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Before Lord Enlil came with Awsome Nibiru to Destroy the Beasts Lord EN KI had to prepare a Great Vessel with a DNA Bank of Animals from every corner of Planet Earth. Two of every kind as well as NOAH's Family.

This included some of the Animals you would classify in your Science Journals as Dinosaurs.
In Ancient classifications you would call these Animals as Dragons , Behemoths . Leviathans Etc.

Some of these Animals were spared a horrible death because Lord EN KI being the King of Beasts wanted to protect his Creations from his Mad Brother who never cared for the Life Sciences of Creation, he just wanted to keep Mining the Gold and other Minerals for Tyrants on other Star Systems.

Today we will talk about the Ancient line of the Behemoths , you would call them the Dinosaurs.
These Large Animals lived with Man , Woman & Giants alike. The Wilderness was covered with Behemoths during the days of the Eden Facilities and the Giants Feared these Animals as well as the Ancient Humans and ET Beings alike were food for the Beasts in the Wilderness.

One only has to watch the Movies of the Jurrasic Parks Franchise to understand why.

The Earth in those times was Very Rich with Animal Life. The Dinosaurs did not die Millions of Years Ago like your Scientists Claim, they are very wrong with their Analysis. These Behemoths Died in the flood Thousands of Years ago when Nibiru arrived and caused enormous Disasters on Planet Earth, the Great Flood washed Humans , Giants and Dinosaurs alike to their Deaths.

But I will not get into this Evolution vs Creation nonesense, there are various Cover ups going on with the Fossil Record like Human Footprints along with Giant Carniverous Avepods/Therapod Dinosaurs, Skeletons of Giants etc.

Human Footprints have been found alongside Dinosaur Footprints , Scientist claim that they were carved by hoaxters but that is a big lie because these Human Footprints would go into the Rock for many miles along with Dinosaur Tracks.

These Human Foot Prints would be in the Running Positions as Humans in those days would be constantly running because of the Large Mutated Birds that would be chasing them.

Birds like Tyrannosaurus Rex , Birds like Utah Raptor, Birds like Allosaurus, Carcharodontosaurus Etc.
These Birds were the Patriarchs of their World.
These Animals were on TOP of the FOOD CHAIN and they ate what ever they wanted. They ate Giants , Humans , Extraterrestrials , Duckbill Dinosaurs, Triceratop Rhino Dinosaurs , and many other Animals.

So I do not want to discredit all the hard work the Paleontologists have done excavating these Titans because they took these Giant Skeletons out of the ground of Earth and Sparked the Imagination of untold Millions of Children from around the Planet. The Paleontologists even discovered Red Blood Cells from T-Rex Bones further proving that Dinosaurs are not as old as the Evolutionits claim them to be.

Dinosaurs are not Millions of Years Old but rather Thousands of Years Old and these Animals were around in the Days of Noah.

All Therapods/Avepods were warm blooded & Feathered like the Cassowaries and Ostriches of today.
All Long neck Apatosaurus type Dinosaurs are also warmblooded and lay Eggs like the birds of Today.
Triceratops was warmblooded and layed Eggs also like the Birds of today.

Dinosaurs are Birds and Birds are Dinosaurs.
Also in the CONGO/AFRICA , SOUTH AMERICAN/AMAZON , AUSTERALIA/ JUNGLE and in the OCEANS there are still Living Dinosaurs which were released after the flood.

Brontosaurs / Apatosaurs ( Long Necks ) are still alive in The Congo Africa , The Amazon South America.The Africans call them Mokele Bembe , in South America they are Diplotocus.

Triceratops is also alive in the Congo Swamps.

Some Therapods are still alive in the Amazon, killing and eating humans who stray from Civilization.Humans looking to live in the Amazon must be warned not to go to deep into those Forrests because Carnotaurus is still alive there. Living there right now while I am posting this.

Ocean bearing Mosasaurs are still alive that eat Large Sharks all around the Equator of Earth.
Long Neck Elasmosaurs are still alive in fresh water in Europe and Sabretooth Cats also live in Africa in remote regions as well as Large Thunderbirds with Leathered Wings.

Humans are Ancient just like the Dinosaurs.

Let any who challenge do so my information do so.
For this is the Truth from Heaven.

Extraordinary Evidence that Dinosaurs Lived with Man - Dr. Don Patton (The Record of the Rocks)


Prehistoric Predators of the Past Episode 3 Rise of the Feathered Dragon Documentary)


2 Unlimited - Twilight Zone


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Tim Lovell: mmm carcaradontosaurus died

mmm carcaradontosaurus died out in africa in the cretaceous ...

I have a fossil tooth :)

edisonik: Yes but Carnataur Lives in the Amazon

Therapods are alive. In the Amazon.

edisonik: Smaller but still dangerous

Smaller still dangerous.

dvogel: Long Neck Elasmosaurs

Long Neck Elasmosaurs would be kind of tough not to have been discovered in Europe with all the extensive fishing and all the submarine traffic. However I do believe in the deep waters around south america that giant squids exist.

Tim Lovell: carcaradontasaurus skull was

carcaradontasaurus skull was discovered by paul sereno and it was as big as t-rex and hunted huge sauropods like nigersaurus etc , spinosaurus was around at the time also but probably fed on fish like most spinosaurs , baryonxy suchomimus etc

Tim Lovell: there is one place where

there is one place where dinos are still alive in thuban the ciakar actualy ride cepatosians tricepatops etc into battle for sport they pyshcily dominate them before mounting them fighting steeds, they used to have and use tyrannosaurs but they proved too dangerous and killed the riders too often and then the breeding female they cloned off died so now they only have the triceratops they visted earth 65 millions years ago on their trade routes and landed and took back specemins of dinos they thought could be used etc , this was WAY before the lyrian humans were seeded by the felines in lyra etc.

But dinos alive today on present day earth I dunno...

HebrianDaniel: you know noah name might not

you know noah name might not be orginal as well. he also have another name called
Utnafistim as mentioned in Enuma Elish a ancient babylonian book tale same like bible book tale.
and even so Utnafistim and noah might not really be real person that also can be possible
because the myth books has so much of disinformation that the truth in its its hard to decipher

Tarheel: I thought pteradactylus were "The Sky Kings"

How about these awesome creatures, Falcon Master?

UN.i1-PHI: Scientist fired after 4,000 years old discovered dinosaur fossil

Scientist fired after 4,000 years old discovered dinosaur fossil '

Mark Armitage, who until recently worked at California State University, was recently fired after he had dug a Dinosaur fossil with soft, flexible tissue From the tissue, which was not fossilized, Armitage made [the conclusion] that the fossil could not be Millions of years old
[read more]...

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