Wheelchair Bound Double Amputee Killed by Police!!

by bluesbaby5050 on September 24th, 2012

A police officer shot and killed a one arm, and one legged wheel chair bound, double amputee this past Saturday. The fatal shooting took place in Houston Texas at the victims group home! The officer said the man would not quiet down, and was holding a metal object that she thought was threating her life! The metal object turned out to be a ink pen! The man was talking to the officer while he was holding this ink pen and waving it around while he was talking. This is also what most people do,with or without holding a ink pen! The officer said she thought her life was in danger because the man was close to her, and he would not stop talking, or put down the pen,when she asked him to,and so she shot him she said! WOW,Now you can NOT talk while holding a ink pen while talking to the police! I think this was a poor excuse to kill this person just to show that the police will Not discrimate against you! Please do not hold a pen while talking to the police,because this could cause your death! We are ALL FAIR GAME NOW!

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bluesbaby5050: No follow up on this police officer?!!

Why Not? I would like to know why? This officer's statement ,as to the reason she shot this double Amputee in his gorup home was NOT good Enough! I think she should be held accountable!! This is just wrong! How was he any kind of a threat to her? All she had to do was backup a little bit.She had the ADVANTAGE,NOT THAT MAN!

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