by Kah-Len on January 1st, 2020

    Who is God? The Father explained!!!

    Creation & the Journey of the Soul

    Words unspoken are thoughts without movement.
    Thoughts without movement are vibrations without frequency.
    Movement is the intensity, intentions, intent etc… elevated or lowered within the heart center or “soul”.

    The words that are unspoken are from the mind and the intention of those words come from the heart.

    In the beginning was the word, the word was “with God” and the word “Was God”.

    The intention of God’s thoughts brought all things into existence through his mind and heart.

    All things are created from vibration and frequency.

    When vibration and frequency are raised high enough photons are created (The illusion of light which came first). Higher frequencies create Quarks, Neutrons, electrons, protons etc… which is matter.

    The highest known frequency in the universe is a star!
    The vibrational tone of a star is called “Hu” and the vibration of the mind is called “Man”.
    Human is a light being with consciousness. You are a real “star”!

    This light being lives once throughout many bodies called reincarnation.
    The soul always chooses its genetics and although every lifetime you take on many personalities and experiences, the “soul” purpose is to bring you to that place of ascension through the heart, mind and physical body you are in now! Eternal

    life with your physical body and soul is true ascension.

    I am the Apostle Philip who has descended to be with you here now in order to teach you all to ascend!

    Soon we will be returning to Jerusalem with our fleets to break your shackles and remove your wardens.

    Soon the Cabal will be no more!

    - St. Philip of Bethsaida

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