What is a good symbol for freedom?

by Quinton on January 20th, 2013

So I am continuing on with my idea on building a nation type site and I'm probably going with the name CrowdFreedom.com, representing a grassroots crowd effort to organize a free society.

I am trying to come up with a symbol that best represents freedom (paging TR).

I like the idea of freedom being represented by each individual being conscious and aware. I see freedom as tied in to wisdom and intelligence. The more aware we are the more free we are. The less aware and more ignorant we are the less free we are. So I think some type of symbol representing consciousness or wisdom would probably be fitting.

A light bulb is kinda good but kinda corny too.

A serpent would be good but it has been perverted and has too many negative connotations I think.

I think a tree could be a fairly interesting symbol, especially the Bodhi Tree.

I like pyramids as they represent a level of development as you reach the top, but at the same time they represent hierarchy which may not be best for a site like this.

Fire might also be good symbolism.

On that note a phoenix could be appropriate as well.

A 3rd eye or some type of pineal gland symbolism could also be interesting.

These are just some of my thoughts.

I want the symbolism to carry a positive feel and not be attacking anything. I want to give the impression of freedom derived through wisdom and personal responsibility.

Thanks :)

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Annunaki77: Good Work Warrior Quinton

Be Creative and use your Skills to spread the word.

bluesbaby5050: The Eagle Represents all of these.............

So then, Why not use the Eagle, because it does Represent all of the Virtues that you mentioned you wanted your symbol to be. It has an Eagle Eye, and is Free, and has Wisdom/Knowledge, and is Strong, and is Beautiful, and Graceful. It represents the United Family Group. It can go anywhere's it wants to go! This is my vote.The American Bald Eagle!

Terran resistance: ahem

theres more than one interpretation to any symbol:

Phaminator: The swastika

is pretty much a simple variation of the cross and is used in many cultures around the world. Heck, it's even found in Christianity!

bluesbaby5050: Well, I for one do NOT like it.

This has too much Pain,and Suffering Associated with it from the 2WW. And it is a very Oppressed symbol in Modern Times now.

Phaminator: How about

An eagle and a dog/wolf?

bluesbaby5050: That's a Good Idea too!

You can even have the Snake too,because the American have a flag from the early history of North America. This is a Flag with a coiled snake on it,and at the Top of this flag it states: Don't Tread on Me! Use all three as symbols together somehow. You will have to be very creative in this.

Phaminator: We could just stick with

A combination of symbols since freedom can't be illustrated with a single sign to interpret it. Bodhi tree's a good one, swastika is too demonized, snakes are perverted, owls are too sketchy, ummm... A blue lotus won't hurt... Dog is becoming a symbol of freedom in Athens (take a step back into Anu77's post of sausage), eagle is too self centered despite its multiple meaning on its own but that's just my thought. A whale would be an interesting symbol, along with the turtle/turtoise.

Terran resistance: I would go for

a wolf myself

Terran resistance: because

in norse mythology the wolf fenrir bit of the right hand of the norse god Tyr, and Tyr is where we get the word tyranny from.

bluesbaby5050: The Canis/Dog King AL AL from Sirius....

Also Bit off the Privates of the Sirian King Anu, and this is called Raw, Brutal Nerve! This is Nothing to be Proud of. Down Right Dirty Tactics, and in the end, this behavior got King AL AL Punished,and Exiled to Mars where he soon died.

Tarheel: Freedome symbol? How about a Skull with an expanded field..

...above it/around it, symbolizing "Enlightened" and "Aware" as in, "We're enlightened/aware/keen to The Dark Side and ANY attempt at subversion of OUR brave, new Atlantis."

Similar to what Jerry's kids aka "The Grateful Dead" followers have.
It symbolizes enlightened /aware/awake/keen.


It symbolizes enlightened /aware/awake/keen.

Terran resistance: a symbol for freedom

a rainbow

"Whenever I bring clouds over the earth and the rainbow appears in the clouds,
I will remember my covenant between me and you and all living creatures of every kind. Never again will the waters become a flood to destroy all life."

Terran resistance: serious

ofc im not fucking serious XD

Tarheel: I am Sirius. Not exactly like that logo I posted, but similar.

I dunno is your question was to me or not.

It's simply an idea. Jerry's kids are mostly aware, and have been since the 60's. The lightning bolt on the skull means awake/aware and the circle means an expanded field of awareness/enlightenment/3rd eye open.


Silenci030310: I think a eagle or wolf would

I think a eagle or wolf would be good

Tarheel: How about BOTH, Silencio?

Some combination of Wolf/canus and FALCON/eagle would be way cool.
I wish I was artfully inclined and I would draw up SOMETHING for Q-dog to examine to see if he/we want/s it.

Phaminator: didn't

I proposed that combo earlier Tar?

Tarheel: Sorry if I stepped on your toes, 11O11 or Pham !

I did NOT intend to.

Peace, Brothers 11O11 & Phaminator !

bluesbaby5050: I may add.........

That Snakes feel along with their Tongues by Heat Sensors in the forked tongues. They see also, but use the tongue too in another way. Eagle can see for miles! They have eyes like a Hawk! LOL! So do all Raptor birds of Prey!

Tarheel: You have great ideas as usual 11O11.

Petition Quinton with your thoughts/ideas. The whole idea was his "baby". I support it fully.

Silenci030310: Yes both are good i love

Yes both are good i love eagles and wolfs beautiful animals

Lord Prometheus: I'm rather interested in this...

I think this is a good idea. How about for a name and symbol, the Order of the Blue Wolf? Blue Wolf symbolizing Knowledge and Freedom, and a bit of inspiration from the Order of the White Lotus. Of course my idea would be more to unite mankind in the pursuit of knowledge, freedom, and peace. Let go of past mistakes and seek a common goal: the betterment of mankind.

HebrianDaniel: The Wings should be the

The Wings should be the symbol of freedom.

The Wings lets you move everywhere you want in the skies.
that what real freedom.
that you can move everywhere

Tim Lovell: A single Eagles wing

A single Eagles wing outstretched to the left with the head pointing left also

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