by Annunaki77 on August 3rd, 2011

The Most Unique Species of the Eridanus Galaxy the Terrans. We are the chosen ones, we are the Holy Ones, the Species that will bring Balance to the Galaxy. We have been abused, enslaved, decieved, starved, killed, slaughtered, oppressed, terrorized,eaten and manipulated.
The Time has come to find our place in this Galaxy that is filled with Reptiles,Greys, Wolves and many other Species as the Chosen Ones of the Eridanus Galaxy.
The Draco Fear us, the Greys Fear us, the Reptilians Fear us, the Orion Queens fear us, Sirius fears us.
Why do they fear us do you ask?, they fear us because of our Unlimited Potential, we have their DNA, as well as the DNA of the Great Falcons. Many Great Teachers have come to send this Message to you, Teachers Like Jesus who knew the Secrets of the Creation of Humanity, Teachers like Confucious who knew the Value of the Awsome Human Being, Many Great Teachers from all around the World who Taught the Secrets of Life and the Value of the Human Being.
They were all Correct all of Humanity no matter Language, Race, Creed or Religion is all One, sharing a Planet which was the House of the Mighty Mount Olympus.
The Anncient Battles has left Planet X destroyed and then recreated by Our Lord Enki, the Son of the Mighty King Anu, Conqourer of the God/Dog Zues, Ex Ruler of the Bod Star System.
Earth is what remains of this ancient Battle between the Gods.

Lord Enki was Betrayed by his own and killed on Mars many many thousands of Years ago he was laid to rest in the Face Statue on Mars for it was Mars that he started his first experiments on the first blueprints of an Adamu and Adama Humans.
Betrayel will not go unpunished, killed for the Concepts of Free Will, Passion and Destiny.
What has been closed has opened again, the Experiment of Free Will , will Succeed as Ordained by the Lord of Creation.

We must awaken so our children do not end up on the Draco Dinner Table.
Our Children are our Future for the Human Race and Planet Earth, we must not let Governments Feed the Draco our children.(Homeless Children and Runaways), Products of a Decayed Society.
We must keep our Families Strong!,The Illuminati want to Destroy our Families, we must be strong in Defiance of Tyranny.

Our Strength comes through our Families , it gives us something to fight for Terrans.
100,000 Children are leaving Earth every year,from all around the Planet.
This Deal was made with Global Governments for Technology Exchange and the Aliens that have an Interest in Human DNA and Resource purposes.

They want to destroy this Species via the NWO, via Vaccines, Banker Occupation, War, Hunger, Disease, Lies and Deciet.
We are the chosen Ones , we will Prevail, we are of Primate DNA, we are of Canus, Falcon DNA, Reptilian DNA, Andromedan DNA, Lyran DNA and we will Prevail. As our Corrupt Systems fall apart because of the Lies the Treachery we will take our Planet back from Oblivion.
We will no longer be enslaved by Monarchies who do no not accept our Divine Bloodlines which is the Blood of Earth(Terra)Clay.

We are the chosen ones we sacrifice our Blood, we kill the Dragon, no more living in fear we must raise and become the Gods we are destined to become.

The time of Decadence, Class and Ignorance will soon come to an end. Humanity will Evolve as Prophecy has fortold, behold the Terrans (The chosen Ones). Blacks, Chinese, Native Indians, South Asains, the Whites, together we stand as the most awsome Force this Universe has ever seen, Divided we will be enslaved and used as a food source.
United we will overcome any challenge! we become invincible.

The Alien War that is coming is about Benevolance (Free Will and Self Responsibility) VS Malevolance (Slaves with no Free Will).
The Greys want our emotions because in the past they considered emotions as a weakness so they removed emotions out of their Race. Now they want emotions back because their Race is dying.
We the Human Race are the only hope for this Galaxy.

In 982 years into the Future the Pleadians will start to show Genetic Breakdowns, the Pleadians need our Women to mate with to make their Race strong, they have been interbreeding too much so they need our women to boost their DNA with PASSION, the Gift of the Feather which they do not have like the Earth Terrans.
Passion is an Awsome creative force.

The Reptiles are Terrified of our Awsome Power. Embrace your Godlike Power Terrans of Earth.
The Answers to all of your Questions is inside you!, find yourselves each of you have a key to unlocking Humanities Future Lord Enki doesn't make mistakes, also beneath the Pyramid of Giza in a Vault which is protected with traps and Giant Lions which are in suspended Animation that protect the Vaults of Ahamenta the Ancient Books.

Be aware that when battle begins the Moon will be gone first, so when Humanity see's that the Moon disapears, battle will soon begin between the Forces of Evil and the Forces of Good.
The Moon must be removed so that the Earth doesn't get destroyed by this Battle of the Titans which will occur again.

We must respect our Planet, We must Respect Ourselves, and we must Respect Each other Humans , without these Values we are nothing!!!!!!!!!.

