What does the term, First Wave mean? / History of "The 3 Earth Grand Experiments"

What does the term, First Wave mean? / History of "The 3 Earth Grand Experiments." What does the term, First Wave mean?

First Wave is a term used to define a wave of people who have contracts that have been activated. These contracts involve assignments that when fulfilled, will further the mission of ascending Earth and her people. These people for the most part have already been awake for some time. The activation they are receiving now is to perform the tasks they agreed to in support of the ascension. They will be working either directly with their spiritual guides, or indirectly through other groups that are associated with their missions.

When did the First Wave begin?

It is my understanding that the First Wavers’ contracts were activated in the first months of the year 2000.

Are there to be other Waves?

My understanding is that there are two other waves of people who will be activated in the future; the Second and Third Waves.

Are there any special codes within our physical bodies that contain the information of the First Wave Contract and our mission?

Yes, I understand that there are codes in the DNA that contain the information of the First Wave Contract. I am told that these codes can be likened to microscopic chips that hold all the data. The First Wavers are receiving symbols and/or sounds that are part of a language known to all the First Wavers. I believe this to be Haburu or Hiburu as some people spell it and that this is a universal language of light with light being information in this case.

This language has the DNA written in it or in some way involves the DNA. I am not a specialist in this so I don’t know exactly how to say it. It has sounds and symbols that look similar to the Hebrew alphabet. I am told that the Hebrew alphabet is based on this language. The Hebrews, I understand, are descendants of the Nibiruans so that would make sense.

What is the First Wave Contract?

I am told that the First Wave Contract is a contract for ascension teaching and leadership. I interpret this as a contract for being the first group of souls who will lead the way into the new millennium, and beyond by preparing the rest of the world for this transition. They can be teachers teaching the concepts of multidimensionality as well as inventors who create the technology that will be needed in the future.

What kind of training will they receive in order to fulfill their missions as they pertain to the First Wave Contract?

Because they are the first their training is rather strenuous as we are now experiencing. And much of the difficulty is due to the fact that they march to the beat of a different drummer, heeding a call and following a path that the rest of the world is only beginning to recognize and understand. Some of the First Wavers started to come to Earth as early as the 1950's, and hey are the pioneers of a new world.

They will provide teaching and assistance for all steps on the ascension path, from the new babies to the advanced and final steps of the ascension process. The ascension process is like a staircase and there will be teachers on each step enabling the people of earth to move along the path and complete each step one step at a time.

These individuals will also go through an accelerated process of DNA Recoding which means that their lessons will come more quickly giving them the necessary opportunities to integrate their fears, thus creating new neural pathways and a RE-wiring of the physical body. Thus, they will have intensive training on such things as compassion, money, personal boundaries and self-empowerment in order to achieve a multidimensional consciousness in each of these areas.

There is a level of understanding that they must reach and character traits they must acquire to be successful in their missions. Some of these are:
•They must be able to use the multidimensional tools such as The Multidimensional Keys of Compassion and techniques such as the Universal Bank in their daily lives to support themselves and obtain all that they need and desire.
•They are to view the world, their lives and the events that occur within each with a multidimensional consciousness. They know that there is no good or bad, only what is. They know that sin and forgiveness are 3D constructs and ONLY apply in 3D. They will know that everything has a value and that the Dark is as valuable as the Light. They know that polarity does not exist without the presence of both. In other words, they are to be walking examples of compassion in action.
•They will have strength of conviction that will withstand any attack from those around them who will do so out of fear and lack of understanding.
•They will have endurance unmatched that will carry them through till the end. They may falter but never fall. They may despair of ever completing their mission, but they will never give up. (Quitting is acceptable as long as it is only said out of frustration and not a final intention. I’ve done this many times!)
•For the inventors, their integrity will not allow them to sell their technology to those who will use it for destructive purposes.

What happened to the First Wavers when their codes were fired?

For many including myself, it was as if someone slammed on the brakes of our reality and we crashed into a wall. All of a sudden what worked before no longer worked. Those of us who were business owners found our formerly successful businesses begin to falter as each decision we made became another decision for disaster. It was like we couldn’t do anything right anymore.

