Who i am and my tail of my life !

by kaleohrile on December 20th, 2016

So many must be asking what is going on with the world form polictis ,religean,et our world and the univrse it self and behond , my real name is kyle mcgrady if your gifted or supernatally gidfted or working with et i sure you heard my name just about ever thing out has and i am not hiding it nor will i hide not point game over we won , to understand me i have to go back 5 years , your going to see me doing things in the world and help other so their not point in hideing my real name becasue i have thing i need to do on earth then the unvirse then the cosmos and the work will be never ending but it not a job for ever one like i tell humans it a gift and a curse , now i move back to with my family , i left my up north wisconsin and came back home , i my life was shit i was not in a good place and it was crap, i left ever thing my friend that i had made my family and 4 years of my life i just pick up and left , i moved back home with my mom and then i got my own place in town , and life at that time was still not good for me i had tons of family and friend problelms , i got my own apartment and started my new life , i on ssi disablity and that how i supported my self , now that was a battle and then some so i cant remember they date i was before my 21 birthday 6 to 7 days i was sad as fuck and down on my life and i remeberd saying FUCK LIFE FUCK THE WORLD I WANT TO DIE , and then i heard something not sure who it was it said ok you want to die and and i said yes , it told me i have a 1 year and a half to live and i said grate i can kill my self and it said no you go in to the book of nothing , i said shit and that when my life work of making me who i am started ,so the first thing i did was question ever thing my life my choice my self yin yang light and darkness good evil and bring blance between all and i live that ever day it made me in to who i am today , i world tell people fuck humantiy fuck the world but in my soul i had all the humantiy in the world , thing i thought about was death and other commic enntiys of shorts , i gave that some time on them death love fate hope the list goes on and in my life it was shit , i ask my self why cant death have a day or mouth to do another job why cant he , why i ask my self it was like he did a job and never got a dam brake and i did not like that at all for any of them it suck to me i wanted them to have some fun and enjoy then never ending life so i said daeth is the x mass spirt he get a place to have fun and for decmeber he x mass spirit and the rest got to do thing to , other thing i question god and angels demons ceartors everthing , i had the time that must humans did not , and i help other many humans woman man famliy friends the list is never ending , i change my self in a year and half time , it make me laugh to my self my work ask me well it been a year and a half you did not die and i laugh and said yha i did not but i look back and i change my self and made my life it to something better , form thier it was up and down bad x mass lose famliy and find out past lives that no one beleaved me or find out i have gift that i need to unlock that makes one big gift , i was never for one side persay i have my sin and the thing i done worng and who i hurt not just in life life and my past but that what make me human , one on the thing i did was take other sins and bad memerys and i bard them for them it not for ever one but it comes with the job , and i did not have a site like this i or any one gifted in my life to help me i had one persay but i found it out on my own , i walk the line of light and darkness and i say thing of both i did not like and i could not stand them the light wanted me to pary and give my self fully to them the dark wanted hell on earth and the end times and i did not want eather , light and dark has intimeaded me and come to me both side and i said no fuck off i am blance their was a time in the last years they pulled thier force to hurt me and the old god choas be them but that another sorry for a later time , many of the human in my life did not beleave me or would ever listien and the human i told the most to was my father and i cant even tell him any thing any more because i left him in awe and shock he say i do know , i my self would go to russian orthodox church and tell other thing i know and the would not listen or call me the devil or say thing something worng but i never gave up , and same with the meditsan man druid or shman , i was the best of both world and i world never give them up for the world it who i am and it built in to me , my famlity and ever one would not listen and i went thought carp an shit , and even with my disalbity i never gave up i disrbie it life kick me in the balls i kick in the ball we go blow for blow then when where done we have a drink and start it all over again , i am irish and polish they make me who i am so does my morale and vales , i all ways loved listening to other life it fasteing to me the good and the bad succssful and failers ,the history and then some if you want to under stand the past it form those older then you , i done a lot i work on my self and my life on so many levels , if your gifited and in the last 3 week heard a man talk about a 2 chance to take the choice to make a better life and chose and make amends it was me , i had so many thing fuck with me gary pals ever thing when you wake up form dreaming and you remember being in a room with elves and bonde hair you know you been some wear , i ask my self about et and them why come to earth why what is their reason , they are their and they going to be coming out 2017 the year of turth and in 8 years we leave to free the uninvise and it wont stop , i ask my self about ever group good and bad i ask why are they pissed why do they want contorl