Who are the vegans?

Could not get the two fingers touching at st. Peters out of my head one day. Draw a figure eight in my head while listening to music another night. Looking up golden eagle weeks ago. Find that picture online after looking up alien contact yesterday. And find out about the constellation lyra this morning. Which is a figure 8 and is represented by and eagle with a harp. Near acturius.. opposite of siruis , and..orion. The movie contact with jodi foster writtin by carl sagan, writer of the cosmos series. In themovie the aliens we get contact with are from lyra constellation.

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Tim Lovell: Lyra is the original birth

Lyra is the original birth place of the human species, one planet in Lyra was seeded by the feline race millions of years ago with the human form but they were much taller they looked nearly identical to the Caucasian race on earth tall and blonde or some red haired , also nearby in the vega star system was another race of humans mostly brown skinned , these would both move out to colonise various star systems , pleides , Andromeda , Sirius, arcturus, tau ceti etc and those colonies would come to earth and seed human life here (which later got changed by the annunaki to become the humans we have on earth today)

bluesbaby5050: Your very correct about this ancient history Tim......

Your very correct about this ancient history Tim. This ancient history was also taught to this forum by Edisonik, and Annunaki 77 in detail, and we, the members in this forum at the time, studied this ancient history extensively from this web sites very beginnings.

HebrianDaniel: im almost vegan/

im almost vegan/
i dont consume meat or milk but egg is the problem
but soon i will stop consuming eggs also
i bealive animals shouldent be caged and be eaten they should be free.
what people doing to cows pigs and chickens are very wrong and unethical and we should change it
Go vegans :P

UN.i1-PHI: who were the vegans?

were the vegans, vegans? hmm..? probably me thinks...

Tim Lovell: good point lol this thread

good point lol this thread has got a little off topic :P I think it was origionally who were the Vegans as in the ETs

TillToTheWhen: Sorry I think that was my

Sorry I think that was my fault for getting this off topic.

But at least we got some helpful info out there about cancer!

UN.i1-PHI: a horse won't eat shit

and rather starve and die if it aint got what it's supposed/wants to eat!

now that's dignity!

Tim Lovell: haha


mfrey0118: My research has shown that

My research has shown that the killing of animals and consuming of their flesh is one of the greatest, yet least examined, deceptions brought upon Man (not HU man) since the Beginning itself. Especially considering that the medical community and Fed gov't push consumption of meat/dairy hard core in every public school..and considering we get all nutrients we need and in better quality from fruits and vegetables than from bloody animal flesh...Life is in the blood, taking life turns it into death for the Takers...takers always gonna take though...wanna see stubborn and stupid try to convince a meat eating man to give it up...I was an avid meat eater for over 30 years, haven't touched the stuff in 3 years running now thank the True Creator (whomever he/she/it may be) that I saw the light...Vegetables and fruit taste so much better now that my palate has returned to pre-meat calibration, and the sight and smell of meat makes me slightly nauseous.
And for the physically fit, I work out and I am in good shape and my muscle density and strength has improved since I dropped the meat so that's another lie to keep the bloody flesh between your teeth...

Just my opinion, take it or leave it...

TillToTheWhen: You are so right. Meat eaters

You are so right. Meat eaters are literally addicted to the stuff. I live with one and they HAVE to have meat in every single meal. It's just disgusting. I need to stop eating it mself. I try not to eat it all the time, but I guess it's better to wean your way off of it, so you don't feel like you're starving. I do truly think it's addicting stuff. Also, it's so simple and convienent to get, like if you go to fast food place, nearly every item on the menu is meat based. Breakfast you get the Sausage or Bacon Egg Cheese Biscuit. Lunch you get the double Cheeseburger, and dinner you get the Big Mac, etc etc. Just crazy hard to avoid the stuff if you're on a low budget like I am. But Veggies and fruits are not that expensive either. It's possible to eat all natural for a low price. It's just getting and preserving them which is hard to do. The health food stores are few and far between now a days. My best places would be a local organic farmer's market. Those have the best quality food I think, the least processed. Anything with USDA on the label seems to be regulated by the government now a days. They are trying to put all the small farmers out of business.

Sad stuff.

TillToTheWhen: But to think of getting meat

But to think of getting meat in the wild seems so gross. I would hate to eat some bloody animal. But that is really what we are doing when we eat meat. Doesn't seem that appetizing raw. But they put a lot of stuff in it, to cover up the shit taste I guess. lol

As for you, how did you stop eating the meat? Did you wean off it, or go cold turkey? (No pun intended..lol)

TillToTheWhen: Kinda off topic here, but I

Kinda off topic here, but I recommend Maple Syrup and Baking soda treatment for any battling cancer. Or anyone who is suffering. it couldn't hurt to try, just make sure you follow the protocol and monitor your PH levels. Skeptics say it couldn't work because your stomach acid will neutralize the baking soda. I can vouch that it DOES work, I was in so much pain recently, I felt all the tightness in my body and so I heated up some Syrup and Baking Soda and I feel it literally in my body, my chest area where I think the cancer was...and it is just dissolving or neutralizing the cancer or the disease itself. Maybe it works because it's so alkaline and it alkalizes your body before it gets to your stomach? I just want to say it's been a miracle for me. Apricot seeds work too, but they take a lot longer(Except skin cancer, which is gone within days). The Baking soda treats the cancer literally within days or weeks.

