Water is poison

Water is something that everyone need to rehydrate but did you Know that water has fluoride. If you don't know what is fluoride it a substance that is usually used in toothpaste it helps reverse tooth decay, but usually there is a warning label that explains not to swallow the fluoride. Fluoride is in water in which we drink what the fluoride does is it can cause bones fracture, destroys your immune system, and just literally messes up anyones' body. Think about it when you drink water. I want people to be safe, thats why i posted it.


Annunaki77: Good work Waker

Yes Flouride is a Poison , that is the bottomline, many Politicians promote Flouride because it pays well, many Proffessional Whores Sell well to the System of Eugenics.

bluesbaby5050: Flouride does save teeth-it is a lie!

Flouride DOES NOT SAVE TEETH! It never did! This is a lie! The real truth is,it destroys your teeth! It makes them have very tiny minute holes in them,and this causes tooth rot! The teeth get weak,and crumble over time! Along with your bones! This is also poison for your brain too! Many harmful heavy metals,and impurities are also in our waters,along with mercury,and leads!Plant fertilizers are also in it. This is done on purpose,so you will become dumb,and die faster. This is a deaster,and has been going on since 1940's.This was also done during the 2world war in the consentrations camps all over to dumb down,and docile the prisoners! BB5050.

bluesbaby5050: Sodas have poison in them too-----

Milk, sodas fruit juices all have poison in them too! Along with all the breakfast cereals ,and your vegetables produce, and fresh fruits! Your meats also are injected with poisons too. Just about everything you put in your mouths, to eat has many poisons in it. They have even started to poison our organic foods now. Aluminum is poison, and is also used to store foods, and drinks!BUY foods in glass if you can, try and stay away from plastics,and aluminum,they poor your beers in them, and sodas.This metal causes brain damage. Many older people all over the world are suffering from brain diseases because they have lived longer then the younger generations. When I was younger cancer was almost unherd of,and children never had it! We used glass for everything! Also many people had all their own teeth,and looked healthy,and like false teeth! They died with beautiful teeth. Sugar will rot your teeth sooner if you do not brush them.We do know this. All you need to use is salt! This is a natural anitseptic,and is a natural medicine! The powers that be don't want the people to know this simple thing.There is no money in this,that is the real truth here. Too bad for us uninformed people, and our children. So sad! BB5050.

edisonik: Just buy Organic and Support your Local Farmer

Buy Organic and Support or Local Farmer.

bluesbaby5050: We try alot to do this where ---I live-

I am from. IT costs alot more, but is sure worth it in the long run. Also,this helps the farmers maintain the land, and to buy good quality seeds to plant. IT also helps him to repair his machinery to be able to plant these crops. It all works out evenly. It taste better,and is actually alive, and protects your bodies, and imune systems better.Try and plant apple trees, and some nut trees too, this will also help for a food source.BB5050.

Tarheel: Be thankful, BB. And I know YOU are.

There is a lot more of THAT where you are. There's a lot less of it around here but think about the people in The BIG Cities who dont have a choice due to supply/demand.

Buy Organic around here and we pay dearly for it. But it's worth it.

bluesbaby5050: This is a tough situation we are ALL IN.

You could try and plant patio pots of vegetable seeds,and window boxes of vegs.,and barrels full of vegetable seeds,and put all these in the sun light in your houses,and on your porchs,and on your decks,and on you patio's,any where you have good space,and sunlight! Hanging pots of all types are a great source for planting seeds! Use your imaginations people.GOOD RICH SOIL,AND ANIMAL FERTILIZERS,ALL NATURAL TYPES,AS YOU WILL BE EATING THIS FOOD,remember this please.Do not make your selfs sick buy using the wrong materials.And good drainage.You do not want your roots to rot in sitting water. BB5050.

bluesbaby5050: There are many ways to distill your own drinking water.

There are many SImple ways to MAKE YOUR HOME MADE DRINKING WATER.You can distill it yourself.. The computer has very many sites to pick from to do this, and they show how to step by step.It is very easy to do.You will be very surprized when you check out these facts for yourselfs. Do this NOW, AS TIME IS RUNNING OUT! SHOW YOUR FAMILIES,AND FRIENDS HOW TO DO THIS TOO! They need you to help them also. So just go and do--------------->www. and type ,,,, how to make your own disiilled water.com

bluesbaby5050: To Tarheel-----

How is the owl project coming along now? BB5050.

Ecbra de Oaoj: have sense.

and so; its important information.
but; we need drink water; what we make then... ? cath direct from river and stock?

very att.

edisonik: Purchase Distilled Water, or Alkalized Water

Alkalized Water is the best because it kills Funguses and Virses.
Cancer is a Fungus and so are other Illnesses.
If you drink Alkalized Water you will not get sick.

Tap Water has Flouride, Radio Active elements and Chlorine , all this was designed to control the Growth of Populations. All Alien backed and endorsed.

HebrianDaniel: we have no choice at all and

we have no choice at all and drink these poisoned water... for now
soon when this madness ends we will cleanse the poisoned water around the world :)

Ecbra de Oaoj: yes!

I sugest that; we join tecnical proves this and send to autorities that bring water to cities asking that they don not mix poison on water. alone we dont get but; when people wake up for these things it will be diferent.

recently, here, went found poison on milk; all tests prove it but i dont know, sincerely, if stop this eugenese yet ...
and how we seeing in posts here; food. have been toxines too.
Its a hard fight against death industries but; someone; have do it; and i... guess. we are... voluntaries.


edisonik: Authorities are bought and paid for with Beast Money

Just do as I said and you will be O.K.

wmarkley: water

we only drink distilled water in my house, i never saw alkalized water but will look for it. distilled water makes great coffee too. :-)

Tarheel: Dont DRINK The (tainted) WATER !

A fitting tune for YOU. There may even be a Mayan or two in there.


Dont DRINK the water-there's BLOOD in the water!

I promise you will want to turn it up and ROCK the SHIT out of it.


Dave rox!

Ecbra de Oaoj: edisonick...

In fact I... knew yet; about these autorities and; the source. of their payments...
well; I would like that it... could change ... but
Im convinced that you; have reasom.


your teachings are so many importants
Im very atention

Tarheel: Drink well water.

If ya cant find or buy Distilled or Alkalized Water, get some well water.

It is filtered by Mother.....Mother Earth.

I love ya to death, 11o11, but I hope that color thing doesnt go viral. It is laborious to read, Chieftain. But, do whatcha gotta do.

Tarheel: You can do whatever you want, 11O11.

It was simply my opinion and I always have one and usually voice it. I dont make the rules here, Big Guy. Excersize your Free Will all you want.


bluesbaby5050: 11O11

The blue background ,and black letters are the best on the eyes, and is alot easier to read. Less eye strain,that's just MY Opinion though. NICE TOUCH. NOT SO BORING! LOL!

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