Were the titans pleiadians?


The titans are a greek mythological group of gods who were overthrown by younger gods called the olympians in a mythological war called the titanomarchy.

So what evidence is there that the titans were pleiadians? The pleiadians are a race of extraterrestrial beings by the way.

A mountain peak at mount olympus is called Titanus, this is where the titans were supposed to have lived, and this is made up of a white mineral called gypsum, what is interesting about the mineral gypsum is that it breaks down very easily, and its a white mineral.

The word gypsum is derived from the Greek word γύψος (gypsos), "chalk" or "plaster".

So what?


Theres a story in Mayan mythology of the first beings being made of gypsum (stories change from tribe to tribe but the story is predominantly the same).

That there existed a group of beings made by the gods who were made of clay sometimes gypsum then they got washed away by a flood.

Then the gods made another race of people and they survive because of their superiority of the materials the gods made them out of e.g wood (because wood floats), but the myth changes from source to source and tribe to tribe.

So from this we can see that the titans were probably white and were probably wiped out by a flood. Also according to contactee alex collier, some atlanteans wre pleiadian and are white.

whats interesting is that Atlantis was supposedly wiped out by a flood and Atlantis was named after the titan god Atlas, there was also an Atlas who ruled atlantis aswell, but it is uncertain whether or not they were the same person (they probably were).

Also people who used to live on the Canary Islands before settlers showed up were also red haired and white many people have postulated that they were descended from atlantis, and therefore the titans.

Also it is possible that the word gypsum comes from the word gypsie or they have a simlar word origin. And as you know gypsies are sterotypically white or of irish descent, and used to do alot of trading in the old days.

Also it is possible that gypsum comes from the word egyptians, many people have suggested that ancient egypt is a direct descendent of atlantis and therefore the titans.

Many pharoahs were red haired and mummified the dead just like the people who used to live on the Canary islands.

Perhaps gypsies were wondering nomads who were descended from atlantis and had no homeland so moved from place to place until the people got fed up and kicked them out.

A mass exodus of people from egypt or white flight because of more africans moving in might have inspired the story of the mass exodus of the jews from egypt also gypsies coming from Egypt.

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bluesbaby5050: So why did you post this?

What was your purpose for this post? I can't speak for anyone else here,but I already knew all this information here. And who does not know the Pleiadians are not Aliens,except a second grader! The Pleiadians are from the star system of the Pleiades. And this star system consists of 10 total stars. 7 of these stars are so bright that we can see them with just our naked eyes on a clear night.The ten stars are not in any orderhere,Electra,Taygenta,Sterope,Maia,Merope,Celaeno,Alcyone,Atlas,Pleione.

Terran resistance: clearly this material is too advanced for you then

if you dont understand just say so, instead of being a dick.

the topic is about the titans, I was giving evidence that the titans are pleiadians.

bluesbaby5050: CLEARLY-IT IS NOT!

Clearly-It is NOT TOO ADVANCED FOR ME/US HERE!! You are Not Superior to any of the people here.You may think you are, BUT YOU ARE VERY WRONG! YOU ARE NOT!

Tarheel: Socio/Psycho-pathic behavior will not go unpunished.

Nobody will understand those who dont understand themselves. It's yet another attempt at end-around disinfo, BB. In Tonys(plural-(>1 Tony) case, it's a diss-EDinfo agent.

bluesbaby5050: Also, I will Add---

The Pleiadians that were in part REsponsible for the Final ,I say final because there was actually 3 events of a catastrophic nature that Atlantis had suffered in it's time.They survived the first 2.The very Final one was do in part of the Pleiadians spaceship that Broke away from the foundation of Atlantis,and causing massive distructions as it did so. And the Misuse of the Giant Crystals they used for their energies.The Group of Pleiadians that were responsible for this was the Group of Pleiadians from the Planet of Taygeta! Not all the Pleiadians were at fault. These Pleiadians are back here in this present time trying to correct the Karma from those events back then.They were supposed to stay ,and help the remaining people of Atlantis excape to other lands for safety.They chose to leave us behind and save their own butts, and for this act, they had to come back and help us this time around. And they are here now,some Not because they want to be,and some Want to be here.They HAVE to be here now,to help us,because of their Karma they had incured from the past event during the Final days of Atlantis. They Need to get rid of this Negative karma.To do this they have to be here to make amends to the Human Race. In Human form,as some of us have Reincarnated as humans for this,and others have not,as they are here VIA spaceships,and are Pleiadians.

Tarheel: Yeah-TR's "Pleadians are Titans" left 2 sentences in, BUT...

...but you were somewhat right about "the gods made another race after the 1st was washed away". It was The God (singular), and that god was Lord of Creation=Lord Enki.

You're coming around, but you'll never get it, TR. We may resort to throwing you off a cliff like your deplorable video of animal cruelty. We never forget. Never. You will always look over your shoulder.

Annunaki77: Awsome Knowledge Bluesbaby5050

You truly are a Master Teacher , I am truly Proud of you Falcon Goddess.
Those Arrogant Pleadians must fix the problems they created on this Planet.

reginahoward: Yeah. They're part of Greek

Yeah. They're part of Greek mythology. I love it. :)

dcboy60: Titans = Pleiadians?