And this treatment costs about $3 instead of $300,000 like the damn scam artists of death charge you at the hospital to kill yourself with chemo.

contactorion: Dr. Bruzenski

I couldn't believe it when I saw that cancer has already been cured. A lot of hard evidence to in that documentry on netflix. I think it might be on youtube. Pharmasudical companies (rockafellers) standard oil company.

"They got you by the balls. And no body seems to care nobody seems to notice" -george carlin

TillToTheWhen: Yeah there's tons of cures for cancer

THC Oil, from marijuana has been proven to cure cancer. The US even has a patent on it!
Apricot seeds and Enzymes have been proven to cure cancer. I am sure there are tons of foods that cure it, as well. Garlic works, all kinds of stuff. They just don't want people to know, so you won't hear about this on TV or anything like that. But I learned though experience that the Seeds worked and I even saw a documentary literally proving scientifically exactly how they work. (not on TV, lol)

Basically, you want to avoid Milk and Meat products. They are one cause of cancer. The seeds and enzymes counter act this however and dissolve the proteins that cause it. At least according to the theory. All I know is that they work! They have cyanide in them which only releases at the cancer cell. You won't get sick if you eat them, that is a lie the government put out there to scare people away from them, and at the same time, they banned them for this reason. I've eaten 50 per day before with no ill effects. You won't need to eat more than 50 per day so no way you can overdose on them if you stick to 50 a day or less, that is perfectly fine. Just work up to them or they can cause dizziness at first. But still unlikely.

Well I wanted to make a point that it's actually your body which cures the cancer. Your immune system cures everything. But you need to give your immune system the nutrients that it needs. It's like you will get scurvy if you don't take Vitamin C. You will get cancer if you don't take Vitamin B17. Same thing pretty much. Your immune system being weak is the cause of pretty much all disease.

So try to do things that will strenthen your immune system and AVOID things that weaken it. Guess what weakens it the most? DRUGS! And that is exactly what those scam artists give to you at the hospital, is drugs. So really they are making you sicker, with their supposed "medicine" it is really poison and it just masks symptoms. I would never take their drugs, ever. No matter what lies they tell. That is guaranteed you will get sick if you take them. They can make a healthy person sick because they destroy what keeps you healthy- Your immune system

Tim Lovell: you are correct here your own

you are correct here your own immune system can cure cancer but there is a feedback system that stops it doing that, but now they have developed drugs that reset the immune system and now over 68% of people with high grade recurring skin cancer can be fully cured , and this is only the start , soon they will be able to apply this to all types of cancer, one man had huge tumors all over his body secondary malignant melanomas, he was going to die in weeks and they used these new drugs as a trial and he was fully cured so yes it is the immune system that's the key to beating cancer.


TillToTheWhen: Wow drugs that aren't bad for

Wow drugs that aren't bad for the immune system? I never heard of that before. Well I have, but I never really believed it. They say some aren't "Really" bad for it, and it's true that some drugs are far worse than others, but I think that anything that is not natural will damage your immune system, even if it doesn't happen right away. I wouldn't trust any of these drugs. (I'll check your link out though and see what it has to say)

But Apircot seeds work to cure skin cancer, the fastest and easiest. Also they are dirt cheap. And it only takes days, not weeks. No DMSO or solvent is needed, they just work to cure the skin cancer almost immediately. I experienced this myself, I had skin cancer for about 2 years and 2 days after I started the treatment, it literally rubbed off my body when I was sweating. I just got some sunlight to absorb the nutrients from the seeds. Sunlight is very important (no sunscreen or glasses) because of the Vitamin D you need to absorb other nutrients.

obsrvantlouie: Nothing wrong with

Consuming animal or dairy - just be sure it is an organic product. "Dis-ease" starts in the mind first and the diet and nutrition enables or prevents growth. I know plenty of persons in their eighties who ate non organic dairy and animal their entire life and no cancer.

Processed foods, steroids, additives/enhances: meat glue, msg, modified anything, HFC, red # whatever....these are the types of things that break done the immune system. Most things can be cured homeopathically coupled with a well balanced diet. The medical industry in the states is a racquet. Not only does it provide disservice to the natural functioning of the immune system but look how many jobs it employs (and how many it poisons). The medical/pharmaceutical industry is a major part of agenda 21. People like bill gates are spreading disease and killing off persons when they claim to be vaccinating.


Best nutrient is a balanced diet.