For others, it was a reality wake up call in another way. What had been so important in our lives no longer seemed to matter. We began to turn to spiritual things and many were consumed by their desire to know and understand. We began reading and studying one thing after another. We sprinted through the levels of spiritual training covering everything from angels to meditation to Zen at what seemed like lightening speed. It was as if we were taking a crash course in spiritual understanding in preparation for something greater. So while one world was falling away, a new one was forming. And though we felt the fear of losing our past we felt incredible joy and excitement at the new reality we were creating. Our hearts were filled to overflowing even while our savings were dwindling way.

Many of us also had health problems as the codes being fired in our DNA caused a vibration increase in our etheric fields that our physical bodies could not handle. This impulsed us to seek help in clearing our bodies so that we could be comfortable in them again. Thus, we became aware of the emotional body and how it affected our physical body. This is a necessary understanding for ascension and multidimensionality.

Many of us lost some or all of our friends and also the acceptance of our family members. We had to go it alone until we found others of like mind. This was very hard and still is for some of us who have not found anyone else close to our level of understanding, to be comfortable to live with, and because of the polarity game playing that is still being played out today. And so some people will choose to go the path alone, because of the many levels some people are on, and that makes it alot harder to have to deal with.
These are typical questions you will be asking yourself:
How will I know if I am of the First Wave? Are their any specific indicators?

You will know that you are of the First Wave if you have had the above experiences. Right now the First Wave is being impulsed to establish a presence on the Internet since it will be the overlay or foundation of the 5th dimension.

Where to we go from here?

The First Wave is now in Phase II of their training. Some are already fulfilling their missions while others are still in training. If your mission has not been made known to you then don’t sweat it, it is not time. But for those who do know, it is time to get started.

Will the First Wave receive the necessary funds to fulfill their missions?

Yes we will and I don’t know of anyone who has not been told by their guides that they will have great financial abundance. Some were told that they would have financial angels. But here’s the catch that I have just recently discovered. Yes there will be great abundance, but it will not come until we have each individually created a way to reach millions. Now how can we do that? I don’t believe it can or should be done by traveling around the world and wearing ourselves ragged. I now understand that it is to be by way of the Internet! What easier and more effective way to reach millions, and we can do it from our own living rooms, sitting in our jammies!

We must make our teachings available for download through the Internet so that people can access them all over the world with the click of a button. For the inventors, they will be able to market their inventions and obtain funding through the Internet as well. I am already working on how we can do this.

As for financial angels, they were to be people and technology that would produce financial abundance via the Internet. I believe this to be the technology of sound and audio on the Internet. The 5th dimension is an overlay of information and technology created through technology.

So the future is out there and we are being readied to embrace it. All we need is to understand is how to interpret the guidance we are receiving from our guides and move forward on the things we are impulsed to do. When I am impulsed to do something new and the money is not there yet, I put out a verbal intention that the money come to support it when the time is right to do it.

Speaking of interpretation, there are many times that we are impulsed to begin new projects as part of our missions. When this occurs, remember that the timing of “right now” usually means one to two years away. Also, when it is the right time, the money, people and opportunities needed to complete the project will be there all together and that they will flow effortlessly into your life. But until all three arrive, it is not time to act.

Are we being called together now?

Yes, now is the time to come together. As things heat up and the world awakens, we of the First Wave will need the nurturing of each other. Teaching and leading is rewarding but is not always easy and being able to talk to each other and discuss our challenges and share our triumphs, will no longer be a luxury but a necessity. More than ever we need each other’s support to get through the remainder of our mission.

We were promised that we would not have to do it alone and I know this to be true. We have our guides, but even more, we have each other. I get up each day, looking forward to downloading my e-mail so that I can read the messages from my friends. And there are many days that an encouraging word from a friend online or by phone saved me from giving up and submerging myself completely in the 3D way of life. We are spirit, but we are also human and as such need the companionship of others. Let’s not forget that.

If you are alone right now without support and friendship, it is because you chose to be for some reason. There are support groups forming all over the world, but I believe that the ones that will be most easily accessed on a daily basis will be the ones that are online.

I hope this has helped clarify what the First Wave is, who the First Wavers are, and what they are to do.

