What Do You Think of Donald Trump?

by Quinton on December 18th, 2015

I'm curious to know what you guys think of Donald Trump. Do you think he has a chance of becoming President of the US? Do you think he is controlled by the banking establishment? Do you think he is part of the New World Order? Do you think he would make a good President?

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HebrianDaniel: i think he is idiot. he is

i think he is idiot. he is racist to black people and i dont think people will vote him
both hispanian and black people wont vote him and i doubt if he will be president
if he will that will be only inside job

killaj22: Maybe I'm Crazy

I like the guy personally. Do i think he will win? It's going to be tough with both sides of media outlets constantly bashing him. Being racists? Maybe to some he is, towards Mexicans and blacks? Have you read his stances on policies? He wants to prevent "Illegal Aliens" From entering our country. I don't see what's racists about that towards Mexicans. The media plays it like he doesn't want Mexicans to come to the U.S. and that they are all rapists and bad people. NOT true, he wants to prevent bad people from sneaking into the country illegally. He welcomes people coming here the RIGHT , LEGAL way. Blacks can say what they want , but by stopping the influx of illegals, and the huge amount of refugees pouring into our country, more jobs will open up that aren't taken by undocumented person's that are paid under the table. He states that in his foreign policy plan, by reducing the costs from the large amount of illegals, and the strain they put on the economy, more jobs will open up and will benefit the black community. But I know how racists that sounds.

He doesn't say ban all refugees, but rather make the standards for being able to get in tougher and more strict to prevent " bad people " from entering. And before I'm labeled insensitive towards other groups people, we have thousands of veterans homeless and living in poverty, who risked their lives for U.S citizens. Why can't we do more to help them just like the refugees? We as a country have messed up priorities.

But in all honesty the fact that both sides, and most major media outlets are doing what they can to bash and discredit Trump, makes me like him even more. It leads me to believe that the "MAN" or " THE ESTABLISHMENT " is scared of him winning. The corrupt system does not want Trump.

Why do you think we go to this website for alternative news? To take a break from the propaganda and search for real truth.

But I respect everyone's opinion, and if that's the way you feel, then so be it. Everyone has different life experiences and events that shape and mold their mind and way of thinking. I may be biased in my views because of how I was raised and the environment I lived in. In no way am I bashing you HebrianDaniel. Just my opinion.

To answer your question Quinton, I like Trump. I think he's fighting an uphill battle. Do I think he's apart of the banking establishment or NWO ? I'm not sure, he's a billionaire so he could be, but with the media treating him the way they do, I'm not too sure. 100% believe he would be a much better president than the current one.

Quinton: I agree with everything you

I agree with everything you said killaj22.

Now let me be clear: I would rather there be no President and no government. I would rather each person and family look after themselves and help others. I would rather each person not initiate violence on other people through taxes. But I still think we're a far ways from this.

So in our current government paradigm I like Trump. I've always liked Donald Trump. Do I think he would make a good President? Well I don't think the President really does much. Things like the Federal Reserve control America much more than the President. The President has to still have a lot of things go through Congress. The President, although becoming closer and closer, isn't yet a full blown dictator for the US. So I don't think it matters much who is President.

But with that said, from a marketing and branding perspective I would much rather have Trump as President than somebody like Hillary Clinton or dare I even say... Rand Paul. While I like Rand Paul's views more than Trump, at this point I would much rather see somebody like Trump as President. I say this because I would rather see somebody with balls, which Trump has, vs somebody who doesn't have fight in them. I would much rather have somebody say what they think, even if I don't agree with it, than somebody say what they think is right to say. I, and I know a ton of Americans, are so sick and tired of everybody trying to say just the right things and not offend people. I'm so freaking sick of it. Especially when Americans are the least racist, most courteous and generous people the world has ever seen.

So it's cool to at least see somebody push back on a lot of the bullshit we currently face. I find it fulfilling to see somebody press up against the media and all the brainwashed sheep that have no guts or individuality. Again, I don't agree with a lot of what Trump says. But at this point in the country I think it's past that. This country is going down anyway. I would rather it go down with somebody who can at least defend himself and have his own individual voice than a bunch of drones that don't have the guts to stand on their own 2 feet.

I don't think he's part of the NWO, but who knows. Just the fact that Trump did an interview on the Alex Jones Show means a great deal to me. Not a lot of people would do something like that.

