What do they think, that the Extraterrestrials won't Return?, Ha Ha Ha Ha!

They won't return?, this is the Playground for the New World Disorder?, I don't think so.
The Invisible Elephant in the Room is closer than they appear.



Crigitine: I remember this video when I

I remember this video when I first started looking at the real way of current life back in February. Heh I remember shuddering at the last 5 minutes of the image of the reptilian art. I was especially afraid after watching so much of the MKUltra and various shape shift malfunctions caught on live broadcasts. I have this forum to thank being able to sleep again after that lol. Thank you Edisonik.

bluesbaby5050: Well, I do agree with this,as I also saw those too

I hope we all will be able to sleep good when the Great arrival takes place soon. I will be on my guard at all times from now on! I hope other people will too.This is really serious.This is not a game here. Falcon.

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