Was it just a dream? Perhaps I am deluded...

by Quaesitor on December 3rd, 2013

Hello, I am new to this site, this is my first posting. This may not be the proper forum for my question, but I will ask it anyway. If it is the wrong place, please let me know and I will correct it in the future.

I want to know if you all will share with me your knowledge of Asherah.
I want to explain why I am seeking. I never did fit into the xtian mold. When I was young I turned away from it, intuitively knowing that the three major religions really were bunk. I began by studying runes and Asatru and also the Celtic movements. I have been for lack of a better term, a solitary practitioner, sort of searching out my own path. I was ill for many years, and static. I was diagnosed with a pituitary tumor, and not long after the resection of it, I had a very unusual dream. In it, I was talking to a beautiful woman, but for some reason we were interrupted, and I was being pulled away from her, and I was wanting to stay a dasking her name. She was saying to me, "Ashara, Ashara!" I was startled awake by almost the feeling of breath in my ear as if someone were in the room with me and I actually sat up in bed. I'm a very calm sleeper and the dream disturbed me for a long time.
I have been confused, by the many names and different deities that this name could've possibly been tied to. It is now my belief that what I thought was, Ashara, or Ishara, was actually, Asherah.
I'm confused by this, why I would have this very startling dream, which pulled me down a completely different path of study, when I have never before been drawn to this pantheon and which from everything I have read so far ties her to Yahweh. Although I suspect she was co-opted by the Hebrews, and was probably older than that
I appreciate any responses, and please be kind, I am new. :)

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Tim Lovell: sounds like Ishtar - Innana ,

sounds like Ishtar - Innana , but all these `gods or goddesses etc are just alien entities there is only one spirit that pervades all the one god force all is concoiusness deriving from the same creative source some call it prime creator but it it dosent matter it is all the same thing ..

obsrvantlouie: Welcome! can you

Elaborate on the experience? Specifically the voice. What was your reaction to the voice?

Quaesitor: The voice...

I do not remember the details of the dream itself, only the end where I felt as though I was being pulled away, and I was asking who she was and she was telling me her name, I wanted to stay. There was something that she was telling me that I wanted to hear. Or maybe more correctly, needed to hear. The only way that I can describe the feeling when she was telling me her name was, insistent. After I woke up I was filled with a sense of longing, or loss? I remember lying awake for a long time afterwards. I still remember the sound of the voice, and how it felt as though it were inside my head or in my ear.

dvogel: Hi there

It seems that Ashara is a woman's first name. At least I found people on the internet called that. Do you remember the color of the person? Was she human or different?

Quaesitor: Tim Lovell-I agree all are

Tim Lovell-I agree all are different manifestations of the same source, but I believe each manifestation can teach us something different.
dvogel-I do not remember what she looked like. I do remember experiencing something like Stendhal Syndrome. I did not see the name written, I only heard it, and was not familiar with it. Previous to this I have had two other dreams that were beyond a shadow of a doubt mystical in nature. This felt very much like those two dreams. I have been confused by the fact that I had this dream, and set aside everything that I had been studying previously to go down a new path with no other contact or clue as to what I was doing. It did occur to me tonight, while I was driving through the inky darkness of BFE , that perhaps there was no other reason for it other than to turn my attention to the Path I am now on.
I was not raised in an environment that espouses critical thinking in females, and esoteric knowledge feels very much like digging through concrete.
I will add, that I remember very clearly Thinking it odd that she placed emphasis on the last syllable of her words.

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