What Do You Think of Donald Trump?

by Quinton on December 18th, 2015

I'm curious to know what you guys think of Donald Trump. Do you think he has a chance of becoming President of the US? Do you think he is controlled by the banking establishment? Do you think he is part of the New World Order? Do you think he would make a good President?

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freedmftr88: My thoughts on Trump

I don't know , I just can't seem to take Trump seriously. To me , he seems like the greedy capitalist archetype of satirical literature from Scrooge of The Christmas Carol to Napoleon of George Owell's Animal Farm. He seems like he's just there just because he's a celebrity. I was hanging out at my local Pride community at the time he was elected and he was barely brought up unless someone there wanted to make some sort of negative comment using Trump as an adjective or some form of comparison from " I don't want to Trump it ! " or " Well our non-profit organization sure as hell ain't no Trump Tower ! " , so there was this cold bitter vibe that I've observed from the Pride community before I left.

I seen my Twin Flame at a Christmas party and she thought it was awful but didn't say anything further. I more so described the energy that I was picking up after the election. This grey , silent , western ghost town with a tumble weed feeling. This feeling of all hope is lost.

What was interesting about me was I almost was giving in to the fears that everyone had of Trump. But I just kind of looked at the political system as a whole. No president solved anything, whatever. They aren't some kind of superhero or have magical powers that can turn water into wine. So not too much longer I became an Anarchist and still am since.

To me anarchism makes much more sense. Perhaps Trump's wake up call helped my spiritual awakening and helped me find this site. I was just being spiritually guided to truths beyond what we were taught to conform to and everything.

It reminds me of what John Lennon said about how the system seems to be like " Adult Parents ". They are going to fix that. But what about people guiding their own lives without some superior to tell them what to do. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DDf3vcvaRw4

I may have watched a lot of Rachel Maddow , but I only watch her for Rachel Maddow. ;) Even if I turn off the volume. :) lol

Plus I'm an artsy fartsy creative sort of person who's more interested in philosophy and spirituality than politics anyway.

So in conclusion, I just see Trump as a living breathing political cartoon caricature and nothing more. He may have had a wealthy prosperous millionaire mindset but that's it. Perhaps that's the only nice thing I can say about the guy.

As Mel Brooks put it , He's not a president , he's a showman. A song and dance man. A performer .

And perhaps that tyes in any form of hierarchy warship. It's just a human puppet show put on by The New World Order. Stand for the flag , kneel for the cross. Nationalistic , Patriotic , brainwashing , BS !

It's like the Pope , Dictators or Monarchy. They say something to their followers and do something you would never imagine them doing off camera.

Nothing has changed , only the names.

Kind of reminds me of the President from Mike Judge's political satire film Idiocracy. lol :P

Tarheel: happy to have you here, freedomfighter88

You bring very good topics and points of view-certainly compelling pieces that make people think.
I know I have said it before but we are happy to have you aboard, chief.

freedmftr88: Thanks :)

Thank you very much :)

Tarheel: I think....

I think he's blowing it. He has the opportunity to be one of the best and he's done nothing about the deficit or to help middle and lower classes. It's all been for big biz. I voted for him and I feel there's no way he will ever get re-elected unless he pulls a rabbit out of his hat. I hope he does and I hope I'm wrong but to this point I'm severely disappointed. He's got a year and six months to turn it around . I hope he does. Im ON to 5d. This 3d political crap is old and tiresome.

Gabev: He is a very strange

He is a very strange president. But with him I began to live well. I went to business, I even began to be interested in cryptocurrency - https://bitcoinbestbuy.com/quick-guide/

western_yogi: Minion of Q or Better known as Queztcoatl the feathered draco



the ones who were awake to read the vibrations felt this to be true before he was elected and knew this already.

the ones looking for someone to come save them well, they realized they were duped again.

no one can save you, you have to save yourself.

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