by edisonik on September 16th, 2012

Let all who need Knowledge Recieve, Let all who thirst for Truth Recieve the Wisdom of the Kods.
Let all who are Lost in a Sea of Deception and Monolithic Torment find Peace in these Words being Post today for the Heavens favour the Human Race.

I do not Represent any Organization, I am a Divine Spirit sent from the most High Creator to speak Ancient Words not Spoken for Millions of Years.
The Material is not the Way, the Way is through the Heart.
You are all Ancient Consciousness, you are all Eternal Mind, your Mental thoughts are all Linked to the Eternal One.

Your Thoughts wether Positive or Negative can be felt Worldwide for you are all Linked.
The Human Conscious Awareness, your Dreams, your Desires, your Fears, your Hopes, your Ambitiones, your Goals, your Plans, Everything is Linked to the ETERNAL ONE.

Nothing on this Planet can Manipulate was is Eternal Mind. The Eternal Mind is a Part of you all. The Polarities of Negative and Positive are a part of your very being so it is the Wish of your Creator to have Balance in Polarity, not an Imbalance.

No Army in the World can stop a Movement who's time has come, that is the Age of Knowledge and the Age of Aquarius. The Age desired by all who wanted Peace & Harmony.

I bare the Words for the Messenger Speaks to the chosen who will send fourth the Ancient Words of Wisdom.

I have suffered , I have come to give you Refreshment for your Eternal Souls.

Love & Harmony, Lifetime after Lifetime.

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HebrianDaniel: hey Edi do you know when the

hey Edi do you know when the Age of Aquarius coming?

edisonik: You are already in the Age of Aquarius

You can feel the change in the Consciousness of this Planet.
The Shadow Government cannot stop what is to come, the Great Awakening of the Human Spirit of all Souls on this Planet.
No body wants this Carnage anymore of the Polarity of War.


Fear will no longer serve the Few, it will become Powerless for the Spirit has awakened in Humanity.
Any attempts to Alter Destiny will end in failure.
It is now Finished, a New Era of Love and Wisdom has come.

bluesbaby5050: This is good news.........

This is Great News Indeed! Time for Great Earth,and Human Changes!

edisonik: No Nation on Earth can challenge our Awsome Love & Power

Cheers to Bluesbaby5050. Peace and Harmony.


bluesbaby5050: Cheers!

Thank You Lord Edison! Welcome back Sir! }:>) We Love You Sir!

Tarheel: Edi, every time I watch King of The Sky, I wonder.....

...I wonder how Anu77 feels about The Falcon swooping down and tackling The Wolf !
Haha! Laugh with me.
We will ease Anu77's mind together, Great Falcon Master!

edisonik: We have had enough of this!!!!!!!!!!

It is time to clean things up. Canus Style if needed.

bluesbaby5050: The DAK have the job!

We will be ready to help also. It truely is time for a new reality! So the Shadow Goverment better Listen Up! Or your all DOG MEAT!!

Tarheel: Lord Edisonik, I have a QUESTION about Polarity.

Does The Creator wish for Polarity via:1) All to be neutral/in the middle....

OR does The Creator wish to acheive this Balance/Polarity via: 2) Equal proportions on Both the Positive and The Negative poles?

I wish I could diagram this for you so it would be easier to understand. I'm asking IF The Prime Creatorwants the balance acheived thru conglomeration in the middle of the spectrum or through equal amounts at either pole? I hope I have made this easy to understand what I am asking.

Thank You in advance for your answer, Falcon ! Much Love from your people to you and your Falcon Clan.

Silenci030310: If something does happen

If something does happen hopefully soon its seems like the world is just keeps getting worse and where loosing are freedom hopefully all those top guys the black shadow government and those dark force goes away we need some peace and harmony i think we all do but til then keep your head up do whats right for u help whenever can just do your best. Hopefully there is like you put here good allies trying to help us. I can tell you this life on this earth is not easy especially on this system we live in now. Appreciate all the knowledge you put in here thnks.

bluesbaby5050: You have the right Idea Silenci030310........

Keep the faith,and hope,as this is what is needed now. We are all in this Together,and we are Not Alone! We are surrounded by many loving ,and caring souls that have arrived here to give us a helping hand. Peace,and Harmony to you, our brother Silenci.

Silenci030310: The same in return to you

The same in return to you bluesbaby5050. Im Ricardo by the way nice to meet u.

bluesbaby5050: It's very nice to have met you too Ricardo.

You will find alot of interesting topics to read,and think about here.You have struck a gold mine of knowledge here.Happy reading.

Silenci030310: Thanks. Yes i have its all

Thanks. Yes i have its all interesting stuff and helpful and useful.

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