the website a hate site

the website is totally a hate site, eveything they post is so hate filled, i literally spent a couple of hours on it before i just got fed up. There hatred for muslims is so unquestioning and for people that are not like them in anyway is ridiculous. Anyone who expresses a difference in opinion is instantly pounced on is called a troll and so on and so fourth and they have an absolute hate for freedom of speech over there, i wont be going down that neck of the woods again unless to expose the site as a hate site. All they do is talk politics and dont seem to realize the game is rigged against them. And there were so many freemasons over there, seriously! what do freemasons do for a living...

So i thought I'd share this video about the controlled media.

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Quinton: I see this type of thing a

I see this type of thing a lot in alternative news / conspiracy sites. People are very quick to label anything different than their own view as a troll or government shill or something like this. It's an ad hominem attack where you attack the person and not the actual message.

Terran resistance: well

Its great that people have alternative views but its annoying when everyone have extremist views on everything, like for example see that illegal immigration is wrong and want to stop it but cant see it from the immigrants perspective and cant see the shear innocence of wanting a better life for themselves, what ever happened to the midde ground? why does everything have to be two sided all the time, why not three sides, four sides, why does everything need to be made into a duality in order for there to be debate? Two sided debates pose extremist views of the world, when there is so no middle ground as well... but thats my opinion. Defy duality limitations.

Tarheel: ATS is a joke.

We agree. I frequented it a few times 6-8 yrs ago and it was totally disinfo crap then. I'm sure it must be a nightmare now.

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