When One Teaches Sacred Knowledge , others want Silence

Soak up all this Knowledge which many have shared here on this Forum. This Information is 100% Accurate. There will be many days in your life and even in your dreams that you will Question all of this and it is good that you Question everything.

Copy all the Data because this is the Book of Heaven.
There are Moles everywhere and they want this Information Silenced.

You folks deserve to know the truth and this truth is being given freely. I do not believe in Secret Societies, I believe in you. You might not believe my Teachings now, but in the Future you will see who I am. And one Day you will Realize that the Kods are Real.

Be true to yourselves and keep an eye on the Global Theatre playing in front of your eyes.
The Issues with the Cabal and the Issues with Orion and Sirius.
Your Community is not far away but rather very close Incarnates.


Annunaki77: The Fire of the Kods flows through your veins

You are copies of the Kods. You are an Ancient Awareness that is awakening.
You are Billions of Years old, You will not understand now but one day, one moment, one emotion later you will understand. You are the Kods.
Remember who you are.

Where's the Fire?, the Fire is in you, you are all Fire, Souls of the One.


Feel the Adrenaline , Feel your Heart!, Feel the Passion of your Soul.

Crigitine: All too true.

Various examples throughout all forms of our modern lives. Especially in fear mongering religions. What I have gathered from recently awakening, is to keep an open mind and that often the knowledge they don't want you to know (they literally being anyone, not just the elite) is often a cover up or in some cases, the answer.

I ask again, for knowledge about the law of 13.

Annunaki77: Crigitine you ask me this again

Before I give you my answer about the Law of 13, you must tell me why do you want to know?.
Tell me what you currently know vaguely.
And then tell my why you want to know about the Law of 13.

Annunaki77: The Law of Time

The Law of Time affirms that by the nature of the universal timing frequency the world is already as one. It is only humankind who has chosen separation. This separation is reinforced by separation in time, living by the clock and the irregular measure of the Gregorian calendar keeps the world from being as one.

bluesbaby5050: To Annu-------

So by what you are saying--- When mankind goes by this clock of time, they stay stuck in this order of time that they chose, by going by this measure of time that they set for them selfs? This keeps them in a kind of prison so to speak? They can not be fluid like water?They remain limited in motion by this? BB5050.

Annunaki77: You see Bluesbaby5050

You truly are a Falcon Goddess. You understand!. I am proud of you.
You are correct.

Humans become enslaved by the Knowledge of Time.

bluesbaby5050: This explains why I ALWAYS I HATED THIS CHANGE----

In the clocks! This is bad enought .but,to keep going ,and moving it ahead to make more money,and then falling back is a real pain for me! I hate this with a passion! I can not get it together,and when I do IT IS SUPPER TIME ALL OVER AGAIN! BB5050.

Annunaki77: When you Understand the Hologram you Win!

You do not understand now but one day you will understand what a Hologram is.
A 3RD Density Hologram is very Tangible, very Rigid, Like Ice Blocks.
When you get into 4TH Density and Beyond, the Holograms become like Water, not Rigid and very swift, you cannot put you fist through an Ice Block just as is the way when you cannot hold water without a bucket when it is warm so to you cannot understand the ways of the Planetary Hologram.

When you understand these things you will understand everything.

Bruce understood these Principles, in the end he become Great.

bluesbaby5050: To Annu----------

When you apply this concept of time to the hologram this makes it rigid. And when you re-move the time concept,this makes the hologram become mutidimensional.I WIN!!! BB5050.

Fal: Keep punching the ice block,

Keep punching the ice block, and it eventually breaks. I punch a rock bag in kickboxing, and it has a much more natural feel throughout my entire body than punching fluff.

Eventually the cinder block chunks will be reduced to sand, and my knuckles will be that much harder, and my punch will be that much stronger.

I get what you meant, though. =)

Crigitine: Lets say I know nothing of

Lets say I know nothing of them, other than they are related to the illuminati. From what I remember the last response was why does it matter.

I ask because I am curious. I know that to get to this knowledge myself alone, I would need one hell of a computer, a serious encryption. None of which I have at my disposal at this time and place. It's not to say I couldn't obtain them later. I prefer to exhaust all practical means of research first. Why hide such knowledge?

Annunaki77: Secret Societies had their usefullness

But they are obsolete because of the 4th Dimensional Transition humanity is currently going through. All these Societies will no longer be needed.

