by Annunaki77 on April 18th, 2013

Extraterrestrials are not better than Humanity, as a matter of fact they are more Murderous, more Ignorant, more Selfish , more Arrogant , more Stupid and are known to Lie and stab each other in the back. It is clear that Humanity is a Mirror Image of these Alien Groups.
War, Love , Hatred , Understanding , Ignorance , Wisdom , Insanity .

Humans have learnesd these things by the So Called Kods themselves.
So do not feel Unworthy of your Free Will. Live Life without Regret.
Kudos to Humanity.

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Dreg Hunter: well said Annunaki77! It's

well said Annunaki77! It's true. We were made to be benevolent slaves to scum sucking extraterrestrial turds but have turned out to be Gods' most favored of creations, or at least that's what we're heading towards. Once we're done being led around like idiots on monetary chains we'll be on our way as a new race of children of the stars.

Be good, be strong, be true because if you do, you'll be being yourself. Revel in our humanity, we are GOOD!!!

bluesbaby5050: I LOVE Your Choice of Words Dreg Hunter!

There're very well chosen to express what, and how you feel! You ,and me,and Annu 77,and Edisonik, and others of LIKE-MIND,and Spirit feel the same! Your a Breath of Fresh Air on this forum. I Hope you have a Long stay with Truth Control.

Dreg Hunter: You have no idea how

You have no idea how refreshing it is for me as well. "They" do not want this! Dividing good, uniting bad! Well, I'm going to curl right up with all of you here. Thanks for being here and being you! ;-)

edisonik: You have spoken wisely Dreg Hunter welcome to the forum

Well said Annu 77 , you speak bluntly but so truthfully.

sun: we are ALL in ONE vessel,

we are ALL in ONE vessel, with dormant memories of our past, waiting to be unlocked, broadening our consciousness, so we become more and more aware of who we can and should be. :)

Tarheel: All memories are traces of tears, good or bad.

Yeah, we're all in 1 vessel, BUT... not all of us are headed the same way.

Although I believe we will all get to the same place ultimately...eventually...

LoveTruthPeace: I'm waiting and getting prepared.

Can't wait until that day when those of us can finally be at peace in our element. This world and the mannerisms of these heartless people have always been so strange and unnatural to me. Will see you all there.

Tarheel: If I dont....

"If I don't see you no more on this world, I'll meet you on the next one, and don't be late. DONT BE LATE !"~ James Marshall (Jimi) Hendrix

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