus prime became optimus prime he was known as orion pax. He was a peace keeper who was a dock worker on the planet cybertron. I am a dock worker and the uniform happens to be blue pants, a red shirt and a blue hat. Orion Pax filtered through historical information and became concerned for the people of his planet. The path they were own correlated with history as a civilization on its way to destruction. Also orion pax never backs down. Two years ago I left my home becausr of...the dream and....family issues, and went to stay with very immoral people. I tried to talk them out certain things they did. One night they get me to go to a party. I start to black out because of alcohal then I get jumped held down by "my own boys".......I was always the calm distant type with them. They didnt expect that they were literally going to have to kill me. I fought five times againts the younger kid they were initiating into a gang by beating the shit out of me. Then some other guy came and beat the shit out of me and I still wouldnt give up.....that was the only fight I ever lost. And I believe the people that I stayed with did it because they were jealous and resented me becuse I wasnt complety miserable with them. I smoked weed, and worked. They did coke, extasy, acid, drank, stole from people, and stabed their friends in the back like cowards. Through the years of being a military kid and living in florida, california, hawaii, key west, etc. I was always tried when I first got there. I know there is evil in the world because I saw what evil people generally start out as bullies. I DO NOT BELIEVE in attack only defense. I will only take "a long train of abuses" so long. Tyrants are bullies.I do not want to be the alpha and I will not be the omega. In jack londons the sea wolf humprey tells wolf larson I am braver than you because it costs you nothing to be brave because of your power, I on the other hand have to overcome my fear there fore i am braver. In robin hood the king says "here is your englishman brave, honest, and naive". I think a better word for naive would be hope the most powerful emotion, and the one most feared by tyrants. Also the red and blue colors correlate with the red and blue bikes. Balance. Yin and yang. "The only thing I know, is I don't know anything"-socrates. Weither its aliens or g-d or both there is a clear separation between those with morals and those without. I only just turned twenty so I am in the learning process but I cant get these lost ideals out of my mind and that is why I choose that picture to represent me. Not to show I have a gun and im a baddass but to put forth the ideal of chivalry and keeping the balance by not being treaded on phsically, or spiritually, and helping others awaken to what I have been blessed to recieve either from my unconcious mind, aliens, g-d, or a mix of all three.

Tarheel: Sounds like...

....it sounds like we may need a new peer group.
You have all the power you ever need in your chest.
You are a MAJOR growth phase, youthful one. But, it's okay-we all are still growing and learning. Dispel all fear and try to be heart centered. Follow your intuition.

May you find peace in your life.
You will see me use this phrase a lot. "Cerca trova", which means seek & (ye shall) find.

bluesbaby5050: New Peer Group Needed?

I think we already have a fine one since this site was founded, and I find no fault with them, and they are Edisonik, and Annunaki77, and Quinton, and his administration. Those people would make a group. Maybe others on this forum think. and feel the same as you too, but I feel fine with the ones we have already. In truth, they are only members on TC just like the rest of us, but, Annunaki77, and Edisonik are called master teachers, because they have a long history with TC, and they have given their ancient knowledge to this forum since this forum was established,and anyone can check out the dates when they joined TC, and read their postings, and their threads, and you will clearly see this for your selves. But Annunaki77, and Edisonik have been away from TC for a few months, and just recently apon requests, they have started to come back. But, there never really was a PEER GROUP that headed this forum. NO ONE WAS THE HEAD SPEAKER ON HERE. This forum is comprized of members, and there is no leader elected on here. There are ONLY TEACHERS, and we all fit this, case in point.

contactorion: dan browns inferno

Cerca trova, seek and find, that phrase screamed at me from dans brown book and has been echoing in my head. Except the silver haired women in the book says seek and find. The mask is correlated with inanna as well. What do you mean by "it sounds like we need a new peer group"? What is a major growth phase? Am I intruding on this site?

bluesbaby5050: Tarheel means teachers by saying peers........

