When the American Economic Crash Happens , do not Panic!

by Annunaki77 on January 22nd, 2011

When the Bankers do not get more of your Tax Dollars they will Crash the Economy but when this happens the Bankers must be brought to justice and thrown in Jail for all the decades of robbing and looting the American Citizens. When the dollar collapses people will panic as they always do, so do not panic, establish community Gardens, Grow your own food, learn to Barter Goods and Services with money, keep your cool and keep your communities close.
Work together to solve your problems.
Above all Pray for Peace and be very weary of a possible Marshal Law in the streets, 2011 could be the year of chaos so try not to go crazy and find items that will protect you and your families, good luck.
Protect each other and cover each others backs from Big Brother.

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Annunaki77: Sorry about the blunder on the post

I mean learn to barter Goods and Services without Money.

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