My fellow First Wavers, I love you, I respect you, and I am your biggest fan. Together, holding hands, we can do this. We can succeed. The reason I know this is because I know that we have each successfully completed ascension projects on other worlds by doing it together. Here's a short story of a woman, I'll just call her Pam [not her real name] used as an example, Pam is a lovely lady from California recently. Pam’s life is now centered around the life after the mission.

Like many of us First Wavers, and even those who came before, the mission that Pam had come to Earth to fulfill had been completed. Now in her later years, she was not sure if it was okay to retire. As Pam explained it, she felt unsettled...like there was something more to do, but she just wasn’t sure what it was.
Tuning into her guides, the answer was quick in coming: Pam was now to enjoy her life, really enjoy it. By being in joy she was putting forth the energy required to maintain the work she had already completed.

The Earth is now encapsulated in a grid of light with templates firmly secured in various places. The templates shone like brilliant diamonds glinting in the sun. Pam, like many of us had been actively involved in creating that grid work. As for the templates, each time she exuded joy or overcame a fear, her energy helped to keep them energized.

What I understood was that this infrastructure, that so many of the First Wavers had worked to create, was what successfully carried Earth and humanity through the Galactic Superwave at the End of 2012. Since then this infrastructure has supported the New reality, the one we are creating moment by moment, day by day because there was no script.
Going further, the reason there was no script is that the Higher Realms were not sure we would be able to achieve the lofty goal of ascension. But we have.

Crossing the galactic equator, and through the high evolutionary energy of the galactic superwave at the end of 2012, put us on a New Timeline. In other words, we ascended; we went up and onto a New Timeline. It was part of what the Great Shift of the Ages was about; a point at which Many Cycles Had Completed Including A Grand Galactic Cycle.

Now that we completed the goal, many of the First Wavers are done with their work. But like Pam, they don’t know what to do next. Like Pam’s guides, our guides are saying that it is time to relax and enjoy the fruits of our labor; the Second and Third Wavers will take it from here. Our work now is to do what makes our hearts sing, and knowing that our joy will energize the light-worked grid and templates. In other words, we are to transition to maintenance mode with the focus on creating joy. For Pam it is doing more with animals and traveling with her husband.

Needless to say, Pam was relieved; it felt great knowing that she could go and enjoy the new interests in her life without feeling like she was slacking off. At the end of the day, all she needed to do was see the signs her guides were giving her and interpret them as her guides intended. Then, give herself permission to act by moving into maintenance mode with her mission.

​In closing, if you are a First Waver and you feel your main mission is complete, it most likely is. If you feel stuck, like your life is going nowhere it could be because you have not given yourself permission to move to the next stage. Ask your guides to reveal how to move forward with the things that interest you right now. You may find that they have been waiting to do so; they just needed you to give yourself permission.
What are Templates: 2005 Grid Points and Templates....

Some First wavers was to travel around the US, doing workshops in order to anchor new grid points from the 9D Compassion Grid and when necessary create healing (?) templates. These templates would provide blueprints for clearing ancient galactic wounds while giving humanity the tools to make changes on Earth that are needed as a result of those wounds being played out here.

The grid points would anchor the 9D Grid into areas where it was deemed necessary to prevent major earth changes. They would be anchored two ways, into the ground and into the people, because we/they are “living anchors.”

Some people in this forum, as well as outside of this forum are already familiar with this history of "The 3 Earth Grand Experiments," and here is the link to this, and to some galactic alien races on this site as well - http://www.nibiruancouncil.com/html/3earths.html

First Earth - Lyra (Vega Star System)

First earth in the Lyra constellation -- what is the story behind its formation and demise? The answer is in the book, We are the Nibiruans.Long ago, before time as we know it began, there were the Founders of the Universe, highly evolved souls that had already completed many universal games. Being creator gods, they decided to create a universe of their own.

As the twelve came together, they were faced with the question of which “game” to choose so that the souls created in, or coming to, their new universe could spiritually evolve. And spiritual evolution is what every soul desires.

Finally, after much consideration, they chose the game known as “Polarity Integration.” This game is one of many that involves the integration of the Light and the Dark developed by Divine Creator in order to experience all that He/She is.

