Who is God??? Your assistance pls?

by moonsstarr923 on January 21st, 2014

First, I apologize if some do not agree with my posting category, , , as my question could be posted in "religion", "mystery", etc. etc. etc. Even so----and if I may----I'd like to post my question here. Thank you.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I am on a journey with, for, and to meet my Higher Self. (and I'm having weird, awesome, unusual, and elating experiences with "It", so I believe I'm doing well considering current human position.) That being said, I'd like to ask you all a question, and I'd ***greatly*** appreciate any knowledge you have acquired in which you're *open* to sharing with a genuinely-seeking heart: me. Thanks.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------My Higher Self "knows" and will "guide me correctly".--------I believe this is correct. I hope b/c this is what I follow--------Well, WHO IS my Higher Self? Is it ME in the future, evolved into a higher dimensional being??? In my opinion "God" is a man-made invention that humans use as a CRUTCH (((and *yes* I know, and recognize, a God in Heaven can be a great, positively-used concept too! & not just as a crutch---for we should respect other peoples' life paths regardless of our beliefs and such)))) . *But* maybe many of these humans who invented God--do not *KNOW* God. They never got to KNOW God. ***Rather*** they only got to know the CONCEPT of God. Sooo, that being said: Is my Higher Self God??? Does anyone have any theories on *what* our Higher Self is exactly??? I would greatly appreciate any thoughts, theories, meditative experiences, etc. that you might be willing to share----if even a bit.

Universal Love,

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obsrvantlouie: It works "somewhat"

like this. Your Higher Self is an all powerful/immortal soul entity. Eons ago your Higher Self was galloping about in higher densities (higher vibrational frequencies). At one point your Higher Self saw the "experiantal field/game" that was Earth. Shim (because the higher self is both male and female) decided to taste some of this experience. Therefore, from a higher density your Higher Self extended a piece of shims essence into a physical body (which is now you).

When all experience your Higher Self has chosen to bring into awareness is complete...you, who is the physical, will depart this "game" of duality and polarity for new and vastly diferrent experiences with the newly acquired knowledge you have gained from incarnating in physical bodies on earth.

Clear as mud? :p

moonsstarr923: no worries I

understand your post, and I appreciate it very much. I'm glad to learn these things. Incidentally, I wonder if "It" regrets this, , , , , a little too deep in the game perhaps...... probably not.......maybe not.......guess It knows what It's doing........It knows best I guess......... Thanks again friend.

obsrvantlouie: External

External deities are put into place in "belief systems" in order to trick people into giving away their power and always looking outward instead of inward. The true "God" is your Higher Self and you are an extension of shim...(this is where stories about the "silver cord" arise).

So, in all fairness....you are God unto yourself but not over others.

I suggest reading the series "The Handbook for the New Paradigm". It can be somewhat monotenous (this is understatement) but just when you feel as if you have read the same message over and over....a Gem awaits.

Tim Lovell: ok in reply to moonstar ,

ok in reply to moonstar , `god` if you want to call it that is `prime creator` some call it the source of all life the first cause , WE everyone and thing in this and other universes IS prime creator on its journey of groth , evolution and learning we exist in a region of this universe that has free will where ALL is allowed so we are all truly one being expericing the illusion of separation to learn and experience and teach prime creator about its self , so god is not a single individual like Enlil (yaweh) or any other entity , that's why the ets frequently say there is only one ,

edisonik: Well said Tim Lovell

Let the awakening begin.

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