What we do in Life will echo through Eternity, Humanity must embrace their Destiny!

What will you Humans do when your Governments do when they start taking away your Liberties your forefathers fought and died for?.
For every Year your Bills and Taxes will go up and up, more Surveillance , the Attack on Free Speech, Body Scanners, Cavity Searches, Micro chips, Vaccines etc, etc, Guilty till proven Innocent etc,etc.
Humanity is under attack, this War is all About you the Human Race.
Wake up before you submit to Tyranny.



bluesbaby5050: I will Never submit to Tyranny!

I prefer Death before this slavery,and I know it will only get worst fo us if we do not stand up,and say NO! WE ARE NOT GOING TO TAKE THIS ANYMORE! WE WILL NOT TAKE THIS LYING DOWN! We are NOT BEAST! And we will fight to the death to stop this abuse in all it's forms! I want to be able to live Free! The NWo Disorder Offers Death! So I choose to fight! Freedom is worth dying for! You will come back to live many more lives. So make it worth wild.

wmarkley: FREE

If you think that you are free, but pay taxes anyway, then watch this, it is the truth, we have been slaves for a very long time. freedom is an illusion. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GuuTTDY9YUw&list=UUUYQ6Vut7gYcJEmPfbH-zDg...

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