Whole grains 40%
Fruit and veggies 40%
Animal and legumes/nuts 20 %

Of course the above %'s can be modified because everyone's body is unique. Bottom line is if you are mentally healthy you will avoid 'dis-ease'. Exercise and meditation are crucial parts of having a healthy body.

Stress is the number one root cause of all 'dis-ease'.

TillToTheWhen: Right on

Definitely. Mind set is the most important and that is what creates our realities. That is why you will get sick if you think you are sick. Another reason to avoid diagnosis at the hospital...and the hospital altogether! If no one ever tells you that you have cancer, and you don't believe you have it, that can work in your favor. You will know if you are sick and you can treat yourself.

I also think that malicious entities (what some people refer to as demons) can cause sickness. They do it by altering your mindset I believe. And they can manifest physical problems in your body if left untreated.

contactorion: Dis ease

Not at ease.

MOYERS: You’ve seen what happens when primitive societies are unsettled by white man’s civilization. They go to pieces, they disintegrate, they become diseased. Hasn’t the same thing been happening to us since our myths began to disappear?

CAMPBELL: Absolutely, it has.

MOYERS: Isn’t that why conservative religions today are calling for the old-time religion? -except from joseph campbells the power of myth.

Have yo ever read Bill Moyers the art of healing? Something like that.

bluesbaby5050: To the readers on baking soda......

It is NOT wise to buy, and drink baking soda that has ALUMINUM IN IT, because this is not good for your brain, and your Pineal Gland. It can bring on Alzheimers disease of the brain. Always buy baking soda WITH OUT Aluminum in the contents. Also, anti acid tablets for heart burn, and intergestion has aluminum in it too. It is also sold without this chemical in it, so always read the contents in everything you buy. Aluminum serves no purpose, and does NOT heal the human, or any animal body at all. It will create disease in the body of humans, and animals though. This is why cancer will eat away at the human, and the animal bodies by way of tumors, and some tumors are a fungus by nature. Look this information up if you doubt any of this information here on this subject. This information on the treatment on cancer was added to this forum a couple of times before this, by people that had relatives that had cancer, and this was recommended to them, with Molasses, and baking soda, and heated on the stove. The directions were given on how too do this correctly, and it has to be done when the cancer is in the early stages, and not near the end stages. It is known now that most colds, and illnesses are because the human body's PH level is not balanced, and when it is more acidy then alkaline, the viral germs, and flu germs, and many diseases thrive in this kind of enviorment. The PH levels should be in a healthy body, at the reading of 7.5, to 7.8 PH level to become well balanced. So always check your PH levels with the strips that you can buy in most pharmacies, and large grocery stores. Look in the medicine isle. Too much soda, and acolhol( which contains alot of sugar when the alcohol converts into sugar, and this is why people will gain weight) The types do not make the difference, it is all the same. Too much sugars will throw the PH off as well. And always follow your own path, and not the will of others.

Tim Lovell: erm sorry to disagree here BB

erm sorry to disagree here BB but cancer most certainly is not a fungal disease or infection, cancer is the uncontrolled splitting of cells or a genetic mutation that causes uncontrolled growth of cells , there is no fungal infection involved , I know I have cancer , also it is caused by negative thoughts or repressed energies in the higher bodies , also of course carcingoentic substances from smoking for example

TillToTheWhen: Kind of agree

Well that's what they tell us...but they also tell us Aids is an STD...so really you can't believe everything you hear. I tend to agree with the theory that cancer IS A FUNGUS and even if it's not, we need to treat it like one and eliminate it from our bodies. The doctor in Italy, I can't recall his name has cured lots of stage 4 cancer patients completely....and he lost his medical liscense for it too, but that's what happens when you do natural treatments that are a threat to their deadly drug profits.
As for smoking, I just finally quit again. Well I'm down to like 1 cigarette every other day now. So almost completely off them. I think that was one reason I probably had cancer. Well there's so many things that are carcinogenic.

Well if you have cancer, I recommend meditation to help the negative thoughts (there is a good one for free on youtube called QUANTUM BRAIN POWER which is subliminal good messages in the background. It worked for me when I used it. Made me smarter and luckier, and overall better mood) also I recommend you look into the baking soda and syrup threapy and avoid all X-Rays and Chemo and things that actually cause cancer to begin with. I know that's hard to do, but at least avoid as much as you can. I think one of the worst things is pollution outside. Far worse than cigarettes. I can barely stand to breath the diesel smoke that comes from trucks. It makes my liver tight instantly. Cigarettes don't do that for me. But I guess everyone's different. I wasn't like that growing up when I had a strong immune system


