When our Power of Love overcomes their Love For Power!

by nivine on October 8th, 2013

But who cares About monkeys! They wont love as we do.. The world is busy seeking peace that they weren't able to have for ages..

All what i really want to point out that,
When we decided to actually apply these monkey's theory..

We are here, more than 12000 and even close to 13000 members worldwide, from different countries, religions, race, maybe planets, some are just undercoverd agents from the government monitoring our activity, others are here for their favorite job which is criticism, as usual to make us sound like a joke so that no one takes us seriously!

But despite all that, we managed to listen to each other no matter how we dont agree. And worked on trying to rationaly convincing each other.
Yes we argue, defend our opinions and beliefs and yet we accepted that peacefully.

This was so easy to achieve bz simply no matter how super different we are.
We are all here for the same target..

Maybe sometimes we may come up with wrong conclusions, im not saying we are the ultimate truth...Even scientistific theories which are based on live experiments are later proven wrong..
But what really matters is that we never stopped from trying.

I hope that we will expand this group as much as we can!!
Lets show the world what the real meaning of humanity is!

Best regards, and love for all of the 12000 members that I dont even know :d

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Tarheel: Jimi said that verbatim.

I first heard Jimi Hendrix say that line (in your header) verbatim.

nivine: Well definitely i didnt came up with this saying

And i had no idea who came up with it, i heard it from about 8 years, but thank u for informing :d
Its one of those famous sayings that got stuck deeply in my mind! So much meaning in this short sentence!

Tarheel: Jimi & You speak from the heart.

It resonated with me when I heard Jimi say it, and still does to hear you say it.
It is an all-encapsulating statement that is as applicable now as it was in 1969 (by Jimi).

Peace !

Quinton: Well said. Thanks for sharing

Well said. Thanks for sharing :)

nivine: Thank u

Its My Pleasure!

nivine: thank u for the complement!

To bad.. For some people.. It's just another quote on their list..
Why it is so easy for them to live in a lie.. but it's hard to search for truth?
Anyways..I still have hope!

Best regards!

LoveTruthPeace: Thanks

Hi Nivine, welcome to the group and thanks for joining. You are a breath of fresh air. Thanks for the uplift. And I wonder the same all the time, why people would want to be in denial of the truth when it's easier (to me atleast) to live in truth.

nivine: thank you

I'm speechless... Really I'm glad that Ive got the chance to meet all of you

Peace :d

Tarheel: Here's an applicable TIMELESS nugget for you, Niv.

Time travel to the Woodstock era...(it's about the lyrics)


nivine: Its definitely an epic one :d

I really never thought i will like such type of songs, but the lyrics totally made me so.

Thank you, that was much thoughtful from you..

nivine: One more thing!

i highly recommend the following videos for u and to everyone else

''Song of caged bird'' ....So much meaning in such a wordless song, only based on violin..on how instead of people being sad, how to make a difference in a situation that they are stuck in.


And in case uve got enough time, i also recommend this for everyone also, '' We found love''


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