So that's my take.

Terran resistance: as an outsider...

as outsiders; outside the US, WE are always perplexed why Americans are always taken in so heavily by their politicians and hang on every word they say. This is why most people outside the US think Americans are stupid, truth be told.

Chris: all of hummanity

No matter what country is just as dumb down as the rest on this plane we are all ruled by the elite in this matrix and are hypnotized by it no matter anywhere in this world all humans fallow there leaders around this planet

Terran resistance: i agree

i agree, it just pisses me off that people still think the elite are working for us when they are not.

Tarheel: Mixed feelings on The Don

My jury is still deliberating, although my first inclination (months ago) was that he is a buffoon as a presidential candidate.
To answer your other questions...
1) Yes he has a chance
2) No, I don't THINK he is controlled by anyone. He's way too egotistical to be controlled.
3) I don't think he is a NWO pawn. I think they are scared shitless of him, and think they will try to undermine him for fear of what he could be. When he came out and said he would support GOP policy, he did gain some credibility with the party and the anti-sentiment seemed to subside. I think they still question his loyalty. Time is running short for them to gut his chances.
4) I think he has strengths and glaring weaknesses and they would show in office. I'm leaning towards YES because he seems sincere in wanting to fix The USA, and he could cement himself as a great one if he cracks the whip.

I would LOVE to hear him address the gross inequality in wealth distribution, TPP & unemployment. The debates need to address the real issues.

By the way, did EVERYONE see that the TPP has provisions in it to compensate media for NOT exposing the deal for what it truly is ? This deal is about globalism at the expense of Americans.

435: To me it doesnt matter who is

To me it doesnt matter who is and who is not the President.

All the world is a stage. Everyone an actor who plays their part.

Its just an experience to me- a beautiful one which is not determined by anyone/anything outside Self.

Great topic!

pasqualie: If you want some change

i think Trump is the only one that has a shot although remote to get elected and bring about some change.

Hillary Cruz or Rubio wont change anything, they are status quo good cop bad cop electorates chosen by the elite.

In the very least I think trump will secure the borders, and stop giving companies tax breaks to move their factories abroad and sell the stuff back to americans working for lower wages.

Trump is good news for american jobs, bad news for emerging markets. Its why the media and corporate elite dont like what he is saying cuz its gonna hurt the corporations in the pocket book cuz they all operating out of asia and other emerging markets with their cheap labour.

Other than Ben carson, Trump only other guy not taking lobby money along with rand paul. but rand paul has zero shot at getting elected.

As for being racist, i dont think he is. He is use to being on tv, so what he is doing is being a shock jock to get the publics attention. When he has to get deals or stuff done, or something he wants, he will work with anyone like he did when he was doing business.

If you are american trump is probably the only guy that has a chance to bring some change, and is in the average joe's corner somewhat.

Ya he isnt politically correct, but at least he is honest somewhat. Rest of the politicians have a track record of telling you one thing, taking a paycheck from lobby groups and corporations and stabbing joe public in the back once they get into office.

If the media and corporations are against him, there is a reason why. Cuz he saying stuff that will change what has been going on for the past 30 years. Also he is an outsider, not picked by the ruling elite, and he has so much television training he makes the other candidates look like clowns.

pasqualie: Right now the plan that has been going on

Is good paying jobs have been moved along with manufacturing out of the usa and north america as well as parts of europe, so the american citizen doesnt have as much purchasing power, and so other areas of the world will emerge as new markets with purchasing power.

so they are trying to shift for the past 20 years at least the purchasing power of the average citizen in europe and north america. they payed off the politicians to give companies tax breaks to shut down factories and move them to china and abroad. So the profit goes up from lower labour and operating costs as well as the stock price. Cuz they just ship the products back to north american markets to sell at lower prices.

So as other markets and consumers gain more purchasing power, those in north america and europe will be left out in the cold once they become irrelevant.

Its why they trying to sell low paying service economy now, saying its better than having a manufacturing base and having an economy or country that actually produces something tangible to sell.

as for that climate change conference, i think its just a scam they set up to set up carbon trading banks to drive up cost of living and inflation. its how new billionaires have been made like with al gore and his carbon trading bank.

humans produce 2 percent of the worlds carbon dioxide output of the earth. so slashing it wont make a dent compared to the volcanic activity and the methane being released from under the polar ice caps.