I did not say ALL cancer is a form of FUNGUS. Some skin disturbances are fungal, and can turn in to cancer by, and through their nature, and the many differences in the body chemistry involved in certain situations, and certain body reactions, many things are involved here. And the foods a person is sensitive to when they are eaten. They may have many reactions in many forms. And this is the natural way the body alerts the person to know what is happening to them inside, and outside of their body. I am not going to get into the science of medicine here. This is not really what this post was about. I just added my thoughts, and help to the readers, only WHEN MEMBERS WENT ON TO HEALINGS, AND MEDS. Then I stopped. I am not a medicial doctor in the first place, my field is in the mind.( A short note to the readers, and to the members on this forum, I do NOT practice medicine in any ways, shape, or form on Truth Control.) I said this because many people have messaged me in my inbox for such advice, and I had to turn them down. So I am now making this public. It is not legal to do so. I also suggested many times to voice their ideas, and opinions in the forum for all to be discussed, and debated so all people may learn, and to be able to benifit from the knowledge.

bluesbaby5050: Sorry , I should of been more accurate......

Cancer of the brain is different. But, cancer in OTHER BODY PARTS IS A LITTLE BIT DIFFERENT. And now I will have to explain further here. KARMA has alot to do when a person has to pay back karma, and there are so many reasons why. If a person takes anothers life, and it was not in defense of one self, and it was done in the case of murder, then it has to be paid back. It is a karmic dept. And if a person rapes another, even if it is a male on another male, it too is a karmic dept, and physical pain was caused, and mental pain was also casued, and this is a karmic dept to be paid back in many forms. And on wounds from wars, they will show up as birthmarks on the body on the backside first, and then in the last dept, in the front, and then no more. These are examples of karma here. So in a future life, and when a person devolopes a problem in the form of a disease, that person had already agreed on how this dept was to be paid back in another life when that person is strong enough to go though that process. Sometimes many incarnations have to be lived before each person deals with their depts. And sometimes they will have to repeat this many times before it is learned. It is up to each person though, and when the timing is right for each person. But it has to be paid back. And certain diseases are for certain crimes, and so forth. Even in the case of a person gossiping, they will have allergies, this is but another example, and this shows how simple it can be. In the case of handicaped peope, NOT ALL ARE FROM KARMIC DEPT. Sometimes a very loving person will take this burden just to teach humanity, and just to remind people of how lucky they are to have a normal healthy body, and not to abuse it. And if a person makes fun of a fat person, then they will come back as a fat person to learn how it feels, and of the struggles in that ones life etc. In the case of the handicap person above, that person is a teacher for humanity to teach this lesson, and this is called White Karma.This is rewarded many times over. It is called Good Karma. It all goes around full circle in the end. This is why we have the 'Golden Rule' do unto others as you would have them do unto you. We all have heard these phrases before, and for good reasons. There is a huge resource of information on this interesting subject on the internet, and in books, to do research in this field. It covers a wide range. If people are interested to learn more about this subject, the internet, and books on this karma subject would be a good place to start.

mfrey0118: Interesting theory about

Interesting theory about birthmarks, never heard that before. As far as handicapped, mental damage, etc. I believe a lot of that is attributable to vaccinations and other medical model wonders...

bluesbaby5050: I do not, because............

I have lived longer then most of you on TC. and I have not seen any of the diseases that we are seeing today in many countries, and these same diseases were irradicated back in the 50's to the early 60's. Even cancer was unheard of, and now it is so common in many varied forms! Polio is now back and in my youth it was hardly around, and when it was it was young children, and young adults in wheel chairs, not the electric kinds either. And this was even rare back then. Those that lived were crippled in the body, and some were mentally handie capped because of the raging fevers. One boy went to my school in his wheel chair, because his legs were useless from Polio, but his mind was bright, and I know because I used to talk to him and he told me of his experience with this Polio. He was the only one with Polio that I ever meant. People really need to wake up fast! Even the deadly killer SmallPocks is back! It took many families out, they died, just a 100 years ago! It took out 2 generations of people. This deadly disease caused many deaths, and mostly the babies, and young children. It was quite a dreaded disease, and a sure death sentence if a person caught it! NO ONE LIVED THAT GOT IT! WHOPPING COUGTH IS ALSO BACK, AND WE HAD VACCINES IN THE PUBLIC AND WE STOOD IN LINES AT SCHOOL WITH THE DOCTOR, AND THE PUBLIC HEALTH NURSE TO RECIEVE IT. THE DEADLY CHEMICALS WERE NOT PUT IN THEOSE VACCINES OF MY YOUTH, BUT THEY ARE NOW! PEOPLE WILL FEAR TO GET THEM, AND THEN IF THEY GET ANY OF THESE DISEASES OF LONG AGO THEY WILL DIE, BECAUSE OF THE FEAR NOT TO GET THE THOSE VACCINES, AND IF THEY DO, THEN FROM THE VACCINE ITSELF LATER ON WHEN THE POISIONS DO THEIR JOBS THEY ARE MEANT TO KILL! You will now have to take your chances. I would not take this so lightly if I was you. I have lived the long decades it takes to make comparsions in life, and so I know what I'm speaking about here. 20-to 35 years is not long enough.

