What Happens Next?

Our physical bodies are only temporary vessels that our soul, or spirit energy occupies while we are alive on this Earth. Our souls are eternal. When our body dies, our soul moves through the veil of this astral, earthly existence. We are greeted and welcomed by our guides, or teachers as we depart this reality. As we begin to shed the weight and confinement of our recent existence, we realize, we are coming home.

Our (spirit) guides or teachers, help us adjust to our once familiar surroundings. We are reunited with our soul groups and shortly thereafter, we begin a review of our lessons and karmic actions that we manifested while living as a human mortal. This may have been our first incarnation on the earth, or this could be just one of many we have lived. New soul-old soul.

Karma is the main focus for us as we examine how we lived our lives. We accept the conditions and reality, in general terms, before we agree to incarnate here. We all agreed in principle to the conditions we will be born into and what lessons we wish to learn as a human. Obviously, this varies to the extremes from one incarnated soul to the next. It is largely dependent on any specific lessons we want to learn, and what karmic actions we have already experienced. It is always our choice to reincarnate here or not.

Earth is considered to be a place of great pain, sorrow, heartache and guilt. But is also considered to be a place of love, understanding, joy and imagination. Therefore, this existence is very special, and lesson can be learned here that cannot be learned on other worlds. It is not the only place to learn, but is one of the most powerful.

Life here can be difficult, but if you know why you are here...to advance spiritually...you understand that your life has meaning and consequences...here, now and after. Enough already!

If I were reading this post written by a stranger, I would ask..."How do you know?" My answer to that would be: It's very complicated and personal. And, "Why should I believe you?" The answer that, I would suggest is: Don't. Trust yourself, believe in yourself and search your own heart. Your intuition is more powerful than you can imagine. Live free, and love always.

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Good Work STARPERSON. Good Work Indeed , & I must say you understand fully the ways of a " LIFE EVOLVED IS NOT A LIFE CONTROLLED!".
You have done well. Spirituality is very Important during times of Insanity and Stupidity. We truly live in a Planet filled with Insanity & Stupidity.
Humanity must practice on Eliminating Fear in their Lives. The Human Species is constantly being Bombarded by messages of Fear & Stupidity.

Will you let the Alien Controllers handle you as a "RESOURCE" to do as they wish?, or will you explore yourselves and discover yourselves in a MATRIX filled with Stupid Salesmen (Bankers) & Arrogant (Aliens) at the Top.

Right now as we speak we have problems which where Engineered by the Aliens themselves, we have a Ticking Timebomb with CHINA , because they are Broke, We also have a Ticking Timebomb with the UNITED STATES because they are Broke.
We also have North Korea that is being provoked and insulted by CNN who cares not for Americans.

Humanity has Faced this in the Past, When the Bankers go Bust they take you to War. These Folks are Irresponsible Stupid, Arrogant, Dumb , Ignorant, Idiotic, Dark, Disguisting and Immoral.
These folks as well as Politicians make me Sick because they are such Stooges as well as CNN MEDIA and these Stupid Secret Societies.

Do not be too worried about the MATERIAL , STARPERSON. Focus on your basic needs and always Embrace Love & Spirituality. If Governments want to take you to War just tell them to take a RAINCHECK on that Idea.

Pathetic Fools that they are, truly Pathetic. Our Motherships are already here cloaked all around this Blue Planet. Any Monkey Business and we drop the hammer. Not them but us. Your Space Buddies.

So the New World Disorder can go rot in Tartarus for all I care. Humanity will not be used as a Resource ever again.
Here is a Nice Song for you STARPERSON.

BJ Thomas - Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head [LYRICS]


I also like this One.


These Stupid Banking ASSHOLES are going to get theres as well as these Secret Societies and Dumb Military Groups.

They won't know what is coming their way.

Tarheel: Starperson is an advanced soul, a "keeper".

He "walks softly but carries a big stick " just in case. There's no junk in his trunk.
He understands they can only harm the vessel, NOT the soul.

Inspirational quote-" Give me, Heaven, a private station...a mind serene for contemplation."

Starperson: Never stop learning, never give up

Annunaki77, thanks for your response and the songs. Appropriate...especially the "Raindrops" song. Of course you know the movie it was featured in. All-time classic. Here is the premise of the lesson I presented this weekend...

...When you find yourself surrounded by multiple assailants preparing to attack, fight with the thought that they are but one...

Seems like a good place to share this lesson. I refuse to be controlled in any way!

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