Likely is caused by a natural cycle related to the suns cycle of activity. when the sun is active like it has been, earth has had higher temperatures, when it is less active with flares and solar storms, the earth goes into ice age.

So the carbon tax is just a new scam by the elite to drain money from the average joe, and assert more economic control over them by making it more expensive to live. When the masses are focused on survival and distracted the elite have more control and can do what they want.

pasqualie: But dont look at him as someone that will change the world

I think he will be less interventionist although he will build up the military.

And I think he will shift for the time he is in power, the job and economy situation as well as securing the border issue in the usa somewhat. The united democratic republican agenda will be put on hold for 4 to 8 years. Thats about it.

obsrvantlouie: Trump is no different than Obama

If you think otherwise than you are falling into the lull just as planned. Big Corporations run Amerika and the world....Donald Trump is Big Corporate. No one gains as much power as he does and isn't apart of 'the gang'.

Donald Trump has made POLITICS interesting again.....(omg shoot me)....the debates have turned into a bad bad bad cross over of Jerry Springer meets Survivor. Literally, people have been dumbed down with so many bad Reality TV shows.....they actually find debate politics on MSM interesting.

That he says "some" things to rile people up is all apart of the script.....people are waking up and starting to realize our system sucks.....in comes Trump and I CANNOT tell you how many people have said something like this "well, he's a little crazy but he's got balls, maybe that's what we need".

No, No we do not need a witless rude dipstick making policy and and dealing out executive orders. I think trump would lead Amerika right into a real life Hunger Games, o yea, he would be a great candidate for that scenario.

He's an actor.....he's playing his part nicely and it is 110 % bullshit. His modus operandi is that he is a loose cannon right? Can't you imagine how easy it would be to crash the economy or start WW3 with Trump in house? Don't get me wrong, I don't care for anyone the MSM is pumping for Presidency but Trump is a buffoon.

I guess it doesn't really matter.....6 or a 1/2 a dozen the proper candidate will be selected appropriately by the banksters. I can't decide if people are this stupid or if people are this mind kontrolled.

Tarheel: Tell us how you really feel

That's why we love you, OL !
Sounds like The Don has chapped your ass good.
I like Bernie Saunders but if you notice EVERYONE (media/GOP,etc) wont even mention him as a contender.

pasqualie: I dont think every candidate is the same

I think as long as they dont touch the federal reserve and a few things in the military they have room to do what they want to some degree.

An example is canada just had an election, if every leader elected was the same then they would do the same things. Conservative harper who backed big oil in alberta and joined the american bombing mission against isis lost. Trudeau campaigned on pulling out the canadian jet fighters out of iraq as well as building more infrastructure and he won. And he informed the americans they are pulling out canadian jets out of iraq.

So i think trump will build a wall on the mexican border and he will deport some illegals to make an example. And i think he will not be as interventionist.

As far as world war 3 or crashing the economy, i dont focus on that. If its gonna happen its not in my control, and only feeds into the fear as well as body consciousness. Trump has ego but end of the day he is a business man, he will do what he needs to to get what he wants. Just like as a business man he kissed both democrat and republican butts to get what he wanted.

Also he has a better chance of bringing some change than the established politicians running, who had their chance to change things and didnt for decades.

Clinton, Cruz, Rubio wont change a thing, they are in the lobbyist and big oil as well as central bankers pockets.

Trump is just playing the shock jock role right now, cuz he knows the people are sick of the same thing.

Not saying he wont bend or become corrupted and play the game like the others once in office, but right now he is going against the grain, which is more than the other established candidates are doing.

Also the economy is crashed regardless of whether people want to admit it or not. The amount of debt floating around no way it gets paid. Only way to correct it is to reset it all back to zero. The lent out 40 dollars for every dollar the banks had in deposits for decades. There is not enough money or insurance to cover it. And printing money and bailing out banks and insurance companies only kicked the can down the road, it was like putting alot of bandaids on a gaping wound.

Once they start raising interest rates its gonna cause a new round of defaults. Banks holding onto like 4 million foreclosed homes at the moment cuz if they put them on the market it will only crash the market more, so they hoping things stabilize.