TillToTheWhen: Have you ever taken Vaccines

Have you ever taken Vaccines Blues? Unfortunately when I was younger, I had no idea about all this stuff, and me and my mom and grandma were walking through this park and you wouldn't believe....A freakin huge tree fell on all 3 of us! So they vaccinated us for that, I still remember it. Also i'm sure I was vaccinated for Tetanus as well.

I was just wondering if you think any problems will arise from this. This was probably about 30 years ago when this happened. (And indeed I am not healthy, but I figured that was because of my mind set)

TillToTheWhen: Agreed

You are totally right. Sorry I forgot to mention not to take the brands with aluminum in them. But I didnt provide instructions either, I figured anyone interested would google and learn the protocol (which clearly explains which brand to get, that does not have aluminum in it) I agree with everything you said, about cancer being a fungus, that doctor proved it over in Italy by treating it like one. Honestly, who cares if it is or not as long as we can cure it. The one thing I disagree with you about is that this treatment has to be done in the early stages. It has cured stage 4 cancer from my research. It's never too late. Basically it should be done BEFORE CHEMO, and avoiding chemo is the key. That is what really kills people. The cancer itself is easy to treat, but once you do the chemo it messes up your body and immune system so badly, that your survival chances go way down. And also the cancer tends to come back later on too, much more aggresive the next time.

contactorion: Interesting

Origin of humans? Feline race? Thats interesting because I have been also wondering if I should stop eating meat latly then I find out as a play on words the constellation vega. And ask about vegans. I have been weighing in my head if I should stop eating meat latley since I am in alaska. Orion the hunter, or contact with vegans (pun). I am leaning towards not hunting but I will fish and eat salmon. Want to really try bear tho. I love meat. But I cam see the logic in the arguement against it. Most elongated skulls (I think) have flat teeth in the front. No canines. Also our ancestors (according to science) were herbavores that turned into meat eaters. Neanderthall man eating raw meat which takes a long time for the stomach to digest. Good for cold weather (ice age) but then we discover fire and the cooked meat is extremly fast for the stomach to digest. So energy which was being used for "cooking" the food in our stomach goes directly to the brain, (homo sapiens) so that makes me wonder if we should eat meat but not often. But then again we are no longer searching for food. We have grocery stores. As I was laying in bed after I read about the lyrans i heard in my head high pitched but not young voices in unison sing "ahhh ahhh ahhh...ahh ahh ahh" slowly. I couldnt make it stop which kind of freaked me out. Then I went to sleep and found out yet again that different thoughts I was having that seemed to be unrelated all had something that could bring them together. Aliens are plausable. But they havnt came down and shoot the shit with me so I am very hard to convince. I get close then im like nah no way. Even after all this I still only half believe it. Now yoda pops in my head lol......"that is why you fail"

mfrey0118: For me, cold turkey worked

For me, cold turkey worked best. There were no withdrawal symptoms, that I could tell. Of course, my motivation was two fold: Health and moral, so perhaps the strengthened resolve from my consciousness projecting my moral code helped.
As an aside, there was an interesting study done once on children that were fed nothing but organic potatoes versus ones who ate a more mainstream diet involving meat. What they found was that the kids eating only potatoes received all the proper ratios of vitamins and minerals from the potatoes grown in local soil, and they tested out much better than the other study group who ate normal variations of food and meat...More proof you do not need meat and that it is, in fact, bad for you.
Does anyone wonder why it's so hard to find MEDICAL MODEL doctors that come out against meat and dairy? There are a few, and there stories are similar: Ostracized and shunned by peers, licenses threatened, etc...some, like Dr. Rebecca Carley (although her fight was on the immunization front her experience is similar to those with data showing meat and dairy is unhealthy), fight back and win.
Anyway, there's one medical doctor (name escapes me at the moment) who did studies and showed very concretely that not only do you not need meat and dairy, but the stuff is toxic to our bodies. He says our bodies were not designed to properly ingest animal proteins, hence the "need" for so much in the diet. He says that vegetable and grain proteins are much easier to assimilate and therefore you need roughly 1/6th of what they say you need...I can concur through actually living this out...

TillToTheWhen: Does anyone remember a guy

Does anyone remember a guy named Bob Barefoot? He used to sell Coral Calcium and preach about how Milk was so good for you. Well at least the cows don't have to suffer to give you the milk. My grandma has drank milk and eaten meat all her life and she's almost 90 and still very healthy. Never had cancer or anything. So maybe genes and life "Fates" and karma also play a major part in disease. But I guess if anyone was led here to these treatments that works, then that means it was good karma for them. Because I know for sure I would of suffered a lot worse if I had not found these treatments myself.

