When Events Arise I know you will be Ready

by edisonik on October 11th, 2010

When Events arise I know you will be ready in what you need to do because each one of you are Awsome and you all have specific and unique abilities since all of you come different branches from the Tree of Life.
Only you know what makes you different and special, only you know what you can truly do!, only you know the Journey you are undertaking, only you know what you are and what your abilities are because we are all very different and since our Souls come from different Star System then we all contribute the different flavours of Awsome Power we posses, every human being has Incredible Power.

It is up to all of us as to how to harness all these different powers that we posses, like I said before try to remember who you really are and no matter how insane that thought is keep it and work on it and work on your future path and be bold enough to apply these talents to this Matrix because we do live in this Matrix and 70% of you aren't really human anyway, apply yourself accordingly and express yourselves artisticly and proceed with some caution because these relms can be dangerous so tread with care. Remember there are different Soul Matrixes, here's a List:

1 - Cat People

2 - Gorllia People

3 - Reptilians

4 - Tree People

5 - Squirel People

6 - Turtle People

7 - Bird People

8 - Insectoid People

9 - Human People

10 - Armadillo People

11 - Angel People

12 - Fairy People

13 - Wookie People

14 - Machine / Borg People

15 - Energy People ( Plasmic )

And many more different forms that would blow your mind, yes you are vast indeed the only thing that makes you similar is just the body you posses and even that is different, Body Color, Race, Creed Etc and that is just the body , that doesn't even factor in your Soul Matrix.
When your body dies you slip into another body what that might be will not be your choice but the Creator will choose your destiny. It's very freaky stuff I'm even freaked out by this.

Truth is for you , this is the post of a Soul that was supposed to go to another Incarnation but I chose to develope you even more. It is beyond Awsome your unlimited potential People.

Fear nothing express yourself , now is your opportunity!, Good Luck.

George Lucas was right about Star Wars, even he was telling you!.

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edisonik: I am a part of you all

Peace to Humanity and never forget you are all Warriors, never forget no one can stop you!, it is your divine right to Live Free Forever!.



Humanity is Worth more then Wealth or Power

edisonik: Go into your Incarnal go into your Morph

Think which Element is closest to you?, Do you like the Ocean?, do you like to fly?, do you like to Hunt?, do you like the Beauty of the Forrest?, are you facinated by Electrical Energy?, do you like Great Strength?, do you savour love?.

Follow your Passion!, follow your Soul and never look back!, Immortals.
Infinity is yours, Right the Wrongs of those who want to take away your Freedoms Immortals.
Peace to this Little Blue Planet and the Awsome Humans that dwell here!.

Always remember this Star is a big Part of your Soul, it brings fourth life , without it life will cease to exist, Earth is your Mother and she nourishes , the Sun is Life itself and the Galaxy is the Creator , the Tree of Life.

bluesbaby5050: Here's another RE-post about different Immortal Souls you are!

Read the messages Edisonik has given you. He explains the many types of Aliens we all are. For we are experiencing the Human Experience in a human body form on Earth.

bluesbaby5050: Here's another RE-post about different Immortal Souls you are!

Read the messages Edisonik has given you. He explains the many types of Aliens we all are. For we are experiencing the Human Experience in a human body form on Earth.

bluesbaby5050: When events arise will YOU be Ready?

I really hope so! Please read the wise words of a true Master,our teacher,lord Edisonik,as he has given you important thoughts to go over in your mind! Please go over the links to his video's he also posted for your learning experience.

Silenci030310: Thanks for the wisdom

Thanks for the wisdom edisonik. I always love falcons and eagles especially when you see them fly its beautiful how they glide in the air. If i can be any animal it would be an eagle or a falcon or any bird just to fly and be free.

LoveTruthPeace: Wow talk about meant to be...

Sorry Edisonik for asking questions in your other post only to find the answers here in your other posts, I just found these. (Thanks BB for pushing these up on the list). Everything I'm reading now is so much confirmation for me. All my life I've had this knowledge of myself that I could never explain, for a while I started to think I was delusional but now I understand that it is my higher self trying to show me who I am. As I've stated before, when I was a kid I used to have vivid nightmares every night of me fighting against flying demons before I even knew or had heard of what demons are. Somehow I've always known that I would be fighting in the war of good and evil, and that I would die (more than likely beheaded) while fighting for the truth till the very end. This is something that has scared me, I must admit, but over time I have come to accept this and know that if there's any way I would want to die it would be for this very reason. I admire people like Princess Diana, Tupac, MLK, Ghandi, etc. because they died for the truth knowing it would lead to their death, this is my calling, I just pray that I'm strong enough and ready when it's time.

Tarheel: No time like the present to start preparing.

Let's change your nightmare into a good dream with an alternate ending. You have The Power.

Have you tried to sculpt your dream ?

bluesbaby5050: You, we all dream for very many reasons.............

You are here at this time, to learn about the truth, and to share your knowledge when you learn to understand what this matrix is all about. This is a grand experiment happening here on Earth right now, and it failed 2 other times in the ancient past. This time it is to happen, and it already has in other dimentions. When you dream you are visiting other dimentions, and other past lifes, as well as future your lifes. You are processing the daily events of your life everyday also. You gain much insight though your dream state. Sometimes your really living other lives all at the same time! We are multidimentional beings, and we are very powerful too. The PTB never wanted humans to know this truth about themselves. Read more articles on this forum, and in the archives, and you will understand a lot more as you do. Ask for inner guidance, and you will receive all you ask for.

LoveTruthPeace: TAM in the past I have not

TAM in the past I have not tried to sculpt my dream to end differently, but now I know that it is possible to create and that what I think and believe will come into being. So yes, I do and will change the part where I get beheaded. :) but the rest is fine with me. Even then, I was afraid of this before but I know my physical death will be my release from this hell on earth so I welcome it when it is time. BB I will be doing more reading here when I can. Believe it or not, I dropped my classes at school so I could have more time to learn these things O.o. :-D

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