Now that the choice of games had been made, they knew they would need to have individuals experienced in this game to assist them in the development of the game in their new universe, individuals who would agree to become a part of it and see it through to its completion.

So the Founders put out a call to all souls in all universes that had completed at least one Polarity Integration Game. Their call was answered by ninety individuals, highly evolved souls that had just recently completed that game and were looking for another place to go in order to continue their spiritual evolution. This group of ninety was made up of forty-five Carians and forty-five Felines.

They arrived in this (our present) universe and began meeting with the Founders to set up the game. The group of ninety elected one of their own to sit on the Founder’s Council to act as a liaison between their group and the Founders. The one chosen is known to us as Devin. Devin (real name is Devaine) was the patriarch of the Feline group (family).

The Carians were given a planet in the Orion constellation as their new home while the Felines were given a planet in the Lyra constellation for theirs.

So the group of ninety divided and went to their respective planets to begin the game. The Carians would represent the Dark and the Felines would represent the Light.

In time both had evolved physical forms in which to incarnate so that they could walk upon the surface of their planetary homes. Both established pure (royal) lines within their ever-growing race. In time, both crossbred into other life forms on their planetary homes to create a new race of beings. And then, when that new race had become an established part of their respective societies, the Carian/Reptilians arrived in the Lyra constellation and colonized a neighboring planet of the Feline/Humans. In doing so, they were now ready for the first grand experiment of integration. We call it the “First Earth, Grand Experiment.”

This first grand experiment occurred on a 3D planet just like earth and it was the home of the Felines/Humans. As their technology advanced the Feline/Humans learned how to create worm holes and achieve space travel. Soon both races were traveling back and forth, visiting each other’s planet.

The two groups were now reunited again, but with many new people, their offspring, involved. Over time they began to mix with the two royal lines intermarrying to form alliances. All went well for some time.

Through the mixing of the races, new races were created and soon a caste system developed. There was the royalty, the priestly caste, the scientists, and the military. The remainder of the population made up the worker caste.

I [ meaning the author of this information] am still not completely clear as to all that transpired to create the rift between the two royal families that brought about the First Great Galactic War, but I do know this: it was due to a lack of communication involving some details. Someone communicated with someone else regarding something but neglected to include all the details. I am told it was regarding an alliance. They were not completely clear on the details of the agreement. So feelings were hurt, leading to feelings of mistrust and then it began to steamroll with the Feline/Humans launching the first attack against their Reptilian neighbors.

Backing up a bit, before the Great Galactic War, there were some minor wars of a much smaller scale between the two Houses. This I am told, is when my father, Shimabala and Jehowahs’ father, Cobazar were killed. We were all teenagers, still wet behind the ears when our fathers died. Up until this time we were all very close to each other.

I have recalled memories of visiting Jehowah in his favorite cave and playing for hours together. These memories are filled with warm, loving feelings. Now, as we take on the mantles of leadership we are instantly pitted against each other to some degree even though the war which killed our fathers is over and my marriage to Jehowah is the part that seals the alliance that brings peace to our families. And even though another war breaks out, we do not war with each other, trying to keep our personal connections to each other out of the chaos that continues around us.

Second Earth - Pleiades

Second earth in the Pleiades --- what happened to this planet and is there evidence of its destruction? The answer is in the book, We are the Nibiruans.Toward the end of the First Galactic War, with the destruction of our planet, my brother Devin, myself and Jehowah fled along with a large group of people on one of our last remaining star ships, Pelegai.

We eventually settled in a new cluster of stars later to be known as the Seven Sisters, the Pleiades. We lived on this ship and spent much of our time establishing a colony on the planet’s surface. We called our new home Avyon after our original home. It was a beautiful blue planet, much like our previous one, with two suns.

Life progressed and so did we. Cities were built, civilizations came and went. Eventually we left the planet to those who came with us. We became the Ancient Ones to them, the original founders of our civilization on that planet. But as usual, with time the facts became distorted so that the written history no longer reflected the actual events.

In time this planet became known throughout the cosmos and other civilizations came calling, some just curious and others with an agenda to conquer. The inhabitants of the planet had evolved to the level of space travel, a little beyond where we are today. They had evolved beyond disease and social disparity and created a unified government, but also an almost hive mentality. Everyone thought and acted as one but in their actions did not express the dark side of their natures. They only expressed their lighter side as this was the social norm.