TillToTheWhen: Correction- While she has

Correction- While she has never developed cancer technically, she did have some mutations of something on her skin which she got burned off by the doctor. So, she never had any cancer that grew or that was serious. That's what I meant. I guess she is very lucky. I'd be scared to so what she did.

bluesbaby5050: It is always better to eat a well balanced diet......

Instead of resorting to drinking baking soda, because this product has too much SALT in it, and people with High Blood Pressure should never drink this.( Only for cancer) The reasons are many, and this could be dangerous to a persons health. Even if it is normal, the salt will spike the blood pressure up above normal in the body along with the salt cooked, and added in your foods from many dressings, and gravies, and sauces, and during cooking, so make sure you know what your doing. Study the foods that are alkaline, and the foods that are acidy. This will help you more, and is better for you in the long term. It is also safer. Know your fruits, and your vegetables, and the ways that you can benifit from eating them.

TillToTheWhen: About salt

Baking Soda doesn't have that much salt in it. I eat tons of salt all the time. Apple cider vinegar will lower blood pressure just fine. I don't think Baking Soda in small amounts is dangerous for anyone. The protocol says to only take it for 1 week on and 1 week off, or something like that. And you don't take it forever. So, it's just very limited, and if it works to cure the cancer quickly, then I would recommend it to anyone, even with high blood pressure. I had high blood pressure and I eat stuff with much more salt in it than baking soda has. I think they just try to scare people away from salt. Refined salt is no good, but other salts are crucial for our bodies.

Tim Lovell: well I had a grade 3

well I had a grade 3 astrocytoma a brain tumor, they removed it surgically , then gave me chemotherapy wafers inside the cavity , then 6 weeks of radiotherapy , that's all they can do , now I just hope it dosent come back , but as its a grade 3 anaplastic astrocytoma , that's a high grade malignant tumor surgery dosent cure it and chemo/radio slow it down , so I just hope it dosent come back now but a year later and no regrowth yet so hope im lucky :D

TillToTheWhen: Oh I'm glad to hear it has

Oh I'm glad to hear it has not come back! Keep your immune system as strong as possible and hopefully it will stay gone. I know I would be terrified to ever do chemo. I don't even go to the hospital anymore. lol If I ever find myself on a death bed, I'll use natural treatments to get healthy again. And no matter how advanced the cancer is, I would never do chemo for it. I think if you eat the seeds, 7 per day, I hear, will prevent cancer. So this might keep it from returning. Just eat at least 7 per day. Those who already have cancer, need about 50 per day, along with enzymes and other nutrients. But I hear the survival rate, even with the seeds, goes down once you've already done chemo. But in your case, since the tumor is gone, hopefully it will never return if you continue to stay healthy and attack it on every level. Mind over matter too. I do believe that. Mindset is the cause of disease as well. If you are truly happy, that will fight disease. But your brain chemicals have to be in good order. Mine are not, so for me it's almost impossible to be totally healthy. That's why I've been battling all kinds of symptoms for years. Drug overdoses ruined me.

UN.i1-PHI: cancer is not the cause

cancer is a brilliant way from your body of reacting to and dealing with some fatal illness/disease you got caught up in and it actually keeps/maintains you alive trough the struggle untill you heal yourself, and it actually prevents you from suddenly dropping dead, so if you want to 'cure cancer' you will first have to cure the cause of your cancer, the reason why you get the cancer in the first place because the body is in such an unhealthy state, you need to clean up, restart and boost up your body and its immune system, get all the cells clean and give them the proper nutrification in natural ways, avoid chemical additives, processed foods and other crap, and instead eat healthy and raw from plants, the fruits/vegs/berreis, seeds&nuts etc also there are alot of roots and leaves/flowers that are very healthy to eat especially if you have cancer, just go natural, not go chemo and wage war on the cancer/symptoms because the doctors dont overstand, if not you'll be busy killing the part/cells of your body that sacraficies themselves to keep you alive trough the disease instead of getting healthy curing the disease that activated your body's natural response; cancer

mainstream science teaches cancer is just because of random mutation in the gene that causes self programmed death and thus the cell division will go on unstopped, but it is far from chance to be all just coincidental and random, ofcourse these mutations can be caused for alot of reasons and also by alot of 'random ones' but according to the theory cancer is a natural and brilliant response of your body and thus is an aware/conscious process of your body (in contrast to just the coincidental or random mutation concept)

nice you mention that seeds and the cyanide wich some contain are very helpfull for someone who's in a state of cancer and their propaganda against the natural medicine 'pills'; seeds, funny enough when i was reading your comment i just saw/heard something on TV about bitter and sweet almonds and they scare you if you take 10 bitter almonds you can die from overdosis because they contain cyanide, tough it could be wise to check out the average cyanide levels in protection against overdosis (if you were to go eat a lot of seeds just like that), it is also fear mongering to cover up the healthy side of the story they dont want you to know about, just like there was some propaganda about apple seeds being poisonois and thus very dangerous and not to eat them; BS because they may also contain some form of cyanide wich they just label as poison doesnt make them unhealthy in a process of your body, it's not just about 'good' or 'bad' stuff, its what the stuff does in your body and what the function and its results are what makes something beneficial or not, and apple seeds are very healthy too, also if find the seeds too bitter, take a bite of the fruit's flesh along with it and like that you eat it with something more and that will prevent you from overdosing on too much seeds and it would be properly consumed and mixed with the other substances of the fruit wich is different than consuming only the seeds and the composition will be in a natural ratio for consumption

