Weird masonic adverts - got to love 'em

First up we have the mercedes benz car advert about some random guy who makes a deal with the devil.

The devil is seen with a masonic ring and on the devils contract we have the papal insignia which has been slightly changed, with the alpha and omega symbols representing the apostle Barnabas and Paul and the letter P which represents the apostle Peter.

At the 35 seconds mark you see a symbol for the constellation of Orion, which is symbolic of the three marys and the apostle paul from the bible. (three stars in Orions belt, three goddesses/marys in the bible, The apostle Paul is associated with the all seeing eye which I think represents the lambda Orionis nebula in higher level freemasonary in the constellation of Orion.)

Second up we have An advert for Wolfthorn.

We see a man with two wolfs on his back this is symbolic of the three wise men whos symbols are dogs/wolfs. The three wise men symbolically represent the apostles John the Baptist, John the Evangelist and James the son of Thunder, who symbolically represent the dog star system in higher level freemasonary.

Third advert up we have an advert for gillette

we see three masons posing as the three wise men in the advert and at the 26 seconds mark we see three women posing as the three marys from the bible.

fourth advert up we have an advert for a car by KIA

two robotic women represent two marys from the bible and represent this:

The car symbolically represents the devil from the devil tarrot card. The Devil represents the apostle Barnabas and represents the Hyades cluster in higher level freemasonary.

Im sure theres plenty more, if you send some more weird ones my way im sure I can interpret them for you XD

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Annunaki77: GOOD WORK TR


Terran resistance: I think the people at mercedes

were honestly trying to warn us.

Terran resistance: The vatican

The vatican is a satanic organisation
They are a bunch of Barnabas, Paul, Peter worshippers.

This is why its so hard to tell the difference between who owns the world, whether it be religious zealots or satanists, its the missing piece of the puzzle that has been kept secret for 2 milleniums, and has never been allowed to enter any mainstream history books.

Also astrotheology has been kept very secret from the lower level freemasons, this is how they have purposely constructed their heirarchy of control, with religous people at the bottom, and the people in the know at the top.

Very clever, the only possible explanation that can be deduced from this is that this hierarchy is not terran in origin, it is far too complex. It has to be done on purpose. No second thoughts about it.

bluesbaby5050: Tinofoerlottes-SPAM


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