When Alien Abductions Go Wrong

Except that this little ditty by the digital animation powerhouse, Pixar, a subsidiary of the Walt Disney Corporation, which has produced 14 films since 1995, and as of December 2013, these have earned over $8.5 billion worldwide, with an average worldwide gross of $607 million per film.

Pixar is a SERIOUS business - and this piece may very well be deceptive about its own seriousness, if the 2,000 mph rant of Laura Eisenhower, broadcast recently on this channel is to believed.

This short digitally re-creates the rural home, from classic scenes in Steven Spielberg's seminal 1977 film, 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind,' and turns the vaunted Alien Abduction Scenario into the tale of a foibled, clumsy alien, who can't seem to work the tractor beam switchboard right, sending the hapless and unconscious abductee flinging and bashing against the walls of his house, then through a tree - and well, I won't ruin it for you...

Human abduction is rendered banal and 'humorous' with advanced aliens sitting on anachronistic and (ana-planetary!) 20th century office chairs, inside their intergalactic star ship...all of it, gently acclimatizing us to these goofy, foibled "Little Green Men"... - See more at: http://www.forbiddenknowledgetv.com/videos/humor/when-alien-abductions-g...

[video under 5 mins]

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Tim Lovell: well the aliens in close

well the aliens in close encounters are the arcturians NOT the greys...

bluesbaby5050: Hey Tim..........

I didn't write this movie. This was just a spoof on the Alien Abduction Theme, and this was just a little alien humor before the digestion of the real deal of information included next for this forum. Thanks for your correction for the mass audience though. The writers, and producers of movies only put what is most believable to the public in movies, because of the truth they want kept hidden from us. Do you really think they want us to learn about those Arcturians, and the rest of the different alien races out there? I don't think so either.

Tim Lovell: Good point bb

Good point bb

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