TillToTheWhen: Makes sense! That's why you

Makes sense! That's why you are better off taking a whole protocol of nutrients instead of only trying to treat the cancer with one weapon. The underlying cause is always the way to go. And I do believe it works on all levels, mind body and spirit. You have to be healthy on all levels to truly be healthy. The mind I believe is the MOST important. Without a good mindset you'll never get healthy no matter what you do. That is why most people never get healthy, even if they eat veggies and fruits, because there is always a problem deep within that they are not correcting. I am aware through my own experiences, that physical treatments are not enough. The meditation is very important, and as Blues Baby said, the karma could be an issue as well. So erasing that is also part of the battle. We all need to realize on a subconsious level that this world is EVIL and none of us deserve bad karma to begin with. It is not our fault that we were thrown here and been under mind control. I think all rapists, murderers, etc were under some form of mind control.

But, I still think though, for anyone looking for a quick fix, that seeds are the best for getting rid of simple forms of cancer, such as skin cancer. They don't have any bad side effects and they will get it off your body quickly. The bible also says to eat the seeds from plants. So I find it funny that they tell us they are poisonous. The same people who push the bible to us, tell us now, that it's lying in so many words.

obsrvantlouie: Everyone deserves

What they get. "Like attracts like". The world isn't evil; people who manipulate it are evil and domineering. Masochist vs sadist....

People have been giving away their power to NWO for years.....no more the NWO fault for taking power than it is the peoples fault for giving it.

Aside from this, I agree with everything else you said.

TillToTheWhen: My bad, I used the wrong word

My bad, I used the wrong word. I actually agree with you here too, I don't think the world itself is evil. I just meant we live in an world full of evil. There is some good too, thankfully. But it seems to be mostly evil. I'd guess 90% evil and 10% good.

TillToTheWhen: Just to clarify my definition of "evil"

And when I say "Evil" i dont mean it like "People that torture other people"
or anything like that. To me Evil= Ignorance. That's what it all boils down to.
I got this vision one night. Some people don't even believe in evil,
and everything is in the eye of the beholder. To me, mind control and ignorance is evil.
And most of the world (people in the world) is mind controlled or ignorant.

Tim Lovell: well I had a grade 3

well I had a grade 3 astrocytoma a brain tumor, they removed it surgically , then gave me chemotherapy wafers inside the cavity , then 6 weeks of radiotherapy , that's all they can do , now I just hope it dosent come back , but as its a grade 3 anaplastic astrocytoma , that's a high grade malignant tumor surgery dosent cure it and chemo/radio slow it down , so I just hope it dosent come back now but a year later and no regrowth yet so hope im lucky :D

Tim Lovell: woops sry for double post ...

woops sry for double post ...

TillToTheWhen: I should note that mine was

I should note that mine was not melanoma or malignant but it was spreading slowly. Looked like a bunch of small brown dots. Couldn't of been freckles because the seeds dont take freckles off your body...(I still got those) lol

bluesbaby5050: From MY PersonalL work in the Medical Field.....

Cancer, and most other diseases are caused from a problem in the sub-conscious mind. Until the problem is resolved then the cancer will not heal. It could very well stem from a past life, and the issus it caused. I do not want to go into great detail here. I will try to keep it short. I also gave this same information a few years back. That's why now many people have healed THEMSELVES, AND NOT THE DOCTORS, AND MOST CERTAINLY NOT Chemotheraphy. CHEMO KILLS EVERYTHING IN THE BODY, STARTING WITH THE IMMUNE SYSTEM. The cancer will be cured by the patient, and thenthe patient will die, and this is from the Chemotheraphy, and not the cancer in some cases. Sometimes the patient will die from both the causes, and this is because the under lying issues were not resolved in the first place.And that's another reason people get very weakened, and loose their appetites for foods. Chemotheraphy makes people very sick, never mind the cancer. They have to do a battle in the mind, and in the physical. Some people have even been regressed back into their past lifes through therapy of Hypnosis to discover the reasons why cancer surfaced in to the physical body. Cancer will settle in to any part of the human body to be healed. Blood carries the abnormal cells to all parts of the body, and it will settle into the weakest part , and spread thoughout the body if not kept under control first. All diseases start in the astral realms ( there are many deep seated layers to go through before a disease will surface before it makes itself known in the physical world/body. There are karmic ties to cancer, and other diseases. Not all people get cancer from toxic bodies, they have toxic internal plumbing in the digestive tract where Flora, and Fauna microbes exists to help foods digest, and break it down to be able to travelthough the blood stream to all parts of the body, and other microbes keep the body healthy killing of germ, and bacterias in the foods, and drinks, and this enters though the oraffices in the body. The ears, eyes , nose, mouth (the biggest source) and the sexaual organs, and the lungs, and largly though the pores in the skin, and mostly though minute wounds,and sores, and cuts. I hope that I kept this simple enough so that the layman, the people reading this material will better understand the processes.