Pay no attention. It's just a another one of his negative remarks directed to un-named members in this forum, because he prefers to speak in this manner about certain people in a in-direct way, and this is how he goes about it without saying their names to avoid conflict directly with that person. Actually, we have NO Peer Group on TC, and we never have had any Peer Group. And it takes more then 2 people to make a Group. 3 people on up is normally considered a Small group of people. We have master teachers though, and we have since Truth Control's early beginnings. Everyone contributes to the whole forum with information on many subjects. Tarheel meant growth in your progress of evolving, is what he meant. Your a member now, and no your not intruding on an 'OPEN FORUM'. Tarheel is speaking about your age also, by calling you a young one, meaning your inexperienced as a person, because you have not been on this planet as long as he has, and so he should not hold your age against you. He is in his 50's now, and so he speaks in a manner towards some one that is younger/ youthful, and this shows that there is still room for his personal growth as well. Your just curious and you just want to learn more, and this is normal, and positive for anyone of any age.

Tarheel: Contactor,overlook the delusional trouble-maker amongst us.

She has no idea whatsoever what I was talking about. Certainly don't let her put words in my mouth, or yours for that matter. She's delusional and has little to no concept of reality. She thinks she can create dissension and drive a wedge between me and some of the hierarchy here. They know me better and they know her & her tactics. Here, let me show you....look at all the deluded "forbidden knowledge " she bestows upon the forum. I rest my case. Yes, her poor attitude comes with low self-esteem. Thus the need she has to post horse shit "ad delirium" that few subscribe to outside of her and her loyal lap lizards.

I was talking about the "immoral people" you referenced in your post when I said "it sounds like we (I meant you)MAY need a new peer group". NO, you are not intruding on this site. You are more than welcome here. Just don't let the bad attitude trouble maker lead you astray with her inability to fathom reality and her inability to decipher me. She doesn't know me in the least. Just keep your BS detector on at all times or you may get caught up in the delusion.

And don't ever let her misinterpretations influence you in any way. She's geriatric and serious dementia has set in. And, she certainly has zero idea what I'm talking about at any time.

As far as major growth phase, I was commenting on your youthful exuberance. I see you growing, like all of us, Contactorion.

Don't be lead astray, and try to learn from your exploits. This adopted mindset serves me.
"Nullius in verba" is another phrase I use.. it means "take nobody else's word for it" or see for yourself.

Hang close, stick around and share and we'll all grow together. If you need me or have questions, email me and I will try to clarify myself for you. Don't let anyone else tell you what they THINK I mean. I love Anu77, Edisonik, Quinton,etc and they all KNOW it. I try to love everyone. With some it takes effort.

Here's a treat since you were lead astray by another.

Peace to you & yours


AND SO YOU FILL EVERYONE'S HEAD WITH THIS LIE ABOUT ME. As a Matter of FACT, YOUR the one that Made this Remark about Peer Group on Truth Control in your thread to contractorian, and the smarter people do know better. There NEVER WAS A PEER GROUP ON HERE. So you are showing your true self on here, as you always have done in the past since you first joined TC. You and OL, can stick together on this name calling me, and mostly with females on this forum, but Quinton and others really do know better. You fool no one here. WE TRUST OUR GUT INSTINCTS = OUR INTUITION! And if you think you can do better then me on this forum, then go for it! Stay on here and actually teach this forum, but, no you do not, you just prefer to throw insults at me in a underhanded way. At least OL is more man then you, he speaks directly to the person intended, and he does not resort to deceptive tactics like YOU do. You see I am not delusional as your always claiming on this forum, you have a problem with females in general, and this shows up clearly. I know you better then any one on this forum, with the exception of the Master teachers, because they see you where ever you are, and they know your thoughts, and they have spoken to you many times on your attitude towards me. I refused to tutor you on the cell phone, though you contacting me, and you resent me for this, and you have held a grudge ever since. I still have your inbox messages, and all I have to do is copy, paste, and incert it into this forum to prove who is really the delusional one on here, and it is not me.

obsrvantlouie: Drama and threats

For starters - there is no such thing as a 'Master Teacher' because a true master wouldn't want followers. BB is referring to the admitted delusional Member of TC that goes by username Edisonik who is an admitted homophobe and claims he can alter reality to thwart the NWO....this is BB's master teacher.

BB offers up some good information and generally has good advice; however, as you can see she is a drama queen and loves to threaten people who have confided in her personal info. She also loves to goad certain members and remind them of their past and sort of rub this past action in their face versus taking a proactive approach of allowance and forgiveness even though she laments she is all for second chances her actions will show otherwise.

