We are Cursed to be Afraid to Give or Receive Love

by AdamSay on November 25th, 2016

We are cursed, We want to remove the curse.

The curse causes us to fear seeing and loving ourselves, thus causing us to fear and distrust one another. In the place of Love forms a false impulse to hate and destroy one another.
Yet we have not forgotten our desire to be together.
So we have become practiced in possessing one another, as property. (As a demon possesses a host)

We learn to control one another so as to avoid the pain of possible envies or betrayals.
We have been fooled into believing that believing in Love is a weakness that spells certain doom for the most naive of fools, when in fact Love is the only remedy to every single pain caused by this curse.
The creator of this curse derives their power from something that works outside of Love, so they created this curse to snuff out Love, and thus increase their power.
But they forgot something crucial:

Love is the event when nothing became something - and in that moment, a billion trillion times over, something becomes nothing, and back again.
Even everything that is not of Love, or seems to exist outside of Love, ALL of it is still emanating from that very first event, which is STILL called Love.


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