What do you think of Bitcoin?

by Quinton on June 26th, 2013

Is anyone here familiar with Bitcoin? I heard about it a few years back and never really paid much attention to it. As of a few months back when it started to gain a lot of attention I looked into it much more. It seems like a really interesting concept, and if it were to gain traction I think it would give the establishment a "run for their money".

I would imagine if left on its own without governments trying to shut it down it would continue to grow and become a problem for many countries. But I am pretty sure governments are going to come after it really hard at some point and find a way to shut it down or make you out to be a criminal for using it.

What do you guys think?

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Crackdown: I have heard, but never used

I have heard, but never used it, because nearly all the shops accept Paypal or CC, not Bitcoin

Tarheel: I've heard of it but never paid it much attn.

Interesting concept, and I'm sure THEY would have issues with it. But, HEY-why not have an alternative currency for We, The People?

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