Like you said BB has some holes in her story (bio, used to be a light worker sent here on a mission etc).

She is somewhat delusional in that she thinks I have an agenda towards woman. BB of course will not be able to provide any evidence of this nature showing I have this agenda but it goes to show her flare for dramatics and false accusations.

@ Contactorion - for better or worse you will/can learn from all members here. Some you will learn what not to do and others will teach you what to do.

As I have already told you - question everything and everyone to your own level of satisfaction. Be wary sharing any personal info with BB as eventually when she hits her next period she may use this info against you.....well, it may have to be her next menopause because I'm not exactly sure how old she is. For that matter, I'm not even sure she knows because she has died and came back yet she was born on another planet....eh, like I said...lots of holes.

bluesbaby5050: Many people have lived before in this galaxy, and so have

YOU, and TARHEEL and so have many people on this planet. TARHEEL IS ALSO A GREAT LOVER, AND A TRUE FOLLOWER OF ENISONKI, AND ANNUNAKI77 AS WELL, AND HE HAS POSTED HIS TRUE FEELINGS ABOUT THEM MANY TIMES ALSO. You can say what ever you want to about me, and men will always stick together to prove their point, as there is strength in numbers, and who does not know this.Yes I have incarnated many times on many planets, and so have many people, and WE ALL HAVE, and so this FACT I ADMIT TO MAKES ME A LIAR, AND A DRAMA QUEEN, AND MENTALLY ILL? HOW JUDGEMENTAL YOU BOTH ARE! WE ALL HAVE! Only difference is, I can remember mine, and so can many people, and you two can not. I Prefer ENERGY WORKER TO LIGHT WORKER, and ALL OF US ARE HERE ON EARTH NOW ON OUR OWN MISSIONS, IN CASE YOU DIDN'T ALREADY KNOW THIS! My Bio is True, and so I posted my Truth.

obsrvantlouie: You are

A liar because you say I have an agenda towards woman
A liar because you claim greys are searching for Native American blood (think I did not notice you dodging this?)
A liar because you contradict your self, aim and mission very often.

A drama queen because you constantly goad others and pick fights.
A drama queen because you constantly threaten others

A delusional because you think I have an agenda towards woman (again please offer anything that verifies this / I know you cannot - therefore this makes you delusional or a liar or both your choice).

Just look at how many threats, false accusations and misinformation you have led on in this thread alone.....again where is your info on the Native Americans being sought by the greys? How do you know this?

bluesbaby5050: I ALREADY GAVE this requested missing Indian tribe info .....

To the person it was intended for by their request. The information is from the 40's-50's investigations done by the FBI, and the Originall pictures were also given, along with the 'Blood' Information too, and it's true source. This person is now satisfied with the proof of the information, because it was also taught to this forum a few years ago, and was recovered, and given to this person it was intended for.

obsrvantlouie: I'm not satisfied

Please post information here for all to see.

Tarheel: Communication

I once heard someone say, "The worst thing about communication is that all too often it's just an illusion that it is taking place".

bluesbaby5050: YOUR SO FULL OF YOURSELF Tarheel!

I post information, and video's on this forum, so people can read information, and make their own decisions, and do their own research from the information given. WHETHER IT IS RIGHT OR WRONG, IT IS THEIR CHOICE. And this is NOT misleading anyone, as you call it. Nice try again choosing words, and phrases just to confuse others. Calling me a LIZARD is JUST MORE OF YOUR LAME BRAIN ACCUSATIONS! Go back into your hole in RED NECK county where narrow minded people exists. PROVE EVERYTHING I POSTED FOR THE PAST 6 MONTHS WRONG! GO FOR IT!

juscila: greys

Contactorion We'll send you prayers. I prayed to the Archangel Michael just before entering a forest parking lot with 4 of the REPTOID's henchmen positioned to take me and it was as if they didn't care or I was invisible , I don't know but they didn't come after me, although a 5th pulled up next to me and was trying to stare me down. As I mentioned before that if I can find a device that will make the REPTOIDS visible to humanity they should fall like a deck of cards and the greys too. Since they don't want to be exposed , I've been p TDDrojecting thoughts of how us humans are going to take them down and I've noticed a lot of actvity at their gathering place. Probably strategizing how to eliminate me but since I have informed soooo many people they have to make it look accidental or they will have other informed humans on their hands to expose and kill them.
You are at a good site and I think these people are here to help you. I think a good defense may be to project thoughts of your courage a x wlingness to use whatever means ( like a semi auto 12 guage or a semi auto 44). And let them know that you're telling everyone about them and they too want to kill them, let them know that you're pissed and aren't going to be fearful nor ashamed to kill them!! After all that's what they have been doing to humanity for thousands of years.