The people had become spiritually stagnant, unable to progress due to their choice to suppress their dark side, masculine side and use their three lower chakras. As a result they, on an unconscious spiritual level called forth a race who were their polar opposite to move them out of this stuck position.

At first this race came speaking of peace but soon realized there was more to gain from taking over the planet than trying to cooperate with a race of people they could not for the life of
It took many years but in time their true agenda was revealed through the efforts of a resistance movement. Once the word was out and all attempts at negotiations failed, the them understand.
humans launched the first attack to try and drive this race away from their planet. In their ongoing efforts to fight off their enemy they managed to destroy their planet. The survivors fled to many places in the galaxy and eventually established colonies on other planets.

Third Earth - Pleiades (Our current earth)

Current earth on which we live -- what does the future hold in store for us? What's the bigger picture and plan for our future? The answers are in the book, We are the Nibiruans.So here we are today, in another ascension process. The first two earths never made it through an ascension. I believe that many of us here on earth today were on the one or both of the previous earth experiments. And due to the wisdom we have accumulated from our experiences will successfully ascend ourselves, earth’s people and the planet.

What we lacked before was compassion and acceptance of others different from ourselves. We have learned that polarizing to the light or the dark does not allow us to feel compassion and maintain peace. Only by integrating the light and Dark within us and their corresponding manifestations in our realities we will be able to complete the Third Grand Experiment successfully with the planet in tact and all the races involved that much further along their spiritual paths. This material will resonate with SOME people, and not with all people. Use your Intuition / your gut. - http://www.nibiruancouncil.com/html/articles.html
http://www.nibiruancouncil.com/html/galacticfederation.html More here - In this area you will find information about the activities of the the Milky Way Galaxy’s Galactic Federation (GF), their members, Starseeds, and Walk-ins along with a little history.

The Galactic Federation of Worlds:

The Galactic Federation of Worlds (GF) is a large federation
of civilizations from many different planets, galaxies and universes working together for the harmonious existence of all life. There is a galactic federation in each of the inhabited galaxies of our universe. These federations are part of the universal management structure much like field offices are part of the management structure for a large corporation.

The Galactic Federation for the Milkyway Galaxy is called the Galactic Federation of Worlds, but some of the races represented in our GF may call it by other names, hence the difference in the names given by the Zetas, Andromedans, etc.

Each race, civilization, and planet has a council within the GF to represent them. These councils vary in size depending on population as well as the amount of responsibilities they carry within the management structure of the GF. There are literally thousands of these councils since there that many races represented. The GF is much larger than we may imagine.

The Great Halls of the GF:

The GF has one major overseeing council which has representatives from each member council. This council meets in the Great Hall. But each council has its own Great Hall. Perhaps this is why there is so much confusion around this Great Hall business. Many channelers attend meetings in the Great Hall and think there is only one, when in fact, it could be the Great Hall of one of the member races or other civilizations. You see how quickly it gets all complicated.

The Nibiruan Council the largest of these councils, has its own Great Hall but also meets in the GF’s Great Hall more often than not because its duties involve GF management. Nibiru is not a planet with one civilization, instead it is a GF starship with representatives from many races whose role is that of a traveling galactic management team. Their mission is to help negotiate alliances and maintain peace among the different worlds of the GF and assist new and incoming members. Hence their slogan, “Serving the Worlds.”

The GF for our Milky Way galaxy is located in the Sirius star system. Our sun is a stargate to that system, and the GF. That is why the dog star Sirius is so important to Earth and plays a significant role in our history.

G. F. History:

The Milky Galaxy Galactic Federation is the oldest GF in this Universe. It was established at the end of the first Great Galactic War that was fought in the Lyra Constellation between the Humans, Reptilians, Felines and Carians. After this war, the survivors decided that they must establish some way to arbitrate disputes so that this kind of destruction (destruction of the Humans’ homeworld Avyon, the First Earth) would not occur again. Thus, the GF was established with the founding members being Lyran and Orion. Their first flagship was Pelegai, one of the few ships intact after the war. This was a very painful time and the wounds of this war would take many dimensions of time to heal.