bluesbaby5050: Salt is a ,,,,,,,,,,,

Salt is a NATURAL ANTISEPTIC. You can gargle using salt, and warm water to releave sore throats. To get rid of Phym in the throat/chest using a combination of stream, and salt in a pan of hot water, after it is brought to a boil, and then allowing the steam to rise up, and inhaling at the same time breathing SLOW, AND DEEP. This will also open up the air ways to the sinus areas to unblock them due to a cold. Salt kills germs, and sea salt is the best, but table salt will do just as well for this use.( I do not prescribe cures ) One must see a naturalist, such a herbalists for the many remedies, or you can do your own research. People must be forewarned, because many measured doses must be admistered in the correct amounts to any thing in this subject, in order for the proper uses. Do not try to medicate yourself, it is dangerous to do so. Do not allow your egos to take over your better judgement.

bluesbaby5050: To add to this research on Karma, and past lives......

There are some great people that have done over 40 years in this study, and they have made video's on this detailed subject, and Dolores Cannon is a great reference to start with. She has done many past life regressions, and goes way back to the many alien races, and origins of people in thier histories, and in their past incarnations. She has years of great work, and a wealth of knowledge on all this subject matter. I have posted her work, and research on this forum, many times, even as recently as last month, and maybe the month before. So have a look and see, because this could save you time, or type in her name on YouTube this should work just fine.

HebrianDaniel: btw i stopped to consume

btw i stopped to consume meat and milk food since january 2013
and im happy with the way i am now
i also cooking food myself. i cook pastas sometimes
and i cook vegetables like peas and beans
and today i will cook portabello mushrooms.
anyways the point it my idealogy is world of vegans
a world that will stop consume the life of animals and stop harm them so we can to advance to better human so we can understand the pain of each other we cannot be good human if we eat flesh of someone else its has to be killed first. i dont bealive in it.
Human are Herbivore in nature look at our anatomy and compere it to predator anathomy
tiger body can digest meat for under than 2hours while human take it above 6 hours its much different we are not suppose to eat meat
and i hope the day many of us if not all will be Herbivores :)
i really wonder about kanesh and edi dietry.....
its curious to think what edi and kanesh eating no?

TillToTheWhen: Nature is so creul though.

Nature is so creul though. How things feed upon each other. I even wonder if the plants suffer when we eat them because they proved through lie detector device that plants are totally alive with consciousness and they feel pain just like anything else does. So, it makes me wonder if they even want to be eaten.

UN.i1-PHI: not eating meat for several reasons beside that they die/killed

not eating meat because you dont want/like the animals to die is one reason, another is that you dont want any animal/diary substances in your body as you dont want your body/blood/flesh to get mixed with animal tissue and other substances/parasites is another reason where you want to eat only from plants because you see them like some kind of 'prime' source of food/nutrients and yes they do have at least the 5 common senses we have like hearing, feeling, tasting, seeing and smelling but i think they must have a whole other way of experiencing in their consciousness and if you look at the 'anatomy' and the way they grow you can consider that they are there to provide what they do and that is what we suppose to be eating from as they have what we need to eat yet its different from an animal organism that walks the earth like us

so the reason i'm vegan is mostly because i dont want animal/diary substances in my body/food, as the animal is already dead, i can't do much to prevent that they get slaughtered , and yes this does carry many negative/lower energies and other ill results from the bad treatment not just before and when they get killed, but also how the meat is treated after is bad and has to be conserved with additives if you want to keep it longer than a day and not rot and break down with dangerous flesh eating germs you think you can cook em all away yet you still eating them dead or alive, or probably both , but besides the treatment and affliction of the meat i still think we should not eat like that from another animal body anyways, especially if we are not supposed to, and would have to cook and spice it up so you can digest and enjoy it... some people think we are (natural or made) meat eaters (or even worse xD '"everything" eaters') because we have two pairs of sharp teeth in the corners but then they dont really know/realize how real meat eaters' jaw/teeth look like, and how they really are as they're much stronger so they can tear and rip off the raw flesh from the bone and also the tongue of meat eaters is mostly much more rough so they can get the needed grip on the tough flesh, also the pH/acidity/alkaline levels of the blood of animal eaters are naturally suited or adapted to ingest the other animals blood and flesh etc and they have their own role in the ecosystem as preditors killing and eating the 'weaker' and unfortunate units/individuals of the prey's species...


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