The Benevolant Battle Ships will enter the Inner Earth via the Earths Poles to Flush out the Reptilians,these Lizards will be seen because of the Benevolant use of Force.
Remember that the Draco are a very large Reptilian Race,there is a Royal Line of the Draco, they are called the Seekar, they range from 8 feet to 22 feet tall, they can weigh up to 1800 Pounds.
They have Leather like Wings, they are Glorious and Awsome Beings.
They came from Alpha Draconis, they do not care for the Human Race,the Draco were the first to live on Earth. They consider Humanity the Invaders.

More of the Draco are coming back to Earth. The Draco are coming back because they do not want humanity to Evolve and Colonize other Planets, we must be Strong and we must show them who is the Real Tough Guy on the Block. We the Terrans are the Chosen Ones.
The Draco already blew up three Human Planets , countless Innocents have died because of these Bully Reptiles.

When you start to see World Politicians from all around the World Resigning and Quiting their Jobs you will know that the time is Near and that the Dragons are coming to Destroy Humanity.
We must stand tall and defend our Planet from these Bully Lizards.

I will be with you my children, I will defend our Sacred ground, together we will be victorious over our Reptilian Enemies. Those who betray the Human Species will Pay a heavy Price.
The Adamu and Adama will be protected, Treachery will not go unpunished, Lord Aya will always live in the Hearts of his Creations. Lord Aya can never be killed even by Treachery Canus Warriors Loyal to Prince Enlil.

Strength and Honour to the Terrans of Earth, may you find your way in the Oceans of Lies, Treachery and Deciet. I Love you all. Let time be my vindicator for time exposes all truths.
The Terrans are the Chosen Ones, Embrace your Destiny show these Aliens what your made of! when they attack your Planet in the Future.

Da Aya Ba El.



One Planet As a Republic for all Humanity forever!.
I am a Traveller of Time and Space forever my Family Terrans of Earth.


aslund76: wow

ten years ago I would have laughed at this,
now Im seeing truth!

Annunaki77: There is nothing to Laugh about

The Better Picture would blow you out of your own skin. This Whole Matrix is more or less a Pet Project of the Extraterrestrials. This is Serious Power, Serious Business, Souls Multi-Dimensional Beings , Aslund76 you are a Multi-Dimensional Being.

This Gig is a Galactic Project, Can you understand the Gravity of the Powers involved here.
Did you know that the United States almost went to War in 1985 with the Tau Cetian Republic of the Galactic Federation. They where stopped by the Andromedans and the Pleadians because a War would cause mass chaos on Earth, there would have been many casualties.

But if that wasn't enough the Project is not only Jepoardizing the Empires of Sirius , it is also jepoardizing Orion. You see when a Person Dies, it is not the end, far from it, they can Incarnate as a Reptilian or a Wolf Being, and many other ET Races.
So when a person dies they carry their baggage with them from one lifetime to the next.
So if a Soul Matrix that believes in Freedom and Independance on Earth and then Incarnates in a Tyrant Star System like Orion and even Sirius, these Soul Matrixes are having an Impact on Orion and Sirius , so the Canus Beings and the Reptilians are trying desperately to subvert our freedoms here on Earth via the NWO. But they will fail because we are practically in the Age of Aquarius. The NWO already Lost the battle against humanity, they just don't know it.

Serious Heavy Artillery is here on Earth, John F Kennedy has reincarnated, Abraham Lincoln has reincarnated, Martin Luther King, reincarnated, many Sages and ancient Beings are here in human flesh, they are here because this is where the Party is, even many ET Groups are here, they know that the Incredible times are here on Planet Earth.

There are some big players here, I feel so bad for the Nwo.
This is going to be very interesting times, lets Party all night long.
Live your lives without regret!.


aslund76: well

how do you know all this?

aslund76: we

we are made in the image and likeness of the Most High,Yahovah .

Phaminator: I haven't been on the site

I haven't been on the site for a while but i always wondered with this question; "is the world today being controlled by something that I don't know?" which is the time before I came to this site around feburary. Since then, my questions are answered as I read many threads that I haven't look into them until a month ago along with reading some books about ancient Mesopotamia.

caseyhue: Let's see..

No body can change what you believe or feel in your heart. I believe in god, but I don't believe he made us in his own image, since god isn't human. He's energy ... In my opinion he created everything in this universe.. even all the aliens out there an including us. We too are aliens so to say we are superior or the only one is hog wash. I was brought up to believe god made us in his image, but I started to doubt this an many things over 20 years ago. We must all wake up we are puppets on a string an must all remove those strings.. I try to look outside things an then look down on things, not just visual,. but mentally too. You begin to see more things clearly an questions more things. These are my views I don't expect you to believe me, but it's what I feel an that's what i rely on these days not so much what I hear an was taught. Look inside you feelings you will start to see things differently.. Trust yourself.

Annunaki77: Good Work Caseyhue

You are Awsome , trust nothing, question everything. It is your Divine Right.

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