What's a Dogman? Are Werewolves real?

What's a Dogman? Are Werewolves real? I'm sure you know about sightings of Bigfoot. But, did you know, Dogman sightings (Werewolf sightings) happen on a fairly regular basis too?

Dogmen (a more accurate name for them) look that way 24/7, 365 days without changing at all according to the many reports. They're not humans who transform into a monstrous form as the legends of old are told. They are cunning, and intelligent, and they manage to hide themselves well in most cases.

If you'd like to learn more about Dogmen or report your own Dogman encounter, you've come to the right place!

Almost everyone you meet has heard of Bigfoot. Not many realize though, that there's a much more terrifying type of cryptid stalking the deepest, darkest woods of North America and Beyond. Of course, I'm talking about Dogmen! Have you heard of "The Beast of Bray Road" and "The Michigan Dogman?" Well, there you go!

"What is a Dogman," you ask? Well... That's a difficult question to answer, because no one really knows. What I CAN tell you is that they're commonly reported as being 6 to 7 feet tall, or taller, when standing upright, on 2 legs. They also reportedly have pointed, canine-looking ears on their canine-looking heads. They're sometimes seen in groups and are usually seen in remote, forested areas, but not always.

Below in the link provided; you'll see a sketch an eyewitness created, showing what the Dogman she saw looked like. - http://www.dogmanencountersradio.com/whats-a-dogman/

Are They Dangerous?

Almost every eyewitness that encounters a Dogman says they thought the Dogman was going to kill them and eat them. To date though, there are no confirmed reports of a Dogman attacking a person.

In 2006, a man in Troy, Michigan allegedly contacted OnStar after running his car off the road. He supposedly swerved to avoid hitting what he described as being a "great big dog that was standing upright." If you do a Google search for the terms "Michigan Dogman OnStar Attack," you'll be able to hear the recording.

Another man claimed that a Dogman scratched his thigh with its tooth, because he accidentally got in its way as it tried to run past him.

Extreme caution should be exercised if you ever do encounter a Dogman. The one you run into just might prove to be dangerous!
Almost every eyewitness that encounters a Dogman says they thought the Dogman was going to kill them and eat them. To this date though, there are no confirmed reports of a Dogman attacking a person that we know of, but that does not account for the many persons/children that go missing every year in our forests just ask Mr. David Paulides the detective that goes very deep into all the missing people unsolved caseloads across the USA in our national forests that can not be explained. Mr. David Paulides does the famous investigations called, "The 411 CALLS" and he investigates those reports, and he goes in to detail in his published books, and in to detail on the YT radio shows for the purpose of informing the public of whats been happening in our forests, and to alert the people that when they go on their camping/fishing trips, and on hiking trips, that they should never go it alone. He has also reported that many forests rangers deny the findings in those reports for many reasons unknown to the public for fear of mass panic. There are many of David Paulides talk shows on YT, so just put his name into the search engine, and his information with his videos will come up.

Dogman Encounters: http://www.dogmanencountersradio.com/

To ​Report Real Werewolf Sightings Here! - https://www.dogmanencounters.com/

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