It was the interest game they were playing, lower interest rates kill the dollar, raise interest rates, kill the economy. There is no way out of this by manipulating interest rates.

If you look at various states from california, illinois, florida and many others, they are in so much debt they cannot get back into the positive without filing for bankrupcy which is currently illegal right now. But back door negotiations, they looking for a way to make it possible for states to declare bankrupcy.

Its why countries were looking for a new reserve currency because they have too much american t bills. Which will never get paid.

Its how the american economy was running since the 60's, they financed everything off other countries buying t bills cuz they thought it was stable and they would get paid back eventually. When the countries stopped buying in 2000, its when problems started happening and they were printing money to fill the holes, pay the government workers and pay for other expenses to run the country.

Its how its running right now every time they pass a budget, they print more money to pay back debt and run the country, and get charged interest by the federal reserve to do it. Making the debt increase.

so to think the economy is not crashed already is naive. they printing money getting charged interest to pay bills, salaries and run the country. america is already bankrupt. detroit, and san bernadino declaring bankrupcy was just the begining.

just wait till the baby boomers retire and that is felt, when a large purchasing population doesnt buy anymore and starts to drain the economy in pensions, social security and medical costs. Its why countries are raising the age of retirement cuz they spent the pension money and they hoping the seniors die before they have to pay them their social security and pension benefits.

enejenny: Life is all about to keep

Life is all about to keep trying........

jakedaniel27: Americans should vote for Bernie Sanders

I think he's bought a lot of air time, and therefore is a household name. According to a poll yesterday he has a 23%-33% acceptance rate among Republicans according the most recent poll*, and therefore, technically he has a chance. But, there are 303 days until November 8th. In that time I truly hope Americans will see him for the demagogue he is. His economic plan is all about raising taxes, and has nothing to do with the gross income inequality most normal Americans are suffering. Not to mention his ridiculous wall that he seems to be obsessed with commissioning. Again, something that if enacted will affect regular tax paying citizens, not business moguls with deep pockets.

So, you ask, Do you think he has a chance of becoming President of the US?
My answer is h3ll no.

Is he corrupt? Do banks own him? Not as much as they own Hilary, but the Koch Brothers are running his political campaign. He may not be influenced by bankers, but he's interested in his own money. He will most definitely not be raising taxes on himself, or his business partners.
That being said.
There are 303 days until November 8th, and in that time the Democratic Candidate Senator Bernie Sanders will become a household name for his ideals, morals, political history, and his goals for America. Already he's 13 points above Clinton (Who is also a complete joke), 50 percent of the same poll*, to her 37%. I want a president who will attack Wall Street, not one who works on Wall Street. He will raise taxes that conglomerates and large corporations will have to pay which he will then use to make public colleges and universities true to their namesake: public. AND FREE. Oh not to mention he's going to raise the minimum wage to $15, "It’s not a radical idea to say that someone working 40 hours a week should not be living in poverty." - Sanders.
I'm not gonna go on about how awesome Sanders is, but if you haven't checked him out yet you definitely should.

American's may listen to the voices that shout the loudest, but I have a feeling they'll get over the novelty of having a celebrity run our country as soon as the reality sets in. If you vote for Trump or Clinton, be assured we will be at war within a year of their inauguration. I'm not down with that. I personally would not like to be nuked because a jackass who can't control his words or a war hawk is in office.

Do I think Donald Trump would make a good president?
Absofckinglutely not.

*That poll has a margin of sampling error of plus or minus five percentage points.
Definition: Demagogue, a political leader who seeks support by appealing to popular desires and prejudices rather than by using rational argument.

killaj22: My 2 cents agian

Have you looked at Trump's Tax plan? He is lowering Corporate Taxes which would help keep businesses in America. Lowering Income tax so that Americans bring home more on their paycheck. Just to name a few examples of how you are off about him being "all about raising taxes."

His wall idea. Seems like a good idea actually. Walls are effective and at least he is trying to give our country a true border again, where illegals can't freely cross . He welcomes immigrants and foreigners who come here the right " LEGAL " way. How is Mexico going to pay for it? Tariffs and other taxes. Maybe I'm crazy for thinking it can work. Lots of people throughout history have built walls to keep people out.