contactorion: The statue of David

Thank you i apreciate that very much. What is the gathering place? You have to run from them? Why? What type of device would reveal them? "Entering the dark forest"- joseph campbell Other things that ive been thinking about latly are.

"when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security."

"We the people"

I was reading dan browns inferno and I looked up the statue of david. As a kid I always thought it was just a weird statue that everybody loved. But as read about it recently I found out it was a depiction of king david posed as if he is tense yet without fear.it made sense that he took off his clothes like they did in the ancient times to show no fear and be bare to everyone like humans returning to the garden of eden. He did this as he was to take down the tyrant golieth with a rock.

"PURSUIT of happiness"

Daft punk touch. "Hold on if love is the answer hold on"

The image by michangelo of adam touching jehovah (contact)
that looks like the lamda hand signal done by foot ball players and george washsington statue, power be to god.

"Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in riseing up every time we fail"-Ralph Waldo Emerson

contactorion: True

Thats exactly what im trying to do. Learn more. I am speaking from my mind. As in I am saying what im thinking not afraid of criticism. I was being a smart ass when I asked if I was intruding. I am inexperinced in life but at the same time I have met many many people from across the united states. Moving and traveling all the time. I have had a lot of experience as a young person being emersed in different cultures all over the country. One side of my family are docters, lawyers, and chemists, the other all live in one house until thier thirty and do drugs and go to jail. All I want to do is figure out why I had that dream that turned out to be the same as ancient g-ds, was the same as abduction experiences and the orbs. It all just falls into place too perfectly. I cant convey how I really had no idea about this stuff before I started learning about it after the dream. Just trying to figure it out and grow in mind and now I guess spirit. Somthing good or bad messed with me. I am extremly curious and im on this site to share what I am thinking about for help to figure it out.

bluesbaby5050: Your on the right track..........

And your lucky that you happen to meet up with this site too. This is the most advanced web site that you will find covering all the major topics of the occult, and on governemt hidden secrets from the public, and the top major players, and on our ancient history, and the many paranormal subjects, and just the common things in life that we experience. Looking for answers is the clue that your advancing, and trying to understand the strange dreams, and what their meaning are, and who the beings are in them. Your also lucky that you got to travel around to mix , and from your understanding of the many cultures out in the real world, because most people don't get to do this. Your wise for your age also, from these experiences as well. Your age does not count. And many children experience many paranormal events in their life that most people do not experience at all, and so this is why age does not matter. A soul could be a young soul, and not had the many incarnations to experience, and grow from events, and cultures from many lives. This is another reason age does not matter in a life. Some newborn babies will have more wisedom in them when born, and remember it until they enter the brainwashing schools that many have to attend or the law is sent to their homes to ask why they aren't in them. The system they are born in does a good job of brainwashing as the child grows up, and enters the job force, and it continues until that soul leaves that incarnation. And that's also why I shared with you insights in the tread above this one to help you to see in a clearer light. Live from your heart, because answers do not always come from your head. Trust your inner guidence, which is your intuition. We all have it, but some people are way more advanced in theirs then others are, and this does not mean any person is any better then any one else is, because we all are on different levels of spiritual growth and, this comes from the many incarnations, and differnt experiences in those incarnations. And doing the work on one's self, helps a person grow in the their spirit/soul. I hope this helps you to understand better.

Tim Lovell: hmm guys mabey start a new

hmm guys mabey start a new thread as its annoying have to click `last page` every time a new post comes up on this one :)

Tarheel: Clicking on Notifications tab .......

...used to take you to the specific post. Now it takes you to the 1st page of the topic.
I agree It isn't as user friendly as it used to be but it isn't my site. Maybe it's an attempt to keep people on topic. D'OH !

