Was Diana's death a set up ? And other questions about The British Royal Family.

by freedmftr88 on September 14th, 2018

Didn't Diana leave the Royal family in the early 1990s and was killed shortly after her divorce from Charles ?
Also wasn't there lots of divorces within The Royal Family in the 1990s ? I've never read any of the books and unfortunately to show how ignorant I am about the Royals , the only stuff I know is from Spitting Image . lol But since it's a satire show , it's based on truth. And I'm pretty much interested in knowing the truth about them.
I really need to do some research on them , I bet living in a country where there's a monarchy must be a real drag. In the US we can mock presidents and politicians in political cartoons but I wonder if someone can get arrested if they something irreverent about The Queen or how strict they are there. I was watching a video about generally how someone can get a knighthood and the whole superiority / hierarchical mannerisms of them just turned me off completely. It's like treating The Queen like some sort of God , the idea of treating anyone like that is so surreal to me.

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