When a dream feels to real !

by kaleohrile on August 22nd, 2020

This week i had a dream i went to ff 14 a mmo i been playing for years , in the dream i wake up and i am in one of the main city's and i see my charter and she ask me if i am new and had any where else to go , in that dream i am a mute i cant take but i can hear and understand what is being said to me , so i join her , in a side note when i play the game you cant hear her voice in game tho like me can understand what is going on with her , so she takes me under her wing , i learn to be summoner while on that world , so we go on for awhile and she tell me about the world and things i would need to no , my problem is i have no idea how long i was on that plan existence and not sure if days went by years it like time was different their , the last thing i did be before i woke up i free a person form a cult and then we left with that person and i woke up ! It still feel so real to me like i been to that world more then i can count !

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Tarheel: Dreams are windows

Dreams are windows to other worlds. Everett interpretation may be applicable.
In my studies I have read that Buddhists of the Shaolin Temple first believed that we have no idea what we are dreaming isn't real until we wake up.

BenjaminFalkenrath: Dreaming

I sometimes think we're all dreaming here our lives on earth...

Tarheel: It certainly seems

I agree. If we aren't dreaming, it certainly seems that way.
Miss you & BFs love here. Hope y'all are well.

bluesbaby5050: Dreaming

We really are dreaming our lives as we experience them while we are awake. We are manifesting each second though our own thoughts, and interactions with others. Each decision we make unfolds our realities. During our downtime, we are processing what we have experienced during our awake time. And we are also receiving information while we're sleeping from our spiritual guides. We are also performing other tasks in other dimensions with our many star families too. Most of us do not have memories of this, because it would be too confusing to deal with in our daily lives. For some of us, we might get these interactions confused with our everyday lives, and it could weight heavily on us so much so, that we might seek medical help, and this could make matters worse.

BenjaminFalkenrath: Dreams

I have been doing a lot of fighting in dreams as of late.... These odd things with either dark or red eyes tend to come after me or family members in dreams. But last week my wife dreamed I pulled her back away from this being but we were floating she was chanting against it and it showed her all the violent sexual acts and crimes it commented to those in their dreams it was awful she said.... She said it took all of our strength to defeat it. She woke up kinda shaken up. I just keep having dreams of the same odd beings wanting to take part of my life force. It always feels draining when I awaken. Fighting gets tiresome and I only skeep well a few nights a week. I'm still not sure why I'm being targeted. But if I'm workin thru my problems in dreams I got demons to face.

bluesbaby5050: Dreams....

Yes this really does happen in the 4th lower dimensional levels. They want to defeat you both, as it's to steal your souls, and entrap them so they can feed off your life force in the lower dimensions. This happens alot in the lower realms, and in 3D. This is a real war for our souls. They want to capture as many as they can before the portals finally close for the next 1000 years. Beware of those with the red eyes, and the black/dark eyed entities as they are demons of the dark forces. You probably already know this. They appear in many disguises and even take on the faces of loved ones that have passed over but it's only to bait you. I'm here for you if you need to talk about this more, or just for support. I was going to actually leave TC, but I was drawn back again to help others in these times of need. I can reach more people all over this planet that are still waking up, and need help to understand what's happening, and this site is where they can get the help, and guidance and information too. So, I'm back to stay. Stay safe and be aware of your surroundings at all times. You could also surround you and yours with the violet flame of transmutation and use this as a shield before you go to sleep, and during your daily life. We all need protection from the darkness, and from the dark negative ones always trying to lower our vibrations to keep us down. I have other methods you can use as well. The more light you hold, the more the dark ones are attracted to you, us. Like a moth to a flame.

Tarheel: Your dreams

A malevolent reptilian is entering your dreamscape. Have you realized lucidity yet?

BenjaminFalkenrath: Violet is good? My wife

Violet is good? My wife sometimes her light is purple mine is sometimes blue... Here I thought purple was passion or something. Yeah I actually saw a dark figure in a cloak a few nights ago it had a heavy bad feeling to it...

Tarheel: Re: your falcon sighting

Your falcon sighting symbolizes wisdom and protection.

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