UN.i1-PHI: ?page=n-1

add between the end of the shortcut-title of the URL and the "#comment-..." part, "?page=..." with the number of the page where the comment is on minus one, so the first page has index 0, the second has 1, and the third page like here now is ?page=2
so like this the link will direct you to the comment wether its on the first page or not
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contactorion: Throw the first Stone

Bluesbaby I had a nanny when I was very young and she said she had been in carnated many times, No you are not the only one. Didnt believe her until now. Tarheel I am sorry I mis understood you. Louie you do seem to be the ,most logical. You all seem to pbelieve in love and peace yet argue. Why does the ideal break? In the moment where someones track record repeats over and over again? When something doesnt make sense? I myself have a problem being wrong. But when I let go of everything I fear to lose such as being right I started figuring all this out. It just started to come to me through the free association of my own mind. Ten percent of our minds we use? How about in control of? "Be.like water my friend" -bruce lee not having a doctrine to be written in stone in your mind I think is the key. I've had to let go of what i believed to be true, and i am sure that sort of thing would happen to , e again if i were able to live 200 years (non stop) No matter what we will never learn everything there is to know. Not even the aliens do thats why in the alien culture there are the grays trying get a soul and the acturians who have one. (if thier aliens) and not demons or what we labeled demonic beings from another dimension. After and before infinity what is there? For me it leads back to a "god" an a pervading force, energy, conciousness whatever.

Till all are one.

obsrvantlouie: One shall stand - one shall fall

You are wise beyond your years. Acknowledging, addressing, confronting and overcoming fear is the greatest way to awaken. Don't give your power away to aliens assuming they are more advanced than you; while they are more technically advanced they are spiritually inept. Spirituality is power - gaining control of your mind (awareness) by overcoming fears is power - gaining control of your emotions versus letting them control you is power. To this power there is no end and trust when I say "you will always have more to learn".

Ultimately though - always trust in self.

Members here argue / debate for many reasons some you have seen and some you haven't. Just remember to always question everything from everyone to your own level of satisfaction.

Much like prime and megatron - it's usually just different points of view on right and wrong which you will sometimes referred to as polarity/polarities (love vs hate, hot vs cold),

Trust in self

Tarheel: Re: your "different points of view" comment....

"We always did feel the same, we just saw it from a different point of view". ~ Bob Dylan

HebrianDaniel: ah lilith a known figurin in

ah lilith a known figurin in the jewish demonologhy some orthodeux afraid in the night because of her

her name sound like night in hebrew also
Lilith as similar as Laila(לילה) laila means night
jewish people bealive she seduce men in night so she can breed more demons to serve her.

that cool story anyways

contactorion: The Greek Sphinx Monster

THE SPHINX (or Phix) was a female monster with the body of a lion, the breast and head of a woman, eagle's wings and, according to some, a serpent-headed tail.She was sent by the gods to plague the town of Thebes as punishment for some ancient crime. There she preyed on the youths of the land, devouring all those who failed to solve her riddle. Kreon, the then regent of Thebes, offered the kingship to any man who could destroy her. Oidipous accepted the challenge, and when he solved the Sphinx's riddle, she cast herself off a mountainside in despair and in accordance with an oracle declaring the terms of her demise.Sphinxes were popular in ancient art, especially as sculptural grave stele set upon the tombs of men who died in youth. Decorative sphinxes also appear in animal processions on archaic Greek vases, often alongside lions and bird-bodies sirens.PARENTS[1.1] ORTHOS & KHIMAIRA (Hesiod Theogony 326)[2.1] TYPHOEUS & EKHIDNA (Apollodorus 3.52, Hyginus Pref & Fabulae 151, Lasus Frag 706A)[2.2] TYPHOEUS & KHIMAIRA (Scholiast on Hesiod & Euripides)


