What is Keylonic Science?

Keylonic Science or( Keylonta) is the Keylontic Morphogenetic Science, and is the point of union between scientific, and spiritual perspective though which we can begin to understand our connection to the Devine and to understand the reality of our purpose for our personal Evolution. Here is the web site, and this web site also contains a complete dictionary to all the words, and terms used therein. www.keylonicdictionary.org I hope you will find this useful.

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bluesbaby5050: Once you get to the link above.............

You just scroll down to where it say, " Welcome to the Keylonic dictionary online", and it will bring you to the home page, and a whole lot more on this subject material will be there in length. Check it out. I hope this will help you in your spiritual growth.

bluesbaby5050: As Warned earlier in this subject material on this forum.......

Before a person can CORRECTLY, and SAFELY USE THE WHITE LIGHT, a person MUST FIRST RAISE their Kundalini completely from the base of the spine to the CROWN Chakra,( or you could get yourself into trouble). So, it would be wise to first study HOW to raise the Kundalini, and then work from there.

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