How on Earth do you think Bernie is smarter economically than Trump? Do you really think McDonalds and Burger King are going to pay burger flippers and cashiers $15/hr? they will find away to reduce employees and use computers to fill those positions to reduce the costs of wages. So really the $15/hr would hurt those poor unfortunate workers because there wouldn't be as many jobs. Now have you ever thought and wondered, hey what if there was equal work ethic in this country? People want equal pay and equal opportunities, but they don't want to work equally as hard. Maybe we should start there, everyone busting their ass to help their neighbor an vice versa. Oh and these fast food type jobs are designed for HIGHSCHOOLER'S who don't have many skills and need gas money, spending money etc. They are not designed for someone to raise a family and take care of multiple kids on. He is right though that someone who works 40 hours shouldn't live in poverty. Those people working 40 hours are paying so many taxes that go towards programs for people who don't work. SO he is correct in a sense.

Free college? Free for those who qualify for the "Free", but not free for those paying the taxes to fund it. There is no such thing as FREE! somewhere someone has to pay.
Let's have the state and federal government pay for the free college!! well that sounds good on paper but those budgets are already maxed out and barley balanced as it is, where is this imaginary money coming from to pay for it?? From the taxpayers pocket. And why should I have to pay taxes for other people to go to school when I saved up and went to college and have already graduated?

Trump being a billionaire doesn't mean he works on Wall Street but he is a billionaire who owns corporations so I'll give ya that one.. but riddle me this, " Why would Bernie, having been in Politics for 30+ years, all of a sudden want to overthrow those corrupt wall streeters and corrupt corporations? He's been in the mix with them for 30+ years! But now all of a sudden Bernie is sick and tired of it!

Be at war within a year?? We are already in perpetual war with state funded Terrorism!! at least countries would respect us more than right now with Obama. He is a joke and has portrayed America as being weak.

BUT If you truly believe the things on this website that deal with Shadowy Gov't's and secret societies, then you may realize that no matter who becomes president, their plan will be carried out and everything I wrote above won't matter because it's all part of the deception. Trump will most likely not be allowed to win, or will be rigged to seem like he came close but lost, or they may just take him out all together. It seems that the Powers that Be are scared of him winning and are doing everything they can to discredit and bash him on every news outlet, republican biased or democrat biased stations , doesn't matter. He is getting heat from both sides, and If we are to believe that major news outlets are propaganda, and not the whole truth, why should we start believing the things that they say about Trump?

Either way though I respect everyone's opinion, I do not expect to agree with everyone but that is the point of free speech.

435: My opinion (for what its

My opinion (for what its worth to You) is that I am up for anything!

It's all an experience- all the world is a stage! Everyone is an actor playing a part! Enjoy the ride! Get in Your own head and meditate! Be thankful for the vast array of experiences available to all of us! Trust the UNI-Verse (One-Verse/Code/etc) which You are! You are "It" and "It" is You!

I know We are all at different levels of thought, understanding/overstanding, etc, etc- thats another awesome thing about this experience! You chose to come here to do this! So enjoy it!

Trump, Clinton, Bush, whoever- means nothing to me but another experience to enjoy!

Your own Self ("higher self") chose for You to do this.

Thanks for reading!

Quinton: Well said! Great way to look

Well said! Great way to look at it :)

Zurke: What Do You Think of Donald Trump?

I think Mr Trump is saying what a huge amount of people feel. The media will not give an accurate view of how a lot of Americans feel. They tow the "if you don't like immigrants eating a massive amount of our government resource or taking the low wage employment no one else wants then there is something wrong with you". The list of issues effecting Americans is long. The usual dems and repubs (political lifers) talk about fixing, stopping, correcting have not done anything but make the issues worse. We just wait for the next election and a promise of putting things right. The media tells us who to elect and for what reason only to find status quo.

Trump is promising everything under the sun just like the promised one Mr Obama did to get elected. Like Roman Consuls they promise the people what they want to hear wether or not it is good for the country. Trump is an outsider we know he is big business but so is every candidate that gets money from them. They are bought and paid for before they walk in. But Trump is going against what the media and the current line of candidates are telling us. As preposterous as it sounds he appears more honest.

Bernie and Trump would be my prediction if the media was out of the picture.