SPHINX (Sphinx), a monstrous being of Greek mythology, is said to have been a daughter of Orthus and Chimaera, born in the country of the Arimi (Hes. Theog. 326), or of Typhon and Echidna (Apollod. iii. 5. § 8; Schol. ad Eurip. Phoen. 46), or lastly of Typhon and Chimaera (Schol. ad Hes. and Eurip. l. .c.). Some call her a natural daughter of Laius (Paus. ix. 26. § 2). Respecting her stay at Thebes and her connection with the fate of the house of Laius. The riddle which she there proposed, she is said to have learnt from the Muses (Apollod. iii. 5. § 8), or Laius himself taught her the mysterious oracles which Cadmus had received at Delphi (Paus. ix. 26. § 2). According to some she had been sent into Boeotia by Hera, who was angry with the Thebans for not having punished Lains, who had carried off Chrysippus from Pisa. She is said to have come from the most distant part of Ethiopia (Apollod. l. c. ;Schol. ad Eurip. Phoen. 1760); according to others she was sent by Ares, who wanted to take revenge because Cadmus had slain his son, the dragon (Argum. ad Eurip. Phoen.), or by Dionysus (Schol. ad Hes. Theog. 326), or by Hades (Eurip. Phoen. 810), and some lastly say that she was one on the women who, together with the daughters of Cadmus, were thrown into madness, and was metamorphosed into the monstrous figure. (Schol. ad Eurip. Phoen. 45.)The legend itself clearly indicates from what quarter this being was believed to have been introduced into Greek mythology. The figure which she was conceived to have had is originally Egyptian or Ethiopian; but after her incorporation with Grecian story, her figure was variously modified. The Egyptian Sphinx is the figure of an unwinged lion in a lying attitude, but the upper part of the body is human. They appear in Egypt to have been set up in avenues forming the approaches to temples. The greatest among the Egyptian representations of Sphinxes is that of Ghizeh, which, with the exception of the paws, is of one block of stone. The Egyptian Sphinxes are often called androsphinges (Herod. ii. 175; Menandr. Fragm. p. 411, ed. Meineke), not describing them as malebeings, but as lions with the upper part human, to distinguish them from those Sphinxes whose upper part was that of a sheep or ram. The common idea of a Greek Sphinx, on the other hand, is that of a winged body of a lion, having the breast and upper part of a woman (Aelian, H. A. xii. 7; Auson. Griph. 40 ; Apollod. iii. 5. § 8; Schol. ad Eurip. Phoen. 806). Greek Sphinxes, moreover, are not always represented in a lying attitude, but appear in different positions, as it might suit the fancy of the sculptor or poet. Thus they appear with the face of a maiden, the breast, feet, and claws of a lion, the tail of a serpent, and the wings of a bird (Schol. ad Aristoph. Ran. 1287 ; Soph. Oed. Tyr. 391 ;Athen. vi. p. 253; Palaephat. 7); or the fore part of the body is that of a lion, and the lower part that of a man, with the claws of a vuiture and the wings of an eagle (Tzetz. ad Lycoph. 7). Sphinxes were frequently introduced by Greek artists, as ornaments of architectural and other works. (Paus. iii. 18. § 8, v. 11. § 2; Eurip. Elect. 471.)

contactorion: "The Unnamable Chaos" (I knew this was all connected)

