a way to reach OBT/Astral Projection

by HebrianDaniel on September 5th, 2014

first I have to explain about our Brain waves.

Meet Your Brain Waves — Introducing Alpha, Beta, Theta, Delta, And Gamma

06 Aug 2012
FinerMinds Team

Brain WavesIt’s important to understand how your brain contributes to the state of your mind. While most of us focus on looking at our emotions in an attempt to become happier, more spiritual beings, our brains waves and our subconscious mind also play a key part in our quest for fulfillment.

In this article, we’ll be looking at our five brain wave frequencies and how they affect our state of mind, and will be following up on Thursday with a more in-depth look at the impact they have on us physically and mentally, in addition to some exercises we can do to “switch on” certain frequencies.

Are We The Controllers Of Our Reality?

We easily forget that we are the controllers of our reality – and that “our reality” is not made up of outside influences, but that it actually consists of our thoughts, beliefs and mindset.

Therefore, by learning about the deeper states of consciousness, you can open your subconscious mind and create your reality at will, and with precision. To do this, the first step is understanding your different brain frequencies. Did you know that we all have five (Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta and Gamma), and each frequency is measured in cycles per second (Hz) and has its own set of characteristics representing a specific level of brain activity and a unique state of consciousness? Smart, eh?

1) Beta (14-40Hz) – The Waking Consciousness And Reasoning Wave

Beta brain waves are associated with normal waking consciousness and a heightened state of alertness, logic and critical reasoning.

While Beta brain waves are important for effective functioning throughout the day, they also can translate into stress, anxiety and restlessness.

The voice of Beta can be described as being that nagging little inner critic that gets louder the higher you go into range. Therefore, with a majority of adults operate at Beta; it’s little surprise that stress is today’s most common health problem.

2) Alpha (7.5-14Hz) – The Deep Relaxation Wave

Alpha brain waves are present in deep relaxation and usually when the eyes are closed, when you’re slipping into a lovely daydream or during light meditation. It is an optimal time to program the mind for success and it also heightens your imagination, visualization, memory, learning and concentration.

It is the gateway to your subconscious mind and lies at the base of your conscious awareness. The voice of Alpha is your intuition, which becomes clearer and more profound the closer you get to 7.5Hz.

The renowned Silva Method, by Jose Silva is premised on the power of Alpha. However the Silva Method allows you to achieve this deep relaxation through meditation during waking consciousness.

Understanding our brain waves

3) Theta (4-7.5Hz) – The Light Meditation And Sleeping Wave

Theta brain waves are present during deep meditation and light sleep, including the all-important REM dream state. It is the realm of your subconsciousness and only experienced momentarily as you drift off to sleep from Alpha and wake from deep sleep (from Delta).

It is said that a sense of deep spiritual connection and unity with the universe can be experienced at Theta. Your mind’s most deep-seated programs are at Theta and it is where you experience vivid visualizations, great inspiration, profound creativity and exceptional insight. Unlike your other brain waves, the elusive voice of Theta is a silent voice.

It is at the Alpha-Theta border, from 7Hz to 8Hz, where the optimal range for visualization, mind programming and using the creative power of your mind begins. It’s the mental state which you consciously create your reality. At this frequency, you are conscious of your surroundings however your body is in deep relaxation.

>Find out more about the Alpha State of Mind on the Silva Method blog

4) Delta (0.5-4Hz) – The Deep Sleep Wave

The Delta frequency is the slowest of the frequencies and is experienced in deep, dreamless sleep and in very deep, transcendental meditation where awareness is fully detached.

Delta is the realm of your unconscious mind, and the gateway to the universal mind and the collective unconscious, where information received is otherwise unavailable at the conscious level.

Among many things, deep sleep is important for the healing process – as it’s linked with deep healing and regeneration. Hence, not having enough deep sleep is detrimental to your health in more ways than one.