Tim Lovell: I personally think trump is

I personally think trump is an awful person and god I hope dosent become president

cmmartinpa: Trump Will Go Down In History As A Savior Figure

I personally think Trump will not only win the presidency but go down in history as a savior-type figure when it is revealed that he was fighting to save us from the NWO from implementing their false ET invasion scam to further enslave humanity. Any one who says that they think Clinton is a better choice is either completely ignorant to whats really going on in our world OR they are part of the NWO scam. I trust Trump to lead us into a new Golden Age. I am true believer. Its what FEELS right to me and this election has taught me to trust my own "gut" more than the bullshit factory known as Mainstream Media on television.

On a personal note I am deeply grateful for the ETI helping to stop the NWO from their wicked plan. Thank you for waking me up. I look forward to our many discussions.

LettersToCleo: If Trump wins, he wil be the first pedophile president

look up his upcoming dec 16 court date in rape of 13 year old girl with jeffrey epstein, convicted pedophile in nyc

Quinton: Why does everybody magically

Why does everybody magically wait until 2016 to file all these lawsuits against him?

LettersToCleo: I think the better question is

why didnt the republican party bring this up, he would not have gotten through the primaries, and they would have had a viable candiate in a winnable election.

Quinton: What would convince you that

What would convince you that Trump is not a pedophile?

LettersToCleo: The Issue is

they let him run for oval office with this trial coming up in december.

they shouldnt have let him run, because of the embarassment of it, should he lose if he is elected. as well this is going to happen in december after the election.

if they had brought it up in the republican primaries, trump would have been finished.

Quinton: "if they had brought it up in

"if they had brought it up in the republican primaries, trump would have been finished."

This is you admitting that it is being used politically, not because people care one way or the other. Nobody cared in 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011 and so on. People still don't care, they just parrot whatever the media tells them to parrot, like you're doing right now. There are real pedophiles out there that in fact do sick stuff, but instead you'd rather discredit real cases with this garbage.

When everything is over and it turns out he is not a pedophile will you come back here and state that you were wrong? Or are you too arrogant to admit to being wrong? We can even bet some money on it if you want. $100 says he is not a pedophile. I'll give you 3:1 odds. I'll put up $300 and you put up $100. How could you go wrong if you're so sure?

LettersToCleo: the reality is he has a court date

dec 16 2016, that is real. its not some story or conspiracy made up, and he hung out with his buddy convicted pedophile jeffrey epstein, and jeffreys brother said he went to the island on the plane with trump.

you may try to minimize this as nothing, but its far from nothing.

he is being accused of raping a 13 year old girl with jeffrey epstein and then threatening her life and her families if she said anything to anyone.

so look at it how you will, is not something thats gonna dissapear cuz you dismiss it trying to make it appear as no big deal.

so we can see what happens in december to see who was right.

killaj22: Speaking of Pedophiles

Have you heard/read anything about the newest scandal involving Clinton, Podesta and their associates?

Google Pizzagate and go down that rabbit hole a bit. I think if Trump was a pedo, the many powerful people, involved with pedophilia, that did not want to see Trump win, would have thrown him under the bus long ago. That's how they keep people in line, through black mail. Could be wrong though, like you said we will see in December.

I am not saying that this information regarding Comet Ping Pong and Besta Pizza are true, but it is worth a look if you believe the 13 yr old rape case against Trump.

I think this is the 3rd time they have filed the Civil law suit on Trump regarding the rape.

Honestly I can't understand why he would want to rape a 13 yr old when he has been surrounded by super models his entire adult life.

LettersToCleo: They are all in on it Killaj

All elite are corrupt as I have always said. Trump Clinton Soros, english royalty all ran in same circles before trump ran for election.

Its just tarheel is into picking sides and thinks trump is the new age savior of the world cuz he drinking too much cool aid and is in victimization programming thinking someone gonna save humanity and himself cuz he dont take any personal responsibility for himself and thinks reading new age fear porn raises his

cuz i say the entire system and all of them are corrupt, tarheels only response and not an intelligent one at that is i am some establishment shill lol. lack or deductive reasoning for tarheel, desperately hanging onto victimization programming that someone gonna come down and save him with him doing no work.

right now tarheel thinks trump and the white dragon society and putin gonna save him.

in reality its just a game the elite play, illusion of they on different sides while working together on multiple issues like space and other things. white dragon and rothschild are the ones that set up this mess in the first place after world war 1.

so tarheels is on a level of thinking and model of the world as the new age paints it as cowboys against indians.

killaj22: Hope he wasn't involved

I can agree that most of the elite are in on it. I just find it hard to believe they have been on Trump's side this entire time. He took a beating daily in the news from all sides. Why try so hard to discredit Trump at every turn if you are secretly wanting him to win? I just feel like that would be counter productive to their agenda. But maybe not, Trump did win after all.