The Winds of the Ancients are here, your Ancestors will soon arrive.
Your Interest of this Law of 13 must be related to the followers of Time and the Recording of Time, the Holders of the Archives of the Time of Humanity in it's Creation and the Evolution of the Masters of Wisdom.

Those who broke apart from the Destruction of Atlantis. These Groups are Divided.
They will one day become Peaceful again.




wmarkley: 13

I naver heard of the law of 13, sounds like some kind of supersticious mumbo jumbo, but if it is a negative force, some things are better off left alone.

bluesbaby5050: To Wmarkley-----------

I am sure you have,maybe you just forgot? Hint---? The 13 bloodlines--13 tribes.BB5050.

bluesbaby5050: Don't give me the answer--------

I have the answer.I just wanted to jog your memory }:>) BB5050.

Phaminator: Wait a second...

13 bloodlines of illuminati, 13 tribes of Israel, and what about the 13 colonies of America? I'm curious about the number 13...

wmarkley: yes

i know about that, there is a constant 13 in their symbolism, it doesnt seem to be a lucky number for them because they will lose anyway.

bluesbaby5050: I hear ya---------

Ya-It all boils down to their dark lord, code name-( Pindar).He is a French guy in France.OK-NO MORE HINTS! Hahahaha!! }:>) BB5050.

bluesbaby5050: They are big with this number-----

All the 13 groups have 13 more groups within these groups too.It's like a box with in a box,and another box within that box,and repeated again,and again.They ARE obsessed with numbers.BB5050.

Crigitine: Again I am shown the same

Again I am shown the same response. I do not wish to argue, but I do not wish to have more hidden from me after living in this fake reality for so long. I do not wish to hold a code by these laws, nor make my own society.

Think of it as re reading a book with the facts instead of the illusions. If what you say is correct about such evils being done away there is nothing to fear having known what they are. I acknowledge the transition into the golden age and the 4th dimension, its great and dandy that we no longer have anything to fear. I am very thankful for this, but now is not the time to keep things hidden, especially when we are to come into the time of knowledge and awakening.

I ask you one final time, what is the law of 13.

Tarheel: If he wanted you to know.....

...then he would have told you.

Take a hint. Do not challenge Anu77, you will not win and there could be serious repercussions. I tell you this as a friend, so JUST LEAVE IT ALONE.

Phaminator: Same here wmarkley

I honestly don't know a lot of things that are happening in our world and the beyond. Let's face it, this Law of 13 or whatever the heck it is are some things that many of us haven't heard or know of but only a few. Though this doesn't mean we'll never get a chance to be informed and know about it since a question/answer wanted to be pursued, not us being chased by it.

bluesbaby5050: You two guys are TRUELY---!


bluesbaby5050: The law of 13-?

Annu has his reasons why he will not just give out the answers to this question here. He asked for the reasons they were wanted,and they were not given.He was fair here in withholding his answer. BB5050.

Crigitine: My reasons are there and are

My reasons are there and are stated quite clearly.

Phaminator: Like I said:

Don't ask the question, find the answer! You gotta pursue it!! Don't assume that he/she won't give you the answer; one has to search it for themselves!!! (If that actually makes sense)

Crigitine: Very well

It is alarming that even the anunnaki silence sacred knowledge. I will leave this subject alone here until I find it myself and I will drop knowledge that even exalted ones will not.

Pertaining to supersticious, this new reality is the same as the last. When you hide the evil you slowly creep toward more to keep hidden such as scandals and then tangle another web so the cycles may forever keep going. And we have been told that there will be no one to save us, the only one to do that will be ourselves. We are told to be rainbow warriors and but instead to sit back and listen, to a war that they fight instead of us. Obviously the government will make sure that none of this is leaked on their end, but we are shown no sign of proof or even an effort to do so.

When awakening you start to challenge any reality, as you should, less you fall to the same trick twice. If they want to raise arms against me it does nothing more than drive the urge to find such knowledge. I am certain I will lose, but I will not yield to another life of slavery. I have been eating poisons all my life and watching those around me die to turn a made up profit by tyrants. I am in no shape to fight an entire race myself, but with every fiber of my being, whats left of it, I will challenge this new reality.


Tarheel: Dont challenge it-EMBRACE it !

Dont tell me you like it the way it is ! Embarce the CHANGE, and encourage it. You know-the change we were promised, but LIED to about. If it not gonna be givenm by those who promised it-The People will go out and get it on their own.

One way or another-We ARE gonna get it. I promise. Watch and see.

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