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by ionic on March 3rd, 2014

The Venus Project is the idea of replacing a monetary system with a worldwide resource based economy. It involves a thorough understanding of the systems of resources, a harmonious development of technology in relation to nature, and expanding on a number of clean, renewable, alternative energies to oil.

Has anyone researched this proposal yet? I have looked fairly deeply into this system, but believe it can only work once the current regime at work is debunked, which seems a daunting task indeed.

Jaques seems to be somewhat of a visionary and I would love some feedback.

Also a link to a descriptive video expanding on what I stated above

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obsrvantlouie: The website

Reminds me of the recent movie Elysium; I agree with you that this is a nice vision pending human maturity and as you mentioned "debunking" takes place.

I have not read or researched the proposal....seems to me that until the or a 'paradigm shift' takes place this type of entrepreneurship is a somewhat of a moot point.

Quinton: I am very familiar with the

I am very familiar with the Venus Project and have listened to a few debates with some of the leading members from it. I think it's a pretty cool concept and would like to see how it plays out. But I also think it goes against fundamental economic principles that will make it hard to ever get off the ground.

There is really 1 basic problem I have with the Venus Project:

How do they determine how to allocate resources?

They will say they have algorithms and computers to do that. But then the question is how do the computers determine it? What algorithms are being used? Who wrote the algorithms? Trying to manage an economy through central control is no different than what governments do and they do a terrible job at it. I think the Venus Project isn't much different than a centralized government, just a more modern version. It's kind of like modern Communism.

ionic: totally agree

your absolutely right. I believe an algorithm can be written to make this work but as louie so observantly stated, humanity is not mature enough. sure, some of us are capable of working in communion with eachother but the number is too few. freeing ourselves would be the first step, progressing would be the second. And as we mature, many better plans could and probably will be presented.

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