by edisonik on August 4th, 2012

Free Will , Passion , Destiny.
Always Rememer the Teachings of the Book of Alexus.

There are many who claim to know the Way. None Know better than the Gods themselves.


Tarheel: Bob Dean says ""(they) want to limit our access....

Bob Dean says "(they) want to access our access to Mars intelligence". What do they say about our space craft that touched down there over the weekend (according to NASA) and is thgere to gather info? I wonder. And zi wonder IF the craft will return OR send the info it gathers.

wmarkley: dark

As long as the powers that be are in control, we will always be in the dark. this will not change till we take them down, and rid humanity of their stink.

bluesbaby5050: This Stink is going away soon!

They are going to go Down,and Humans will be Victorious!

wmarkley: yes it will

Its just a matter of time, but , yes it will go away, and hopefully we learn a large lesson, and always be vigilant to never let this happen again. I have faith in humanity, i believe that we will get it right. Jesus gave us a message of love and how to live in peace, and for 2000 years we havent gotten it right, maybe after we get rid of the powers that be, we will get it right.

bluesbaby5050: They were the Puppet masters,and ---

Humans were the puppets.Not anymore. They won't be running the show/circus anymore.

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