It could be my natural biases and whatnot making it hard for me to believe Trump would be involved in Pedophilia. I voted for him and defended him on this page almost a year ago. I have been an avid Trump supporter from the get go, but I do welcome open thought and discussion and in no way am I trying to say that you are wrong.

Seriously though, check out Besta Pizza and Comet Ping Pong. Go to Reddit and check out their sub called PizzaGate. It's very sad that this stuff happens.

I've read articles and different sources that claim Trump's name is in the little black book. I did just go through it and indeed It is in there.

LettersToCleo: You are not looking at the money they make

Even brexit, certain elite like soros funded the leave campaign and made a killing on shorting stocks and the currency.

As for trump he has been hanging around the elite circles with soros and clinton, so saying he isnt apart of that group is incorrect. as for the pedophilia rings, trump hung out and went to jeffrey epsteins parties and home. to say others are involved is one thing, but trump and epstein were actually accused of rape, where as others who hung around epstein were not.

As for the elite allowing trump to be elected, it was just two people they had running, clinton was anti russia and free trade with wars. trump is anti chinese and iran, eroding your civil and constitutional rites like g w, as well as more wars.

trump doesnt operate out of the bubble because he is president now. if you listened to bill clinton when he talked about why he cant disclose ET or ufo information. Bill said there is an inner government and an outer government, and he doesnt control the inner government. In wikileaks they talked about the shadow government in clintons emails.

what this means is trump can do certain things with permission from the puppet masters, but if he tries to do his own thing, well ronald reagan another outsider found out what happens. and after that ronald reagan towed the line what ever they wanted.

i am sure trump will have a meeting with the puppet masters so they will tell trump what they expect from him while he is in office.

LettersToCleo: if trump was truly anti establishment killaj

he would say he will abolish the federal reserve, but he wont because he knows what will happen if he says that. he knows who is bosses are.

LettersToCleo: soros was backing both horses

he funded clinton, and trump owes him alot of money from loans he gave for his hotels cuz he cant get traditional commercial loans cuz of his bankrupcies.

so it really didnt matter to soros who won. do you really think if they didnt want him running or they didnt believe he would do their bidding he would have been left breathing.

if they got to kennedy and reagan they can certainly get to donald. he was allowed to run cuz they know they can control him.

only difference is with trumps pledge to massively build up military, they will will be making alot of money off the military defence industries and wars. in trumps case his focus will be middle east, china and iran.

as well since he is anti climate change as well, elite will be investing in coal fire plants and fossil fuels again to control the world. clean energy will be scrapped again. and the paris climate change accord will die again.

end of the day its all distraction though. with transhumanism, and geoengineering, they pushing to make humans under AI control by 2050.

even various scientists and nasa saying humans as we know it have 2050 to 2100.

the rate of population growth we are at 7 billion, the doomsday number was 12 billion.

basically after that you looking at population doubling of that in a short period of time.

it took till 1940 to hit 2 billion. then by 1980 it was 4 billion. then in 2002 it hit 6 billion. it will be 8 billion in 2025. will reach 16 billion by 2100.

bacteria in a test tube. rate of how bacteria eat up resources similar to humans and the planet, food and wars, bacteria basically grow exponentially until they can no longer be sustained in the test tube. so they have wars and canibalize and there is an exponential population crash after that from what they have studied in test tubes.

food gets scarce as we are seeing, especially with abnormal weather as well as the bee populations callapsing globally. they finding bee populations callapsing associated with geoengineering cuz they found high levels of aluminum in the dead bees. and coal ash in the particulates dropped goes into oceans which causes huge algal blooms which absorb huge amounts of carbon dioxide, but kills the ocean creating huge dead zones cuz it acidfies the ocean. causing marine life and fish stocks to callapse cuz the acidity dissolves the eggs. its why the cod stocks off the east coast never recovered, even though they reduced or banned fishing of cod in hopes their populations recover.

