What is Really Going On?

I have been studying all of this for about a year now. By 'this' I mean all of the things that are not so well understood amongst the public. I have made many transitions coming from a place of pure ignorance all the way up to where I am now. I seem to have 'hit a wall' so to say in regard to any forward progress on figuring out what is REALLY going on in the world.

I am going to, as briefly as I can, lay out my path so all may see my perspective and where I am coming from so that maybe you can help me, or rather us, get to where we want to be...informed.

I quit my high paying job approx. a year ago to do some 'soul' searching. I wanted to find out if there was more to life than just being an asset for others to get rich off of. It was shortly after I quit that the whole Grexit (Greece's financial problem) was going on. I heard from a mainstream news source how money was being loaned from a private party (not sure exactly how they phrased it) but this is what started me down the proverbial rabbit hole. I had seen the Forbes report of (at the time) Bill Gates, Carlos Slim, and Warren Buffet holding the top spots of richest men in the world BUT WAIT! How can someone who only has 85 Billion give a loan out to a WHOLE COUNTRY?! Diving deeper I found the notorious Rothchilds, Rockafellers, Vanderbuilts and so on. I then began to wonder who exactly do all of these countries owe money to? If you ask anyone, it seems like all of the countries around the world are in debt...TO WHO?!?! EACH OTHER?! Hmmm, NOW, if I owe you $10 and you owe me $15 then are we both in debt or do you really just owe me $5? It doesn't make much sense for me to hand you $10 so you can just give it right back...so again, who are these countries in debt to? Not each other, or the largest GDP producing country would be on top...isn't America the largest economy? So how are we SO far in debt? Ohhhh, to the super elite...not to other countries as mainstream news sources seem to say. So what does it mean when the super elite choose to topple economies instead of just saying, "Hey, don't worry about the debt, we already have more money than we know what to do with". I would venture out to say that there is a reason and it is this reason that I am having trouble figuring out. It seems to me that they are dictating the direction of human evolution via choosing to play the part of natural selection. I mean that is what Hitler was after, right? A superior race? I mean money is only worth what we determine it is worth. It is only paper with a certain predetermined value that was determined by the public. I guess one could argue that it is worth what the Saudis say it is worth since this is our main source of energy (oil) but ultimately it is the demand that we as the people put on this commodity that determines it's value. So what is money really? It is the representation of energy, energy converted from fuels, renewable resources, or (and most valuable) energy via man power. We now seem to have certain technologies, that have been suppressed (look in Tesla) that could have provided the world with extremely cheap and limitless energy, so why did it get suppressed? Because people are money hungry? Ehh, I don't quite buy that, I think it goes back to controlling the course of evolution. The Freemasons (from my understanding) believe that we are our own gods. The Freemasons seem to run things. So is this ultimately what is going on? The elite playing the role of 'god' to dictate the outcome of our species? I am not against such an idea rather just curious. Thoughts?

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BamfOttO: What is Really Going On?

I feel You man. I spent my initial "open eyes" years doing the "Behold a Pale Horse" and Jim Marrs thing. Learning that the F.E.D. is not even a government owned company and nether is the I.R.S. and there is no law anywhere stating we have to pay taxes, and those taxes do not go to public works or programs but almost entirely into paying off the debt on the money we have borrowed from the F.E.D. in the first place! Seem like a marry-go-round scam of never ending craziness? Guess what, IT IS! I wonder too, why? If they own everything what else is there? These are supposed to be these spiritual mystery schooled Illuminati, why all the control? It is the control. They they thrive off the control and power. They do sometimes tell us the truth under a guise. Like I am sure you heard a hundred times in cop movies and T.V. that "the simplest reason or suspect is usually the one.". Well it isn't just for drama, it is the truth. They do it cause they can, they might have some grand scheme but I am sure we will all be disappointed and really pissed off when we find out the truth as to why they held the world ransom. I kept reading about how corrupt this world is and how we all get so ripped off and controlled, I felt helpless and depressed, witch is what they want. Do not give up, learning and coversating is not past time yet, but it is surly becoming one. Try alternative history or science, they are really fascianting and intertwines all together, that is what I did. Learn and wait for more to wake up. Good post tho.

Terran resistance: the source of tyranny

the saudis have had to cut back on their budget because the tried to make the price of oil cheaper than it is for the US to dig it out of the ground, supply and demand my friend.

Also i would advocate the free pdf defending sacred ground by contactee alex collier which is also a good read if you are into aliens.

According to contactee simon parkes and alex collier the source of the tyranny comes from the fourth dimension/density a layer of reality above us here on earth.

So....can you build a spaceship from heaven?

According to contactee lyssa royal the origins of angels comes from the fact that in fourth density you can jump from one place to another via an extra dimension hence why they are portrayed with wings also thought can be sent elsewhere so everyone can read each others minds no mater where they are the governments there use this to spy on their population so the spying culture and tyranny comes from fourth density.

LettersToCleo: RE: Truth and Knowledge

What you are trying to figure out is the confusion that is out there. The reality that the entire system from the monetary to the political and social systems are corrupt. The confusion lies in various groups trying to figure out a way to fix it but the reality is a system that is corrupt and has a purpose of enslaving and victimizing, you cant tweak or use parts of it against the system to make it other than what it was intended to do.

