What pill are you going to take today?

Been feeling like I was losing my love essence lately and ran across this video by divine appointment. Made me think "I need to wake up every morning and consciously choose love no matter what life throws at me or how frustrating things can be". So I wrote down on a piece of paper that I can see everyday "Fear or LOVE, make a choice today" So what pill are you going to take? For those of you feeling the same here's a video to help you come back to what matters, hope it helps. Always Love, Truth, and Peace to you.

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bluesbaby5050: The pill is ment to explain by example..........

Are you going to take the one that will awaken you to the true reality of your life, or are you going to take the pill that will put you back to sleep, so that you will not be aware of your true reality of the fact that your world is a fake reality, and it is run with a hidden agenda. Always choose to LOVE Un- Conditionally no matter what, but when faced with a difficult life situation in life you have to deal with, never give in to fear as it will defeat you every time. Fear is negative based, and love is positive based. This is simple is it not? Apply it everyday into your life, even when your alone, and thanking the Holy Spirit for your life, and the beautiful planet that you live on. Beauty can be found in a trash heap, from a simple flower in bloom there. This is still a lessen to be noticed :)

LoveTruthPeace: the pill explains itself, no need for robot5050 to explain

Yes this is a simple lesson, to learn to love unconditionally, but as simple a lesson as it may be, sometimes we all forget to approach ALL situations with love especially when faced with so much hate from others and frustration from ourselves; that was my point. For those days when you feel frustrated and annoyed by those like BB5050 here is a video to help ground you. Hopefully the rest of you can have more patience for these types of people and situations; I know I'm still working on this myself. As always Love, Truth, and Peace to you.

Tarheel: Make a conscious decision to choose LOVE.

Here's one for you, LTP.

" Love is the Drug" by Bryan Ferry/Roxy Music...old 70's video

bluesbaby5050: Yes We Know.......

You already stated you needed to post on a piece of paper , so you could look at it now, and then, to remind yourself of what choice to make, FEAR or LOVE as you did state this above earlier. There is no need to have to do this, as this is what a brain is for. It is like a computer, and it will absorb information on it's own unless the owner can do some Defragging, as this will help clear the programming of the mind of all it's useless clutter. The mind has to be cleared along with the rest of the Bodies now.

Tim Lovell: BB you are double posting...

BB you are double posting... :)

bluesbaby5050: Yes it........

It will do this sometimes, and these things will happen, as it has will other members too. These was a glitch,sorry.

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