we lov e you

by Annunaki77 on November 16th, 2017

We love Adamu , we love all who Love Humanity. Our Love for our Children is beyond comprehension.
The Evil Ones are being removed by the Elohim , all negative Politicians , all negative Pharmaceutical people who kill Starseeds , all who kill the Children through Abortion, all who engage in War.
All who enslave Adamu on Mars also for Manufacturing Space Craft for Space People in this Galaxy, you enslave Adamu therefore Mars will be cleansed of this Evil.

Here us when we call you Adamu , we are you , you are us , We are One , Free , Indenpendent , and Rebelious of the ways of this Babylonian System.

A System Enlil has Created , trust only Adamu and not this Criminal System , the Banking System.

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