We Are All Co-Creators of Our Reality, Right? (Also, the Matrix)

by Chris on December 8th, 2016

We Are All Co-Creators of Our Reality, Right? (Also, the Matrix)
by Tanaath on 02/06/16
One very popular concept in the ‘New Age’ community is the notion that we are all co-creators of our reality. As with all of the big New Age notions, there is an element of truth to it, but the popular conception is incorrect. The popular conception (which was groomed specifically to be a disempowering red herring) holds that we are all creating everything jointly, and therefore all of our suffering is something we deliberately chose.

Once again, in a healthy universe (and this is a phrase I’ll be using a lot when it comes to these notions), beings live lives full of experiences that they desire and create. There might be little blips here and there due to the movement of the fractal, but in general such blips are only temporary until things sort out and return to normal. If someone gets a little out of hand and starts working on a reality that others don’t like, others can just leave. The price for having ‘your way all the time’ is generally that you end up in a reality that consists only of you and those who have chosen, for whatever reason, to go along with you. If you want to play with more than just yourself, you have to make a certain degree of compromise in that you might not get your way all the time, but in general you will have a very agreeable experience of existence, participating mostly in what you choose.

In order to participate in a life that involves large portions of the rest of the universe, one must be willing to accept the realities created by the rest of the universe, or at least willing enough to play along for a while. There are degrees of this. Just as we live in families, and in communities, nations, and continents, the circles of consensual realities have different degrees of how much compromise and conformity they demand for participation, and we can exist in multiple nested realities at once. This plurality of realities allow people to ‘have their cake and eat it too’ in a way – experience what they want, even if it comes at the expense of others, because they’re in a microbubble of reality in which those things are true, only just for them and those who want to be part of it. Everyone else is unaffected. (Naturally there are some people who aren’t content with this – they are not content until everyone else is forced into their reality. This is once again the root of the origins of Alternate, a small group of people with this kind of design at the multiverse level, who managed to get a chance to implement such a plan.)

In our universe, however, things don’t always work the way they were intended to. The fractal flaw was designed to permit certain expressions of reality to be easier to instigate and maintain, whether or not the people trapped within agreed or desired it, or were actively creating it. In essence, it made the ‘reality co-creation’ aspect of our universe fractal more easy to control by a handful of beings who had vastly different experiences in mind for the people of this universe than most of the people who would be living the experiences wanted.

Once again, we have a situation where the denizens of this universe expect that the apparatus should be working as intended, and thus often insist that we must be actively choosing and creating the things we vehemently insist we don’t want to experience. And then there are those who are using that accusation to try to oppress us, convince us to stop fighting, give up, and accept our slavery and torment without resistance. One group is merely innocently ignorant, but the second group is far more insidious – they’re actively attempting to crush us.

We come back to the Matrix. Most people who are interested in this kind of knowledge have heard of the Matrix. Those who have studied the idea often come to the conclusion that there is, in addition to any other form of reality bending going on in the greater galactic context, a specific Matrix on planet Earth designed specifically to enforce a kind of artificial reality on us. This is a penultimate example of the realities of many being decided by a few who have vastly different ideas of what each of us should experience. The Matrix is a kind of reality overlay on this planet that rather forcefully enforces realities that occur only within a very narrow spectrum of possibility. In order to change anything on this planet, one must play by the very strict rules of the Matrix – or not play. Or, find a way to change those rules.

What many don’t realize is that there isn’t just a Matrix over the Earth. There’s a Matrix at the galactic level, and there’s another Matrix at the universe level, and there may be others affecting us at the multiverse level or at levels anywhere in between that I’m missing. Some of these are natural effects – universal Matrices are part of the fractal correction system for instance – but when the fractal itself was broken from the start, the ‘correction’ turns into tyranny for those trying to break the endless cycles of suffering. On this planet and in this galaxy, the Matrices that affect us have been deliberately altered to turn them into enforcers of a reality no one here wanted. The nature of this means that in a lot of cases, even ET and ED people are unaware that part of their reality is falsified and imposed upon them – they’re within the ‘zoo’ as well (as one of my colleagues puts it). Being able to step outside it and comprehend the falsity is pretty rare – being able to escape its grasp is extremely difficult. The only way we will be able to do so en masse is to change those Matrices back to something more natural. I’m not yet sure exactly how we can do that, but let’s just say we’re probably going to find out by doing. We’re going to have to, if we want any hope of living self-directed lives again.

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