want is their to gain but then i ask what does an indivigdal want i ask on all level does x y and z what this life and i thought about their world and ancesters and then it was just who fuck who on that end and it statred at the highest level and work it way down , et may tell you they do have god and goodess but they do do buy in to that crap , i qestion ever thing on ever level one thing is i have pixeys that live in my home they still my dam hand soup man it wold piss me off so much but u learn to live with it it was in the nautre and i hear them he he he and i said ok fine fill it up and walk out not sure who they gave it to or what they did but it was for some one , my point is their are thing in thier world that what to come out but cant by x y z shit law carp and then some and humantiy ready persay we have sifi and fanstay for that , i did not juduge the enitys in my home hell i even fought a deman that was in my freind and i 3 time then i just said by to that man beacuase i was wasteing my time , i pary for the devil him self to make a better choice and do good hell i i pary for et and demand and ever evil thing to do better and most st or any one i could would not do that but i do why , well how the hell is the world and earth going to get better if we all come togather , i had a hard life and shit and then some it humanity time to go to space and free their world and them and then will just keep going , i give thanks to things in my life my granden ageal , st. anthey , jeues , the list is never ending , i seen god darkside hell i gave him confesson and i seen heaven not my cup of tea but it out their i want to see the unvirse and cosmos , i have so many thing i wake up and i am thankful for and what i done and my battles and stuggles in my life and it was not for nothing , and if your in any set grorp and question me that ok that mean your growning up and evo in to something grate then your self , their an et show people of earth i not sure if it real et on their or not but i love it it show that et can make a choice and say fuck you where going to be part of earth the plaidean in the show like this woman and he tired of his shit job on that dam ship so he goes down to earth to work at a coffee shop no one know who he is but he want to get to know this woman probley marry her i jsut for seeing the show not sure but that the point of choice you may have lord or things above you or thing above you and even those on the higist level , jus ask your common sense i am really going to keep doing this what is the point , those that do not know the royalty of their world have been heeld at gun point for a long time miss empoer and emperss the first live die live die why you ask because their godss and goddess are jelly of earth it goes back who have the better toy and here some hidden histroy it the AH THEY CAKE IT A LIE when set et found out out the cosomos set et god and goddess and entiy and thing on their world did not want their world to be free or know the turth so the help grama and gandpa hosstage for ever and the revive them and when they try to say THE CAKE IS A LIE AH bam they kill them and , look it not hard to get to the cosmos STOP USEING YOUR DAM TECH dance run read a dam book play your video games enjoy your ways of life form your world , you all do remeber it nor can get to it beauce you forgotten your soul or want it mean to have a soul , try a irish dance do a jig , go to an earth church i say russian orthodox that the true way of god , they bad groups lost it over form globalist zinsit jew the list is never ending and humanity is riseing 2017 best year for humans ever , i did not preach the story or 2 chance for nothing , and if you do beleave me or qeusiton what i had to say i am ok with that being the liveing embodyment of humantiy and finding out your going to live forever is tuff but it not for ever one that the role i chose i and i will do , so thanks ever one that fuck with me i won you lose and MOTHER FUCKING JUSTICE HE COME THE BOGGIE MAN and you cant stop him , and to ever thing that took the 2 chance i thank you and your be able to come out to the world soon it take some time because when i wake up i did this role not just for me but all the world realmes and life it self , we won you lose and not it the time of healing , i cant wait to see everthing come out and say hay where real and we have something to tell you and own up to and that will take some balls but if you stay ture to the 2 choice you be fine and that can be as long as you want when you live forever you have pleanty of time to make anmands , 2017 WHEN WE ALL STAND TOGATHER AND FREE THE EARTH AND GO FORTH FOR ALL OF US ! Your frind and the embodyment of humantiy kyle j mcgrady !

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kaleohrile: dam i forgot to spell check !

i forgot to spell check my bad ever one !

BenjaminFalkenrath: What the hell did I just read

What the hell did I just read? lol

kaleohrile: me and who i am !

ever thing i stand by is me just ask around my name is out their if any thing you work with they will tell you , i neve get the chance again nor will any human see me for me i just wanted ever one on here to know who i was before i am big !

BenjaminFalkenrath: I would if I could understand

I would if I could understand but when I try to read what you write it is confusing lol

kaleohrile: Basicly many things going on in the world that most do not know!

2017 everthing comes out and the world starts new and then some etc , gods goddess , ect ect the list goes on and then some good chance coming to the earth the univirse it start in the us and then it goes forth many good things coming , tho it will be the end for some humans and much truth will come to out on ever level and in 8 years we humantity leave for the unvirse !

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