What makes Dark Entities / Malevolent Extraterrestrials ?

by freedmftr88 on November 1st, 2018

I might have mentioned this within comments but I think it's an interesting thing to think about. If Good and Evil were simplified to Fear and Love , and high vibrational spirit guides ( Love ) spirits / angels are in fact EX-Humans who are now at piece within the higher than Earth vibrations ( which a spirit in a human body / and perhaps animals can not access to due to Earth Energies ) then thinking in polarity terms of Yin and Yang , what is the obvious opposite of that ? It mind of makes me wonder if there is any separation between Alien and spirit ? Perhaps life is not on a different planet but in another realm. Because if someone can channel , have telepathy , get hurt by a non-friendly demon evil entity by screwing around with Black Magic and the Ouija board like it's a toy ( and unfortunately it is sold as such ) , kind of makes since from a big picture point of view.
Furthermore , Ex-humans in spirit could possibly be those who have not incarnated to earth . For example who ever is evil in terms of fear based behavior that's destructive towards others and self , may either be less of that depending on their incarnation loop of lifetimes. Perhaps that explains lifetimes , those who remember a past life still has spiritual growing to do. So what do you all think ? Could an evil demon / malevolent extraterrestrial be in fact an ex-human who failed to outgrow the ego into soul , so therefore they are in this pit of evil. Perhaps this is the TRUE Heaven and Hell without the hierarchical / authoritarian fairytale translation of it.
And maybe when all souls or at least a majority of light workers are all in sync via 5D vibrational energetic alignment ( law of attraction ) , = 5D Earth and therefore everything will be effected and all Fear ( aka Evil ) would disappear . Perhaps no separation between who's alive and who's dead.

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