What happens if you do or don't Ascend?

by cosmicstorm on January 21st, 2014

The three questions are...

1. What will happen to those that do not ascend?

2.What will I experience during the ascension process?

3. What can I expect life to be like on the 5th Dimension?

I am expressing this to the best of my knowledge, I say that because in truth no one knows exactly what will happen, My conclusions come from several reliable sources.

Firstly it should be known that those that do not ascend are Not being punished, every soul on Earth had a choice and some chose not to ascend at this time, in reality those that chose no is mainly because they are younger souls and don't have the experience yet to raise their vibrations, the majority of these souls also live in a fear based mentality, and as such will create their own time scenario. They will experience earthquakes, firestorms, and tidlewaves. they will experience the full brunt of Earth changes accompanied with lost, but this is not a punishment, this is what they have chosen and it is also what they need to experience for their own growth. These people will die but it wont be like the traditional death, where they leave their earthly body and enter into the spirit plane instead they will die on earth and simply wake up in a hospital bed in a hospital type building. this building and there are many unalike it exists right now on another 3rd dimensional planet. This planet is similar to earth except its a little smaller, cooler and much less life. There is one smallish ocean that only harbors very primitive life and the surface only has very simple insect lifeforms and a few small mammal type animals. It revolves around a star very similar in size and makeup with sol. That is why this planet was chosen. The people who end up here will be in a renewed body that is the exact body they had before the died except it will be cured of any injuries, diseases, disfigurements etc. They will still have the same personality, thoughts, and traits as they did prior to death, they will also have full memory of what took place so they can grow from their experience. These souls will be grouped into soul level groups for example baby souls in one group and young souls in another group. Each group will be supervised by none other than pleiadians so the younger the soul group the more pleiadians will be there to supervise. The pleiadians will teach, counsel and help the souls on that planet. This new earth will have no money, religion or government as we currently understand it. With the help of the pleiadians some souls will literally ascend just days after the earth changes.

Each person will experience their ascension in a very personalized way, you will not be aware of aware of any person around you nor will you see them. The first thing you'll notice is that raising in your vibration which may feel like a tingling or buzzing, your body will begin to feel waitless, you will feel an intense probably painful buzzing in your crown chakra. Man made objects will begin to look like they have a wobbly appeareance to them and begin to disappear in a cloudy haze. The haze will look like its being lit by a external light source but you wont be able to find it this is actually the vial between dimensions, you will feel like your moving up but you will have no sense of direction, when the haze begins to dissipate your will will come back into focus as you will see intense color of every description including new colors that don't exist in this dimension by know you will notice that your body has been transformed into a light body. A light body never gets sick, never ages, never needs food, water or sleep and you wont ever feel hot or cold. After this you will look like how you view yourself looking in your best way, further to this you can look like anything or anyone you want to look like. For most people they project themselves as a fit and trim thirty something year old, or a child or even a graceful elderly person the point is you have free will and what ever you think you create. More than likely you will appear in a beautiful beach, forest, or grassy field. There will be birds and animals but they will no longer fear you nor will you fear them in the case of big cats or bears, you will feel one with all and if you quiet your mind you can hear the thoughts of all living creatures with further practice you can join your mind with other animals in a group consciousness, the aroma is exquisite, the flowers are nothing like you have every seen in a good way. There are fruit trees heavy with fruit and actually there is one fruit that is similar to a large plum. You may feel an overwhelming urge to eat this fruit because it has incredible healing properties but more importantly it can help to ground you to the fifth dimension, once you eat the fruit you there is no going back to 3rd dimension so bon appetite. Getting back to your body even though you wont need to eat you will still want to eat just for the delicious taste. Some people may feel an urge to sleep even thought they don't need it anymore, this is because they may have experienced a particular event the need to recover from so they'll sleep to heal it and repair their arua. Don't worry you wont miss anything because Time no longer exists, that's right linear time only exists in the third dimension, there will still be day and night but not in the way you humans measure it right now. Once you are suitably grounded and healed your guides will appear for some people their guides may have been holding their hands the entire process. Either way your guides will now show up and tell you what the next move is and what the goal is. In the 5th dimension whatever you think you will immediately manifest unlike the 3rd dimension where there is a delay between cause and effect, so you need learn how to control your thoughts, this is also why fear based people cannot enter the 5th dimension so there's no chaos this is why a love vibration is needed, So if your thinking great I can manifest that mansion with red Ferraris and stacks of billions, well yes you could but most people would focus on higher endeavors.

It is now time to be introduced to your teachers, that's right every single person will have two teachers a male and a female, guess who they are, wrong, their the pleiadians, even if your don't like pleiadians just be glad its not dracs. so for the next equivalent of two years they will be your full time companions teaching you everything you need to know about living in the 5th dimension, along with any other questions you may have about the past and a little bit about the future, you will probably come to see them as loving parent figures, don't worry you can still see your other friends and family members that have also ascended, in fact at some point there will be a massive welcome to the 5th dimension party, where everyone who has every ascended will be present so just imagine a party where you can eat and drink and never get tired, bored, or even feel bloated, the finest musicians are playing(so expect Beethoven),and the greatest talents performing. Speaking of which don't be surprised if you bump into some special non-human entities, they are there to welcome you to their homeland, just like in the movie jumpers you will be able to move from one side of the planet to other instantly just with thought, in fact you can go anywhere in the galaxy but that's getting a little ahead of ourselves. You will be free to study or practice anything you want, you could learn a new instrument, study the healing arts, try you hand at painting, or build an exact replica of the Tardis. With access to the vast universal libraries and teachers there is nothing you cannot master. After all you have all TIME in the galaxy to perfect your art. You can even get a job that's not based around money but instead service to others, like creation, invention, healing, teaching or being a spirit guide, all work is done on a volunteer basis as long as it can be beneficial to humans plus no one is forced to work to survive and no one is forced to do a job they do not like. There will still be cities except not like todays and most of them will be underwater, you will still fall in love(with your twin flame hopefully), get married and have children. But sex is no longer a physical act but a blending of energies that makes a physical orgasm seem like popping a balloon in comparison to a hydrogen bomb. We have all been part of an experiment that has required us to incarnate for thousands into hundreds of lives to experience different levels of creation that helped the godhead learn more about itself, the plan was to see if human souls could be completely cut off from the source, by amnesia and the dense third dimension and still find our way back to the godhead, long story short the experiment was deemed a huge success and enough souls were able to achieve a heightened state of spiritual awareness with out ever having any DIRECT line to the source. Truly remarkable. So basically its all over and its time to go home. We are originally from the eleventh dimension but if we were to suddenly jump from the 3rd dimension to the 11th dimension. We would quite literally be torn apart. Once your in the 5th dimension you will feel the overwhelming love and unity by the godhead or source, zero whatever you call the one.

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Gatherer: this helped me alot

thank you for posting this I've been looking for info on this to help me on my quest for knowledge. If you don't mind me asking where do you get your info from? :)

cosmicstorm: Good luck on your quest

I get my information from of course here, YouTube and the internet. I'm glad it benefited you

moonsstarr923: informative post cosmic, ty friend

To Friends:

don't submit to fools
be yourself
don't accept average habbits
open your heart and push the limits

cosmicstorm: Thank you star or moon( which would you prefer )

But I can't take all the credit I remember being told this by someone else.

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