I call upon Heaven to help assist in the Conscious awareness of a Polarized World which is Monolithic in Nature and that the course of Human History has been manipulated by beings who have abused their Power and Knowledge for Oppressive Negative control of the Human Species. Throughout the Centuries they have planned the Empires and Civilizations for control and oppression of the Beasts.
Through the Beginning of Sumeria, to Babylon , to Greece, to Rome, to France, to Germany to this very Day these Reptilian Beings have had a hand in the Suffering of Adamu. Innocent are the ways of all Souls who enter this Matrix of Manipulation and Deciet by these Malevolant Entities.

You Reptiles who manipulate through the Fears and Desires of Men and Women throughout the World, know that Da Aya is Watching you, who do wrong to the People of Earth. Your time is coming to an End.

You Prey on the Adamu like they are Food for your Sick Pleasure, for you Pit the Muslims against the Christians to bring fourth more Bloodlust of the Beasts.
The Lord of Creation is watching you, and he is extremely angry with what you have done here on Earth.
When People Pray, wether it be any Religion they pray with their Heart and Soul because they are Afraid of their Future hoping for a Better tommorrow they Pray for the Creator has read their Hearts and they mean well, and you Bastards manipulate the Hearts of Man and Woman to achieve your Sinister Means, through Fear and Dispair you ply your Trade of Control.

Polarizing Europe against the Middle East when at one time in Ancient History the Middle East and Europe lived in Peace and Harmony in a Nation called Atlantis.
You Reptilian will face the Wrath of Heaven. I have come fourth to give Testament to the Words being said on this Day.
For my Father in Heaven knows the Heart of his Sons.

Nations must not be Polarized against each other but rather live in Peace and Harmony.
If Nations go to War again Heaven will Destroy the Nations that get Seduced into War.
King Anu , Remember your Son please do not forsake him.



bluesbaby5050: I know what is in your heart Prince Inki Son of King Anu--

I Also ask King Anu, on Behalf of His Son Prince Inki to Please Remember, he is YOUR Flesh, and Your Blood,and Please SHOW Compassion ,and Love to Your Son Prince Inki! He is strong, and shows great honor,and feelings for his creations,and these are also some of Your atributes too. He is also like you, because you are his father King Anu.I mean No disrespect to you King Anu,I was speaking only on behalf of your son,Prince Inki. Your son Prince Inki Loves you,and Honors you King Anu. Thank you King Anu. Sincerely,The Falcon Goddess of The Feather.

wmarkley: Yes king Anu

I personally hold YOU responsible for this mess, All because of your silly self interests, Lord Enki was doing just fine here without your retarded boy Enlil getting in the way, just to preserve your own throne for yourself, you sent retard Enlil here, and he messed things up pretty good. the professer was doing great, and you had to send Gilligan in. Yea i hold YOU responsible.

bluesbaby5050: TO Wamrkely--

I must say You Tickle My Funny Bone! The Goddess of The Feather.

wmarkley: kool

Its always nice to tickle you, lol


If Humanity desires Peace and Harmony, they will recieve Peace and Harmony.

Look into your Hearts Adamu.


Tarheel: All PURE Adamu pray for Peace and Harmony.

If they do not, they are part of the Reptilian strategy. They deserve the same fate and they are not us.

Our Hearts CRY OUT for Peace and Harmony. What else must we do to achieve this, Wise One?

wmarkley: we do

I can feel it, humanity is on to the games of the cabal, we know the war for proffit game, and we will not play anymore, next is going to be humanity rounding up these criminals for their crimes against humanity.

edisonik: Blessed are you Tarheel

We the Elohim know that you and many other Starseed want change on this Planet change for the for a Better Planet for the Majority and not the Minority.
For the Vatican must be cleansed of all it's Evil. That is why Earth Quakes were sent to ITALY.
They must change their Corrupt ways , the Vatican has been warned by the Gods of Heaven.

Humanity must be allowed to live with Peace and Harmony, not Tyranny or Submission.
We love , therefore you must all love also.
Duality is tough but to obtain Harmony , that is the True Jewel.


You have Angels here in your Pocket. Use your Godlike Powers to do Good for your Brothers and Sisters, Worldwide.

Tarheel: There isnt much I feel I can speak for others about, BUT....

..I am SURE that others here want the change for The Better. After being repressed for so long and being subservient to negative frequencies forced upon us by the Cabal, some/many have become numb to what is going on. They have been condituioned tio think "That's just the way it is". I/we are here to say-"That is NOT HOW IT IS supposed to be."

I would like to tap the angels "in my pocket" and develop those Godlike powers to bring down that "house of cards". . With regard to The Vatican, "Cry havoc, and let slip the dogs of war" IF that is what needs to happen to bring down that 'institution", then let it be. Not war in a literal sense (I do not mean "bomb The vat"), but declare war on The Vatican in the literary sense.

bluesbaby5050: We Will Always want Change for the better!

And humanity WILL have this change! It is happening right Now! Our Prayers are being answered! Our hearts are filled with love! We are all One! Peace ,and Harmony to all the people's of planet Earth! Please read all the above,and watch ALL the video'o that has been included too.

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