I don't believe the Titans were Pleiadians.

dcboy60: Titans = Pleiadians

I say that because recently I remember listening to a talk about the true story of the Titans and the Olympians on the Andromedan Council Website. I don't remember the Titans being portrayed as Pleiadians. There should be a recording of that talk on the Andromedan Council Website. I cite this website because I believe it is truthful. I could be wrong about this, but I believe I would remember if the Titans had been portrayed as Pleiadians in that talk, which I listened to a couple of months ago. On that website they discuss also or I should say Tolec, the Andromedan Council representative to Earth, tells a story about the Lakota or Dakota tribe and how they were brought to the Earth from their home planet, which is in the Pleiades.

Bellerophon: I don't think so.

The destruction of Atlantis is said to have come by the actions of the Greeks. But the Greeks at that time were nothing more than simple tribes, and Atlantis is said to have been the most advanced civilization in the world.

There is an error in the translation of texts when modern historic figures took note of the oral stories of Atlantis and the story entertained in it. Its not "the Greeks", but the "Greek Gods", which would be the mythological pantheon of figures they adopted, which would be the only other technologically advanced civilization up on the far North (at the time), place we know as Hyperborea.

So the Hyperborean civilization destroyed Atlantis. And Atlantis was probably situated a lot more southern than you are suggesting :D. Well, south in today's point of view of the world. Back then it was 'east and 'west' :).

Jynxallen: My bones are white.

My bones are white but my skin color is not. Is it possible these pleiadians where made of a white substance called gypsum but their skin was of a different color? Also could the,word Indian be a declassification of the word pleiadians?

bluesbaby5050: There is more then one kind of Indian race on ............

Planet Earth. There is EAST Indians from India, not the same type. Then there is the Indians from the West Indies called Jamaicans.( MISTAKEN FOR NERGOS by some Ignorant people). Then there is the Indians from North America, know as the Native North American Indians. Then there is the South, and Central American Indians know as the Mayans, and Aztecs, and the Incas. There are also sub groups from these groups. Early peoples used many similar objects of color to express the colors of materials such as skin or bone to describe the color. Bones are white in color like Plaster because plaster is white, and not because of it's chemical compositions like in plaster. Your bones are white because of the Calcium compounds contained in them. Our skin color is just more or less condensed in pigment, and this gives different appearances in color. The first skin color was green, and then red, and then black, and then yellow, and then while, and these changes resulted in the various skin colors over time, that we see today, because of the Nuclear wars that happened in our ancient history in the middle eastern regions, and the resulting evidence is shown in our many colors of skin, because we suffered many mutations from those nuclear wars of long ago. No skin color is more superior to any other, although secret societies would want you to believe this as truth just to divide humans against each other, and to conquer us humans. Climate also plays into this over time too.

UN.i1-PHI: Macka B - Jamaican

Macka B - Jamaican
♪ ♫ ♬ ♩...them love the sound, them love the vibration... ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬

bluesbaby5050: SOME Pleiadians are known to be of the Red skin race.....

And they are located in North America. And it is said that they originated from the Pleiadian star system, and they came to Earth and settled here and are now known as the Hopi Indian Tribe. There are seven main stars that show up very brightly, known as the Seven Sisters but, there is over 100 other stars contained in this Pleiades star system.

Tim Lovell: BB it is time to let it go

BB it is time to let it go

you can stay here and be with all this or it is time for you let it go

you decide...

bluesbaby5050: I just answered a question for a new member here...............

Since no one else cared to after he/she waited a while for their question to be answered. And leave to Go where to? I have nothing to decide as I see it. May I ask you Tim where you decide where I go? I go where I decide, and not because someone tells me to. For that matter.........You COULD OF ANSWERED THIS NEW MEMBERS QUESTIONS, instead of me. I did wait for others to reply, and NONE DID.

Tim Lovell: BB I am sorry I didn't mean

BB I am sorry I didn't mean to offend or mislead you here ok sorry forgive me I am sorry ..

bluesbaby5050: Then what was your REAL INTENT/MEANING?

By your statement? It made no sense to me, except for the meaning as I read it as it was CLEARLY written. This new member waited over an hour for his/her answer to their question. You had the answers also, and you were on here at that time, and chose not to answer, and so I did. Then you type this message to me expecting me to know your hidden meaning in your statement. Do you care to explain yourself?

Jynxallen: Intolerance

Everything that was is and everything that has been will be again. Thank you to all who responded to my post. I am tolerant to all views and I would hope that during this time of awakening we keep an open mind. Perspective is a funny thing because it is n the eye of the beholder and a common misconception is that I must walk a mile in your shoes to understand you and how you feel.mThis is but an illusion we are all ONE and I am U. I see U, I feel U, I breathe U. We are but cycles infinite possibilities of yes and no of ying and yang the alpha and the omega the son and the creater and the created. Intolerance breeds acceptance all debate is good under the sun.

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