THE UNNAMEABLE: CHAOS There are two female presences in the opening chapters of the Bible. One of course, is Eve, “the mother of all the living.” Another female is there also, although the Zohar refers to her as without gender, lurking between the lines of text even as the kabbalists teach that she hides in shadows and unlit doorways. Beyond the book of Genesis, this same extremely negative— in fact, demonic— entity appears several times in the Bible. Usually she is “disguised” as another character— it is she and her equally evil sister who appear before King Solomon as two harlots arguing over possession of a baby. The power of this negative entity is taken very seriously in Kabbalah. We must guard against her influence at all times. We are not to speak or write her name. Yet she does appear in the Scriptures, in the book of Isaiah 34: 14, though in some translations “night hag” or “screech owl” is substituted for her forbidden name. And the Zohar, of course, never refers to her by name. She is called the Klipah (Heb. shell), which also denotes a kind of husk that can form around us when we succumb to negative or self-serving influences. Yet Kabbalah does not describe the Klipah as utterly alien to the Creator’s Light. She is composed of degraded Light, fallen Light, corroded Light. The Klipah is like a powerful battery that has lain for many years on the ocean floor, which, as the Zohar explains, is exactly where this vile and dangerous female was relegated to spend a great deal of time. As with most biblical characters, the Klipah is understood both as metaphor and a physical entity. In the biblical text, she can be construed as a personification of corrupt aggressive or sexual feelings. But she is also depicted as a very malignant reality of our lives. The Zohar tells us that the Klipah came into being on the fifth day of creation, as described in Genesis 1: 21. She is identified with the “great sea monsters” mentioned in that verse, and with the multitudes of creeping beings that the sea brought forth. Immediately after her creation, the Klipah flew toward heaven, where she found herself attracted to the sparks of divine Light that surround the Creator. These sparks are the “small faces” in the following Zohar passage. They can be thought of as angels, of which Kabbalah describes several types. The lowest category of angel is simply a flicker of energy that localizes in a particular form, sometimes for only a moment. The Klipah attached herself to these beings, until God forced her to descend to Eden, where Adam and Eve had been created. Drawn to Adam’s beauty, the Klipah desired union with him, but realized also that she could not distract him from the splendor of Eve, whose beauty was one with that of heaven itself. The Klipah then returned to the Upper World, tried once again to conjoin with the angels, but soon found herself cast by God into the sea from which she had first emerged. The Zohar describes these events: Vol. 1, pp. 286– 287 When the Klipah saw Eve clinging to the side of Adam, who represented the beauty of above, and saw in them the complete form, she flew up from her place and wanted to cling to the small faces of Adam and Eve as before. However, the guards at the gates did not allow this. The Creator scolded the Klipah and cast her into the depths of the sea. The Klipah is associated with what is “covered up” or shrouded in murkiness. Concealment often has positive connotations in Kabbalah, when its purpose is to reveal the Light of God. But this hiding in the shadows is decidedly negative. It is based in shame, and its intention is to avoid the consequences of prior action. As the Zohar recounts, the Klipah remained in the sea until the sin of Adam and Eve. Then the Creator removed the Klipah from the depths of the sea. The Klipah took power over all those children— the “small faces” of mankind— who deserve punishment for the sins of their fathers. The Klipah’s diabolically negative energy is drawn to children— the “angels” of the world— just as it was attracted to the true angels in the Upper World. This is consistent with the teaching that children are in a sense closer to God than other human beings. Their souls were more recently in the Upper World. Notice how the Zohar is unconstrained by conventional ideas of linear time. If Adam and Eve had just fallen, how could the Klipah already be making raids on the progeny of future generations? This is not a “mistake,” but a characteristic of prophetic narratives. Just as perspective did not appear in the graphic arts until the Renaissance, continuity of time is not an imperative in kabbalistic texts. There is a clear intention to subvert or even violate the demands of realism. Like modern physics, Kabbalah teaches that the past has already occurred but is also still occurring. As shards of the one primordial soul, we have already done things that, as individuals, we are continually reprising. In Kabbalah, once something has happened it keeps happening forever, or at least until the final transformation and the return to Paradise. Returning from its depredations across space and time, the Klipah made her way to the gates of Eden, where she rested beside the flaming sword described in Genesis. This sword can be likened to the scale of Zeus in Greek myth. It manifests mercy or judgment alternately. And when judgment is expressed, the Klipah returns to the physical realm. The Klipah wandered around the world, approached the gates of the Garden of Eden, and sat down near the blade of the sword, for it was the flame of the sword that the Klipah had originated. When the bright blade of the sword revolved and changed to judgment, the Klipah fled. She roams the world and finds children deserving of punishment. The Klipah laughs with the children and then kills them. Again moving from the past to the future, and then back into the past, the Zohar mentions the Klipah’s intercourse with Cain (Kayin). As usual, she is rejected or frustrated in her first attempt at connection, but she persists with evil energy. Many of the negative forces loose in the world are the offspring of Cain and the Klipah: When Kayin was born, the Klipah was unable to cleave to him, but later she approached him, cleaved to him, and manifested to him earthbound spirits and flying spirits. While these teachings may seem quite remote from our everyday experience, the history of Adam after the Fall has definite lessons for contemporary life. When he realizes the terrible consequences of his actions at the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, the Zohar describes Adam’s descent into what might today be called a state of depression, in the sense that depression is disconnection from the Light. Adam had intercourse with the female spirits for 130 years, until Naamah came. Because of her beauty, she led the sons of Elohim, Aza, and Azael astray. She bore them all sorts of new Klipot. Evil spirits and demons spread out from her into the world. They wander around during the night. Whenever they find men sleeping alone in their own homes, they hover over them and cling to them, arousing lustful desires and having offspring by them. In a sense, Adam fell into the same trap twice. His first bite of the forbidden fruit was not the real cause of the trouble. It was the reactive second bite that really manifested desire to receive for himself alone. And now, despondent over his interpretation of the past, he believed himself beyond all redemption. Who has not, at one time or another, succumbed to this same kind of thinking? Who has not fallen victim to this extremely potent weapon of the negative side? Kabbalah teaches that this voluptuous acceptance of defeat is really a kind of egomania in reverse. We convince ourselves that our failures exist on such a grand scale that not even the Creator can deliver us from them. But it is really self-importance that makes this self-pity possible. It is critical that we remain aware of the existence of the Klipah and practice spiritual discernment in our active pursuit of the Light. While desire is requisite to draw Light to ourselves, desire can be implemented in negative ways. With what prescience the Zohar anticipates the psychology of addiction. An addict, whether of drugs, alcohol, gambling, or sex, is understood by contemporary psychotherapy as a failed seeker after true joy. An addict is a person with strong needs and desires— which is all to the good, Kabbalah would say— but out of this strong need comes an impatience to satisfy it quickly and intensely— and then, because the intensity fades, to satisfy it again and again. Satisfy, however, is not really the right word. Addiction really palliates genuine fulfillment. It is a desire for the Light that is pursued in the wrong way.

