What Ron Paul Had To Say About The Military Takeover In Boston!

This is what Dr. Ron Paul had to say about the Military take over of the Boston Police. He stated what should of been a Police Investigation instead turned into a Military Coup Style Lock Down, and Take Over of a Banana Republic in a city of Boston, in the USA.

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bluesbaby5050: The Libertarian Ron Paul went to say that.........

The Military style Lockdown should have frightened the people as much as the attack, and bombing itself, as Boston, and the rest of the U.S. got a first time Taste of Martial Law. He went on to say, that the Boston Bombing provided the Military the Opportunity for the governent to turn to the Military Style Occupation of an American city, and that this move of theirs should of opened the eyes of the public to the future use of Excessive Force in our cities, and our towns. He went on to Criticize our modern use of a "Surveillance State"and that the people have been CONditioned to Believe that it is the goverments job to protect the American people,when in Fact it is the Real job of the goverment to Protect the Rights,and the Liberties of the American People! I AGREE WITH RON PAUL, because he is VERY CORRECT in his statements to the American Press.



You are a blessing to the Republic of America. Spoken like a true Man.
Kudos to Ron Paul for telling it like it is.
Boston was a Marshal Law Drill.
Nothing more.
The People are now fully awake. To Bad no body told CNN about the Memo.
Stupid Nwo Fools.

bluesbaby5050: YA!

YA! Ron Paul Hits the Nail on the head every time! He HAS THE TRUE GRIT/GUTS TO SPEAK THE TRUTH OF HIS MIND! We NEED alot more Brave men,and woman like him. REFUSE to take the U.S. goverments Crap from now onwards! Kudos to Ron Paul!

bluesbaby5050: And to the Rest of the world's peoples...........

REFUSE to Take the Standards Dished out to YOU by YOUR CORRUPT WORLD LEADERS! They are NO BETTER THEN WE THE PEOPLE! In FACT They are Criminals Dressed in EXPENSIVE SUITS We the people could NEVER AFFORD!

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