by edisonik on December 27th, 2010

Lucifer is a Custodian or the Superintendant of Earth and it's people through Control and Slavery he plies his Trade. Lucifer works for the Orion Serpent Queens, when the Serpent Queens say Jump he say's how high!.
It is the Serpent Queens that Ultimately Rule, Lucifer is just a Pawn like any other and his Job is to Control and Subdue Humanity through the NWO.
Those who Worship Him become his Pawns, many give away their Divine right to Freedom thinking they will obtain Power through him but all they Obtain is Slavery and Destruction.
Lucifers Trick is to make you think you are powerless fodder and Ultimately it is knowledge that will break you free from Bondage.
The Who Earth is his Playground and through the Institution of Religions , he plies his trade.
Yes all the Holybooks are his creations , designed to Brainwash and control you.
It take a God to know other Gods and what they do.

You are all Mind Controlled but with my Divine help I will break your Yolk of Bondage.
This Elaborate trick will soon come to an end.

If you want to see what Lucifer looks like, simply study the Statue of Liberty, it is not a Woman, it is the Man Lucifer the Lightbringer. Yes very beautiful isn't it, beauty is one of his traits.
Awaken my Bloodlines, awaken from the Mass Media Mindcontrol, take back your freedom, believe in the Eternal Creator, the Creator is not a Man but rather an Energy field that bonds all things, Always Defend Freedom, it is your Divine Right!.

Do not be Hoodwinked ever again.

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edisonik: Fear , Dispair, Misery, Hatred, Jealousy, Domination, Control

Oppression , these are the tools he uses to keep all of you in line, like if you don't do as he says you will burn in hell, what kind of God would do that to a Loving Human?, an Oppresive Being not a True God, a True God would Love you Period, and would not get in the way when your Evolution is in Progresss.
Your Jobs are to Evolve to develope advanced Maturity.
Take you Passion in your hands and follow your Talents to Improve Humanity, the Many , not the Few!.
Serve the Many , not the Few, Serve Humanity, not the Corporations or the Globalists.

Genio: Good Info

i have heard of this before but what i didnt know was that he created all the holybooks, thats intense information. People will reject that till the die they die. It will make them feel like there life wasnt real and their ancestors were wrong, this is heavy stuff man. Im telling you because my grandma(which is the most beautiful person ive ever met) is a hardcore catholic. Shes the nicest person i know, she loves everyone and everything she forgived those who stabed her in the back while others cant. Shes an angel in my eyes, she would even take in animals from the street and feed them and give them shelter when she barely had enough for herself. I come froma beautiful family, truly beautiful. But if i told my grandma this information she would have a heart attack or something, People by nature will reject this information because they will feel like everything is a lie even though it is !. its quite complicated how the human mind works and yet its simple....
Edisonik i dont know if you like reggae music but i love it heres a song that would fit the conversation hope you like it

This is actually a new version i havent herd till right now but i like it too hope you do

Genio: Heres the other version

i hope you like one or the other,
"Im gonna put on an iron shirt, and chace the devil out of earth"
"im gonna send him to outer space, to find a nother race"
i love it =)

i love reggae music, but i would like to know your point of view on the cannabis plant because i see it as a gift from god while others see it as poison what do you have to say on this matter ?

inanna17: Cannabis

Genio - it is a gift from God! And thank the stars for it. : )

Genio: Inanna

I knew it !! i always knew it, its because of cannabis that i started searching for the truth in the first place so i knew it was ilegal because the government is scared of its mind opening effects.
If you dont mind and you have time i would like to share a song with you that really touches my heart

i suggest you listen to it with lyrics, its really deep, i love it so much
god bless you inanna, peace and love

inanna17: Sitting here in tears

Thank you Genio.

What a beautiful song. I've had a lot of tears the last month. Must be clearing out old stuff so I can move on to living positively. This kind of song and lyrics sustain my hope. Peace to you too.

edisonik: Classical Reggea

Good Work Genio.
As far as the Holy Books, don't tell your Grandmother, you are correct it will Destroy her Spirit.
Keep this to yourself, it is all one big Ancient Scam, perpetrated by the Lightbearer Lucifer.


There was more Blood spilled over Relgions then any other Wars in History, Blood and Souls are the Harvest of the Lightbearer Lucifer.
People need to wake up and say No to War, no matter how Noble it may sound, this Activity is a Blood Sacrifice to this Being which has no care for Humanity because Humans are just like Cattle or Poultry to him.

Genio: Inanna, Edisonik

Inanna - Im glad you like the music, i hope it lifts your spirit they way it does mine, Music is a beautiful part of life, its like magic and this is why the music industry is so closely monitered and controlled, you wont here this on your average radio station. lets pray for a brighter tomorrow.

Edisonik - Yes, religion has been responsible for alot of bloodshed, but there is people who are faithful to their religion and they are wonderful beautiful people, i wish they could just see that they dont need religion to be close to god, to be good, and to be received in heaven, (if there is one)
can you please give me some kind of information on your perspective of heaven because i dont know what it could be, or if its even real, i sure hope theres a place were we can all rest from negativity, and live in harmony with one another, i wish earth could be this way.

Peace and Love

edisonik: Heaven is in your Heart Genio

Once you realize that you are eternal Spirit Genio you will also know that you are free, what Religions do is Structure what has been free, when the System Structures your heart you become enslaved, you cannot express yourself anymore because you are shackled by Rules and Laws.
When you have total freedom, you have total Heaven, do you understand Genio, once the Cage is gone the Bird can fly.
Heaven and Hell are in your heart, you must decide where you stand in the scheme of things.
Believe in it and it will come, it dwells in your heart, not on a Planet or Star System.

I will sqeeze Colleen Thomas again because she really has her stuff together.


inanna17: Heaven and Hell

Dear Genio,

I just recently shed the cement helmet placed upon my head by the 'fundamentalist' propaganda I was fed as a child. It had totally enslaved my spirit to believe I WAS original sin, and if I didn't follow what church my parents decided to visit that Sunday, I was going to HELL! Turns out the hell I was afraid of was 'inside' me. It no longer exists. Neither does heaven.

I don't know if you are aware of the 'Seth' material interpreted by Jane Roberts, but it was a major turning point in my view of reality. I highly suggest checking it out.

''You form your own reality. If you are tired of having me stress that 
point, I can only say that I hope the repetition will serve to make you 
understand that the statement applies to the most minute and the most 
important of the events you experience - Seth''


Roberts, Jane (1974). The Nature of Personal Reality. Prentice-Hall. reprinted (1994) Amber-Allen Publishing. ISBN 1-878424-06-8

Here is a link to a great song - hope you like it Genio


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