5) Gamma (above 40Hz) – The Insight Wave

This range is the most recently discovered and is the fastest frequency at above 40Hz. While little is known about this state of mind, initial research shows Gamma waves are associated with bursts of insight and high-level information processing.

>Find out more about Gamma Waves on the Omharmonics blog

If you are interested to learn how to get in tune with your brain waves and be able to consciously activate them, you will definitely be interested to check out Omharmonics binaural beats enhanced music. These are specially engineered sounds that are scientifically proven to affect brain wave patterns to induce positive effects.

now to reach OBT/Astral Projection.
our brain wave has to be in Epsilon wave. Means 0.5 Hertz.
its require a lot of brain training and medidation to reach this wave.
but once you reach Epsilon wave in meditation or in sleep.
its will be very easy to reach Out of body experience/Astral Projection.

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Kal El: The research I've done says......

....the frequencies corresponding ranges are different from what your source says. I am not saying my source is right.

Here is what mine shows:
Gamma 25-100 (saying most people hover around 40)
Beta 14-25
Alpha 7-14
Theta 3.5-7
Delta .2-3.5

Again, I am not saying my source is any better than yours. I'm not disciplined in this field so I cant say for sure. I do know we should constantly strive to raise our frequency, and I am of the school of thought that thinks they mean "in the Gamma range" when they say that.
I admit my shortcomings with regard to brain frequencies and would certainly change my opinion if I feel there is strong enough evidence contrary to what my source says.

Kal El: Upon further review....

....I just looked up 4 different sources and all 4 had different ranges corresponding to the Hz's. Go figure!

I did see this in my search and it is VERY disturbing. This (below) is what scum of the Earth do for a living. I believe we should have to give our permission for them to "hack us". Slimeballs !

****NeuroFocus Uses Neuromarketing To Hack Your Brain
Intel, PayPal, Pepsico, Google, HP, Citi, and Microsoft are spending millions to plumb your mind. Here's how it's done....

pasqualie: there are many sources on astral and obe

i have been trying literally for months but no dice, so i dont stress on it, when it happens it happens.

if you are looking for a good source, i recommend robert bruce's stuff.

pasqualie: Something to consider also

listen to schuman resonance over 750 hz while you relax and try to project out.

the high pitched frequencies i hear where i am close to obe, i think are in the 10000 htz range actually listening to frequencies and comparing the sound.

have been trying to astral project but still no success since last time.

I have released and cleared myself of negativity and distraction recently, and i feel my energies raised.

And although i have not had an out of body experience. through releasing and meditation something definitely has happened.

while i try to out of body, i can get into the void state quite easily now. this is the state where you feel your consciousness drop deeper, and you in a sense feel yourself drop like nodding off to sleep but as you are conscious and have experienced this, you are aware of it and find yourself in a deeper state of consciousness. everything is still black, and to some extent feel your senses going.

as well i am experiencing precognitive dreams with a 24 hr span where it comes true. nothing spectacular just something based around me that happens that i dream, and it ends up coming true or i see something that will happen and it happens within 24 hrs.

so far beign in nature. an example being the blue jays making playoffs this year with 20 year drought. they made some key trades. one of which was for all start short stop troy tulowitzski at trade dealine in august. after the trade he was in a hitting slump for basically a month.

about a week or so ago i had a dream saturday night. in the dream i heard the announcer say troy tulowitzski hits a home run and i saw it. was sunday so slept in till 2pm so was late turning on the game. It had started when i got up and turned on the tv and it was in the 3rd inning.

as i turn the tv on guess who is at the plate batting. troy tulowitzski. and he hits a home run like i saw in the dream. Ironically i get up late on sunday, turn on the tv, and troy is at the plate batting and he hits the home run, first thing i see after i dreamed it and got up late and turned on the tv.

will keep working on the obe till i get it.

as well remembering dreams more, usually the last one before you awake. a few times remember 5 different dreams.

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