In the beginning, the GF was very small since so few had survived the war. The Lyran Council and Orion Councils doubled as the administrative arm of their new fledgling federation. In other words, they were the GF. In time new races were created as offshoots of the original four and the GF welcomed them as they reached galactic status, as we are about to do now.

So the Galactic Federation grew and became a very large and powerful federation of worlds devoted to universal peace and prosperity. Now there are millions of members from across our galaxy. - http://www.nibiruancouncil.com/html/galacticfederation.html
The Nibiruan Council/Sirius A Alliance: This alliance is for the purpose of providing genetic engineers for upgrading of the genetic codes for planetary races who are ready to ascend to the next level in their evolution.

The genetic engineers are mostly Felines who live on the planet Sirius A. Although they work out of the 6th dimension, they are a much older race of Beings. It is my understanding that these same Felines are those that were active in Egypt in ancient times. Some are known as Sekmet, Seshat and Atum Ra or Aton.

Joysia was chosen by his people to head the DNA Recoding program for Earth. In this capacity Joysia oversees the work of all the genetic engineers involved with the recoding of Earth’s people.

I see Joysia as more human looking than feline. He looks like a cross between Ben Franklin and a lion. I see him with glasses, kindly and gentle with a wonderful sense of humor. I plan to have a picture of him on this page in the near future. I have already ordered it from Phyllis Furphy.

This group is currently working to assist us in opening the secrets stored in the Sphinx and under the Giza plateau, the secrets that will unlock our history and enable us to return to our full multidimensional state. But we must recode our DNA up to the level where we can access and make use of this information.

They are the ones who encourage us to use crystals to grid our planet so that we can sustain higher frequencies which will aid us in our DNA Recoding.

One another note, I have been told by Devin that there will be three people who will travel to Egypt in the near future to unlock a doorway to a secret chamber. This chamber will house the information of our past (planetary and universal) and will also have written within the names of the three individuals who opened the door. I wonder who they will be and do we already know of them? More here - http://www.nibiruancouncil.com/html/siriusaalliance.html
Pleiadian Federation Flagship, Nibiru - http://www.nibiruancouncil.com/html/flagshipnibiru.html# More here - Lyran Federation Flagship, Pelegai - http://www.nibiruancouncil.com/html/flagshippelegai.html More here - Comet Elenin (aka Northwind) - http://www.nibiruancouncil.com/html/elenin_northwind.html More here - The Christos Alliance - http://www.nibiruancouncil.com/html/christosalliance.html
Please remember that some of you people are starseed family to these races down through the ages. If you like BASHAR, then you will understand how some people are able to visit us from the future timelines. [ FREE MATERIALS ON HER SITE, as well as free downloads.]- By Jelaila Starr, Messenger,Teacher and Author.
More here about the Galactic Federations Councils - (A Journey Through the Multiverse) - Paper #8: Galactic Federations and Councilshttp://wespenre.com/3/paper08-galactic-federations-and-councils.htm
The Third Level of Learning- Table of Contents:

I. Abstract. Galactic Federations and Councils

II. A List of Galactic Federations and Councils

III. The Galactic Federations and Councils Under the Microscope

iii.i. The Council of Thuban

iii.ii. The Council of 24

iii.iii. The Council of 12

iii.iii.i. The Andromedan Council (The Council of 12)

iii.iv. The Confederation of Planets

iii.v. The Council of Zendar and the Rings of Saturn

iii.vi. The Council of 9

iii.vii. The Council of Elohim

iii.viii. The Nibiruan Council and the Galactic Federation of Worlds

iii.ix. The Ashtar Command and the Galactic Federation of Light

IV. Afterword

Paper #8: Galactic Federations and Councilshttp://wespenre.com/3/paper08-galactic-federations-and-councils.htm [On my personal note; I am NOT promoting anything here in this posting. But what I am doing is showing this forum, and non-members that there are many differences, and confusions, and that you should use your inner guidance while reading this posting, and on any others. The point is to LEARN of the many different alien sources/groups, and their motives, and of their claims they are either here to help mankind, and this planet Earth, or not. BB5050.]

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