Tarheel: Dark much ?

Dude. Way dark. Soak it in bleach until it's white on white.
In fact, I think I'll send an upper "treat" after that walk thru "THE" Valley. You know which valley I mean. The valley of the shadow.......

Here's some soap to wash it away.

contactorion: Echidna (Greek Mythology)

In Greek mythology, Echidna (Greek: Ἔχιδνα,ekhis, ἔχις, meaning "she viper") was half woman half snake, known as the "Mother of All Monsters" because most of the monsters in Greek myth were mothered by her. Hesioddescribed her as:[...] the goddess fierce Echidna who is half a nymph with glancing eyes and fair cheeks, and half again a huge snake,[1] great and awful, with speckled skin, eating raw flesh beneath the secret parts of the holy earth. And there she has a cave deep down under a hollow rock far from the deathless gods and mortal men. There, then, did the gods appoint her a glorious house to dwell in: and she keeps guard in Arima beneath the earth, grim Echidna, a nymph who dies not nor grows old all her days.[2]According to Apollodorus, Echidna was the daughter of Tartarus and Gaia,[3] while according to Hesiod, either Ceto and Phorcysor Chrysaor and the naiad Callirhoe were her parents.[4] Another account says her parents were Peiras and Styx (according toPausanias, who did not know who Peiras was aside from her father).[5] Echidna was adrakaina, with the face and torso of a beautiful woman (depicted as winged in archaic vase-paintings) and the body of a serpent, sometimes having two serpent's tails.[6] She is also sometimes described, asKarl Kerenyi noted, in archaic vase-painting, with a pair of echidnas performing sacred rites in a vineyard, while on the opposite side of the vessel, goats were attacking the vines:[7] thus chthonic Echidnae are presented as protectors of the vineyard.The site of her cave Homer calls "Arima, couch of Typhoeus".[8] When she and her mate attacked the Olympians, Zeus beat them back and punished Typhon by sealing him under Mount Etna. However, Zeus allowed Echidna and her children to live as a challenge to future heroes. Although to Hesiod (Theogony above), she was an immortal and ageless nymph, according to Apollodorus, Echidna used to "carry off passers-by", until she was finally killed where she slept by Argus Panoptes, the hundred-eyed giant.[3]


Lilith-cave, mother demon, Ultimate evil
Beowulf monster-cave, mother demon, ultimate evil
Echidna-cave, mother daemon,

Tarheel: Got that off your chest now, do ya?

Seems like you had that one all bottled up and it was itching to come out.
Good stuff.

obsrvantlouie: All representations

Of the Orion reptilian queen.

Ninhursag/rebel Orion faction
Orion throne in/on mintaka.

Tarheel: That OQ......

You got to mix it, Charlie, you got to fix it.

Marich: one title of Lillith is the

one title of Lillith is the Sun Witch. Responsible for organizing an old event called the Black Betrayal. Needs detail though. Plenty. Lol

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