Its why there are various groups or people saying if we can only get a certain group out of power and switch or change the people, then the system will change. Its like Gandalf telling frodo, or Arragorn, or Boromir that they should try to use the One Ring against the dark lord and mordor to defeat him. The reality is gandalf and everyone knows you cannot use the one ring against its master. Because the One ring will corrupt and enslave all who try to use it.

So similarly switching people in and out of positions of power every few years will not change anything. Its what has been going on since those constructs of control were implemented into society and they have corrupted all. So to think you can use the constructs of control against the system is the lie that is spread. You just get a different tyrant in power that is corrupted and does the bidding of what the system was intended to do.

What does this mean in new age, Well this matrix is one of duality. You cannot have dark without the light. Both are part of the matrix. One feeds the other. They both need each other to thrive and survive. They need conflict so this can continue. So the thought of one group telling followers they can change it is also a lie, because the system they operate in, isnt one of homogenizing the system, its one where they pit one group against another for their intended purpose. All sides have agendas and tell lies to their followers. And its the group most in new age are in, the other group is the asleep who follow the dictates of the system.

In terms of the confusion you have about economies and debt, well you have to look at the roots of other empires and see what happened. Look at the roman empire and compare it to the united states or even europe or the english empire.

The roman empire thrived and expanded and prospered because they conquered yes, but the reason why they prospered was because they enslaved with free labour of captives all they conquered in europe and middle east and parts of africa. This free labour and enslavement of populations allowed their economies to grow and for them to live in luxury. When the conquered states and people began to rebel, it was when the roman empire stopped expanding, they begain to build walls, and the empire began to callapse. So slavery was the basis of the empires prosperity. And when the roman empire callapsed, other people replaced those in power and they implemented the same constructs of control and systems which continued to this day.

Now you may say there is no more slavery today. Well there is. They created the monetary system of slavery and the use of currency to create classes and status, and to keep people working for those in control behind the scenes. You see the real value or asset of the system is to require peoples time and manpower to do things. And they created the system of debt and commercialism so people would become enslaved voluntarily. This applies to countries also, they use the international monetary fund to get countries in debt so the country and its people are used to pay off that debt in the form of labour and resources. Its why the system of this world and current time still uses war as a means of creating chaos and to enslave populations and countries. So if for what ever reason an empire falls, like the english empire, a new empire merely takes its place and implements the same systems. So if the american or russian or chinese callapse, one of them will simply use the same system to enslave the other population. Its how it works. Cuz they use the same constructs of control, whose purpose is to corrupt and enslave. The one ring only has one master who ever wears the ring.

So the conflict you have is how do you save humanity and the system they use. You cant. Its the trap you can change it or save it. Your job is to save yourself and get out of the matrix by working on yourself. You cant save anyone else.

LettersToCleo: In terms of saving the planet or the human race

The planet is similar to human consciousness, except humans are not directly linked to the planets consciousness in terms of purpose. The planet is raising its consciousness and it has aspects of itself as plants animals and insects to experience. Similar to human consciousness which has aspects of self from the soul or higher self to experience and raise its consciousness.

The fact that there is mass extinctions of plants animals and insects going on is simply a sign that the planet is calling back its aspects of self because it has almost experienced all it can and is ready to move on by merging aspects of itself. Humans dont get merged into the earths consciousness, you have your own higher self or soul, and when its time, your soul or higher self too will merge its aspects of self and move to a higher consciousness to experience different things on the next frequency, apart from the planets consciousness which will experience different things on its own higher frequency.

So the planets moving on and a small percentage of the human population are also doing that.

What about the rest, well when this experiment ends and the earth moves on and some of the humans to a higher frequency. The rest get to start again in another experiment on another planet in the universe, just as diffferent species. Because in reality you are energy. So those that want to try to raise their consciousness still through their higher self or soul, will begin the experiment elsewhere when this one ends on earth.

Its why there is mass extinctions going on, the earths consciousness is calling back aspects of itself and merging it back because it is preparing to move up to another frequency of consciousness and experience.

LettersToCleo: In terms of alien groups

think of it as they are part of the group that wants the system to continues as it is. They have a higher self but not like humans. Humans came to experience and raise their consciousness faster so they can move on to the next frequency of consciousness quickly. Alien groups well they dont want change, or want it to occur very slowly because they dont operate on individual consciousness but a group consciousness. And they are kind of like a group of people that see someone going ahead of the pack and leaving them behind, they dont understand or know because they operate on that mass consciousness that getting out of the level of consciousness quickly and individually is better than being stuck in the current system of light and dark and conflict they exist in, and have existed in for billions of year. They identify with the conflict and it defines them, so they want to continue it thinking they can dominate , or paint or homogenize the entire system so they can see it all in the same colour and control everyone. And that is exactly the system that is implemented on earth. Eliminate individuality and variety so everyone stays stuck or controlled until someone decides they can take a baby step in another direction, and have conflict and distraction.

When you see the whole picture for what it is, there is only one path, the one you choose for yourself based on what you want to identify with, your true self and purpose or the illusion.

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