Quinton: You are making huge over

You are making huge overarching statements that are open to infinite interpretation. You would first need to define what you mean by elite and corrupt if you're going to make such statements.

Define elite. Define corrupt.

LettersToCleo: by elite

all those in positions of great power and influence in government, society, and religion. they are controlled by those that control the constructs of control such as money media and politics.

like those that own the private bank of the federal reserve and other central banks that prints the money for americans and charges them interest. by the way having central or private banks on a national scale like that isnt capitalism or democracy.

Quinton: Meh, I agree with pretty much

Meh, I agree with pretty much everything you say so there's really no point in arguing. I think Trump is more of an outsider than you do but I am in agreement that nothing will change and if he tries to change anything major he'll be gone.

LettersToCleo: evidence of hacking in 3 key swing states

not that it matters who wins the election because they will be puppets of the PTB anyways.

but they are finding manipulation of votes that possibly indicate hacks in 3 key swing states.


also there is also the 157 faithless electors who could alter the results of the election legally although it has never happened before in history.

LettersToCleo: there are two groups of controllers quinton

run by the elite using the contructs of control .

there is the window dressing, the ones that are visible and you know their names, world leaders, religious leaders, corporate heads, military , bankers, mass media, the billionaires or wealthy elite. this is the visible puppets.

the ones in control that control and direct those puppets, they stay behind the scenes, and their names and identities are unknown.

Tarheel: LtC has nowhere to go

He's way too transparent for that.
Establishment Boy has a dark agenda.

LettersToCleo: defending a candidate with that kind of baggage

and a court date coming up on raping a 13 year old girl, and saying its ok if he is elected president, says alot on what your views are on the topic and that particular issue .

i guess we know who the shill really is for the NWO tarheel. cuz no one else thinks having that kind of baggage on a candidate is a positive or good one to have, and one worth defending.

your opinion speaks for itself on that particular issue since you seem to be ok or even think its normal to have a candidate with that kind of court case coming up in december being elected.

LettersToCleo: as far as betting quinton

i dont believe in gambling so if you want someone to take you up on a bet, i am sure you can find someone that likes to do that kind of thing.

BenjaminFalkenrath: The Donald

Well, personally even on his reality TV, and years ago. I thought he was a prick. He has an arrogance about him. He doesn't treat women at all good. An he is a big mouth, but I'd rather him than Hillary so. Well, now he is President so it's just a matter of waiting & seeing what happens next!

LettersToCleo: Nothing will change with Donald Trump

It is delusion to think donald trumps gonna change anything.

he may be an outsider but he is not the first.

even with ronald regan when he didnt tow the line of the elite, he got a bullet and after that he did what ever they wanted.

donald has a family he has to worry about, he will tow the line for the elite or same thing will happen to donald or his family. As well donald hung out with the elite even before he ran for president.

LettersToCleo: Only difference between hillary and trump

Is the wars they will start. Hillary is anti russian.

Trump is anti chinese.

The fact trumps gonna do a massive military buildup should tell you he is not pro-peace. Military industrial complex supports trump because of this. All the war monger generals who think they can survive and win a nuclear war are on trumps side. Bush on steroids with emphasis on torture being ok, and tossing out the geneva convention.

As for his plans i doubt he gets any of it done except the wall and maybe infrastructure. Trump has alot of old republicans in power, Its part of the reason rubio came back to block his immigration policy.

trump will have the democrats and republicans voting against the fringe parts of his platform so he wont get much done.

LettersToCleo: Its a pretty simple plan for the elite

too many republican establishment elected so they will keep donald trump in check with the republicans voting against anything that the controllers dont like.

If donald trump doesnt follow the elite, he will lose control of the senate in 2 years to democrats making him a lame duck.

you cannot use the system against the system, the one ring enslaves and controls all and only has one master.

only way to escape the matrix is to save yourself by doing your own inner work. there is no cavalry coming to save the day.

tarheels a victim and brainwashed or a disinformation shill so he will tell you otherwise. he likes victimization programming. its why it spews from his new age victimization programming that someone is gonna come save you so dont do anything, and remain trapped. I doubt he does any inner work of any sort, and just reads the new age fear porn thinking that raises his consciousness.

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